99centsptc Review – Is it Legit? | New PTC Site


99centsptc is Paid to Click website that provides opportunity to earn money online by viewing advertisements, completing offers and playing games (grid game, head or tail and crack the vault). There is referral system in place that rewards members for referring new people to the site with click and upgrade commissions. 99centsptc has been online since January 16, 2014 and so far they have been paying without serious issues. 99centsptc is focused more towards the real PTC model, there are no self-sponsored and the site is relying on actual advertisers. Their advertising prices are cheap and affordable, and it could be cost effective advertising. You can give it a try. For now, 99centsptc will be placed on our New Sites list and will remain there until it reach at least a year of service.

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Acbux, Derbux, Bagabux, Tomobux, Buxbanker, Ceobux, Jwbux, Buxak – Scam PTC Programs | Sites to Avoid


Acbux.com, Derbux.net, Bagabux.com, Tomobux.com, Buxbanker.com, Ceobux.com, Jwbux.com and Buxak.com are scam sites owned by a Chinese scammer admin. These sites are not paying and they have red flags all around them. For instance, they don’t have forums nor payment proof section. Payment proof page is available only on Jwbux and there are no payment proofs for over 3 months. All these sites are forced investment scams, meaning you have to add funds to become eligible for payout. Don’t do it, you will only lose your money, the sites are not paying. Moreover, the same admin also owned vampirebux.com, emoneybux.com and 66bux.com, all of them closed scam sites. I would not recommend any of the sites above. They are scams, managed by serial scammer, don’t waste time, effort and money on these sites.

Facebookclix – Connected to other Scam PTCs | Site to Avoid


Facebookclix in a PTC site launched in the beginning of April. Facebookclix is not affiliated with Facebook in any way, it is just another site from the scammer admin of Quickbux, Exchangebux, Excellentbux.net, Profibux.com, Paid-bux.info, Bestbux.info, Cashbux.info. Since Facebookclix belongs to a large network of scam sites, I would recommend to keep away from the site. I would not waste time and effort on a site managed by a person with a record of running other scam sites. In this article you can see proofs that will show you the connection between Facebookclix and the other scam sites from the same admin.

Sites powered by the illegal PtcEffect Script | Sites to Avoid

Ptceffect is illegal script provider that is selling a stolen copy of the Evolution script (formerly PtcEvolution). PtcEffect hacked the PtcEvolution server and hijacked the domain few months ago and now they are selling the original software without authorization. I would like to warn you to keep away from these sites powered by PtcEffect: ptceffect.us, nilobux.org, xtremclix.com, eliteclix.com, hatyaibusiness.com, davidptc.com, squel.net, kreativeads.com, worldwidebux.com, clickpayer.com. They can be easily taken down if the rightful owner of the script file a DMCA takedown notice for copyright violations. Most sites powered by the PTCEffect script are scams or will end up as a scam. Those sites are not safe place to earn money online. Don’t spend effort on sites that don’t want to pay for the legal version of the script.

TeamBradleyBux Review – Is it a Legit PTC? | New Site


TeamBradleyBux is a PTC site that has been around since July 2013, owned and managed by Bradley Anderson and Sigurd Skeie. TeamBradleyBux is powered by the NextGen script (Buxhost). Having in mind the poor reputation of Buxhost sites, the site is doing well so far. TeamBradleyBux is a place where members can earn money online by viewing advertisements and reading emails, completing micro jobs, playing games (adgrid and head/tail game) or by referring others and earn commissions from the activity of their referrals. TeamBradleyBux has been paying for over 8 months without major issues, however it will be placed on the New Sites list until it reach a year old.

KimClix Review – Owned by Scammer | Site to Avoid


Kimclix.com is new PTC site from Diego Calandria Checco, admin responsible for a bunch of scam sites. He was involved in a lot of failed sites and currently is running other active scam sites. The same admin also owns Hirenclix, Jumylinx, Dreamclix, scam sites as well. We don’t recommend new sites from previous scammers, therefore Kimclix will be placed to the Sites to Avoid list. See the proofs attached below and find out why you should stay away from Kimclix.

GrandClick Review – Is it a Legit PTC? | New Site


GrandClick is new Paid-to-Click website that provides its users an opportunity to earn money online by viewing advertisements, completing offers, watching videos, playing the grid game, participating in contests or referring others and earn a percentage of their earnings. GrandClick is being promoted on other sites as a new site from the owner of Northclicks and GlobalActionCash. To make things clear, GrandClick is not owned by the owner of those sites. The owner of GrandClick is Mihkel Einaste. He is co-admin (not owner) on NorthClicks and GlobalActionCash. So far GrandClick has been paying, however it is still very new website and it will be placed on our New PTC sites list.

CashTasks Review – An Obvious Scam | Site to Avoid


Cashtasks is site that claims to pay users $1 per click, but it is nothing more than an absolute scam and fraudulent business scheme. Have you ever heard of a a single legitimate PTC company that pays you $1 per click? Certainly there is not a single legit site that pays users $1 for such a simple action like viewing ads. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and Cashtasks proves no exception. It is not a genuine program and it should be avoided. We would recommend to stay away from this site, don’t waste your time clicking ads until you realize that you won’t earn anything.