CashCrate Review – Established GPT Program | Paying Since 2006


CashCrate is a free membership GPT site available to users from all over the world. At CashCrate, users can earn money by completing offers provided by third-party advertisers. There are different kind of offers, surveys, tasks, contests, games. Additionally, they provides incentives to members for referring other people to the site – there is unlimited 2 levels referral system in place which rewards users for the activities of their recruits. CashCrate is not like the everyday PTC site. There are no ads to click on. On the other hand, depending on your location, there might be plenty of offers available for you. CashCrate has been online since February 2006 and has proven to be stable and paying site, therefore it will be placed on the Established Sites List.

BuxP - Remarkable PTC Take your earning potential to the next level. Paying for over 6 years!
GPTPlanet - Paying Since 2010 Join GPTPlanet and start earning cash online. Minimum Payout as low as $1.00.

PaidVerts Review – Is it Scam or Legit? | New Unique PTC Site


After a really long time we can see fresh and innovative concept in the PTC world. What makes Paidverts unique is that you can click ads worth up to few dollars each. With that said, PaidVerts has potential to explode and become a remarkable PTC site. However, unlike other PTCs, the number of ads that you will receive daily and their value is not guaranteed. There is certain total value of ads distributed each day, dependent on ad sales and their other revenue streams. The high value ads are sent to those with capacity of receiving them – members with certain Bonus Ads Points (BAP – key feature in PaidVerts) available. The site is doing well so far, however it is still relatively a new site, based on unique concept and will have to stand the test of time. We’ll see how well this project will develop. Review – Is it a Legit Program? | New PTC Site


PPCAdSource is Paid to Click website owned by Jon Bell, who also owns few manual traffic exchange programs and few list builders as well. Currently at PPCAdSource members can earn money online by viewing advertisements. There is unlimited direct referral system in place that rewards members with click, purchase and upgrade commissions from the people they have referred into their PPCAdSource downline. PPCAdSource was in testing mode until June 9 (pre-launced on May 26) and now they are officially launched. PPCAdSource is still very new website and there are no payment proofs yet. As a new PTC program, PPCAdSource will be placed on our New Sites list for at least a year since the official launch. – Connected to other Scam PTC sites


One of our visitors asked if is owned by the same admin of Exchangebux, and I can confirm that it is – Clixzone is a PTC Site that belongs to a large network of scam sites, all of them owned by the same admin. This network consist of the following sites: Quickbux, Exchangebux, Facebookclix, and, and are already closed. We do not recommend new sites from owners notorious for running scam sites. Therefore Clixzone will be placed on our Sites to Avoid list. For more details and proofs, you can read the PTC-Investigation’s review of Clixzone, which is already posted on their Facebook page.

GuaranteedPTC – Owned by Scammer | Site to Avoid


GuaranteedPTC is a new site from the scammer admin of,,,, and If you want to learn more about these sites, you can read our review about this scam network. These sites are no longer paying or some of them pay selectively – there are a lot of complaints regarding pending payments, non-responsive support, complaints over the web about deleting forum posts, suspending accounts without a valid reason etc. I would recommend to keep away from GuaranteedPTC. The only thing guaranteed on this PTC is that it is scam in the making, owned by previous scam owner.

Spybux – Connected to other scams (No Longer Online) | Failed Site


Spybux is showing connection to Diego Calandria Checco and his team of scammers who are responsible for a lot of scam sites like,,,,,,, and Since we don’t recommend new sites from owners with history of running scams, Spybux will be placed on the Sites to Avoid. Spybux is just another scam in the making. If you do not believe this, then time will tell you very shortly. Read the full article for proofs and more info.

Safeclix, Startclix, Wealthbux, PotentBux, WorthClikz, Paymentarea | Sites to Avoid

safeclix_n,,,, and are PTC sites owned by the same admin. There are complaints on these sites about pending payments, selective payments, non-responsive support, and complaints over the web about deleting forum posts, suspending accounts without a valid reason etc. Moreover, the admin is lying about who he is – on each site he is introducing himself as different person. he is building a ponzi scheme by opening one site after another, each site with intention to scam and each time he is using different name so no one would know who he really is and what is his background and history with his previous sites, so he could continue with his scamming tactic to open new scam sites. Read the full review for more info and proofs. – From the Same Admin of Other Scam PTCs | Site to Avoid

fuseclix is the latest PTC site from Andrei Dumitrache, a Romanian admin who have history of running scam PTC sites. He owned a lot of closed scam sites, including,,,,, and He is also running other active scam sites at the moment –,, and We do not recommend new sites from owners with history of running scam sites, therefore Fuseclix will be placed on the Sites to Avoid list. It will be just another scam site from this admin, it’s pretty much clear that he is opening one site after another with intention to scam, therefore you should keep away from Fuseclix.