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Zonclix.com is the latest site from Andrei Dumitrache. He is in control of other scam sites and was involved in few already closed scam PTC programs. He is used to write the forum announcements in bold text, so the moment when I saw the welcome message on the Zonclix forum I knew it is a site from this admin. I did a research and I can confirm that Zonclix indeed is a site from this admin. The proofs are presented below.

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Reasons why you should avoid using Zonclix.com:

Ties to Failed Sites – Zonclix is operated by the same admin of few closed scam sites like Ptc-advertisements.com, Clixbanner.com, Hitzbux.com, Protectbux.com, Increaseearning20.com. These sites are no longer online. Dumitrache Andrei was the admin of these sites.

Zonclix connected to other scam sites

The same admin currently is managing few buxhost sites like intbux.com, lexbux.com, red-alertbux.com. On some of these site you will find rules like 80% withdrawal fees, many restrictive payout rules and many forum complaints regarding payments issues. He also owns Ojooclix.com and Nodbux.com. For more information about these two sites, you can read our review of Ojooclix and the review of Nodbux.

Below are presented the proofs that will reveal the connection between Zonclix and Dumitrache Andrei. Zonclix is using payment processors registered to this admin, and also used on his other sites. Here’s a screenshot where you can see that Zonclix and Ojooclix are using the same Perfect Money account. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Zonclix and Ojooclix same Perfect Money account

Both sites are using the same Solid Trust Pay and Egopay account as well:

Zonclix and Ojooclix same Solid Trust Pay account

Zonclix and Ojooclix same Egopay account

Here’s a screenshot of payment proof from red-alertbux.com, the same Paypal account is currently used on Zonclix (the part with Zonclix’s source code from the add funds page):

Zonclix and Red-alertbux same Paypal account

An lastly, Zonclix, Ojooclix and Nodbux are using the same Domain Name Servers:

Zonclix, Ojooclix and Nodbux same DNS

Zonclix Review – Final Thoughts:

It is obvious that Zonclix is a site owned by the same admin of other closed scam sites, and a bunch of active bad sites. We don’t recommend new sites from admins responsible for previous scams. Therefore Zonclix will be placed on the Not Recommended list. You have been warned.

Review Published: 27 Feb 2014

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8 comments on “Zonclix Review – Ties to Other Scam PTCs | Site to Avoid

  1. Anne Platique

    Is Andrei Dumitrache the Romanian photographer?

  2. Danie

    I have cashed out of Zonclix once a week for about a month now. They do cap your cash out to $20 per cashout with a $1 charge but I have repeatly gotten 19 in my paypal account and be able to spend the funds.

  3. maha

    thank’s admin.its very usefull

  4. very good,
    dear admin,do you know startclix.com?it’s new,if i can join it?

    • You can join, but I wouldn’t recommend investing into a new sites running on the bux model. In my opinion, the bux model is destined for a failure.

      • why did you say that? Is there something wrong?

        • Because the business model they are using is not sustainable. It’s a “bux” site. Bux sites heavily relies on selling expensive upgrades or renting referrals to pay members, and they are displaying self sponsored ads with high click rate. Which eventually will lead to cash flow issues. The vast majority of “bux” sites don’t last more than few months, which is why I will no longer promote such sites here on PTCCentral.

          • thank you very much,nice work!