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scam ptc program status badge is a PTC site owned by well known scammer in the PTC world, Andrei Dumitrache from Romania. This admin is responsible for a lot of closed and active scam sites. Lately he has been opening new scam sites with similar names to other popular PTC sites (popular doesn’t mean legitimate), and then falsely advertising these sites as if they were from the owners of those popular sites. For instance, he have, and now He is deliberately using similar site names to attract people and lure them in, to get as many investors as possible and most likely leave after a while. We do not recommend any new sites from owners with history of running scam sites, therefore ZapClik will be placed on the Not Recommended list. It is just another scam in the making from this admin, it’s pretty much clear that he is opening one site after another with intention to scam, therefore you should keep away from ZapClik.

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Reasons why you should avoid using

Connected to Other Scam Sites – As already said, Zapclik is owned by Andrei Dumitrache, an admin who is responsible for a lot of closed scam sites, including,,,, and
Closed scam sites for which is responsible Andrei Dumitrache

Besides that, at the moment he is also running other active scam sites –,,,, and For more info about these sites, you can read our review of FuseClix, the review of Ojooclix, the review of Nodbux and the review of Zonclix.

Here are the proofs which will show you that ZapClik is owned by Andrei Dumitrache. There is self-sponsored Clixsense advertisement on Zapclik with his referral link.

Clixsense advertisement on ZapClik with referral link of Andrei Dimitrache

Also other self-sponsored advertisements displayed on ZapClik matches with the ads displayed on other sites from this admin, of course the ads are with the same referral links:

ZapClik and other sites same self sponsored advertisements

The Paypal account on ZapClik belongs to Andrei Dimitrache and the same account is used on Ojooclix:
Zapclik and Ojooclix same Paypal accounts

The Perfect money account also belongs to Andrei Dimitrache and the same account is used on Zonclix:
Zapclik and Zaonclix same Perferct Money accounts

False Advertising – The admin deliberately is using similar domain names to other sites used by a lot of PTC users with a purpose to lure people in and make them think these are new site from the same owners. This is just a trick to lure people into the site and get as many investors as possible and most likely leave after a while.
false advertising

For additional confirmation and information about ZapClik, you can also read the ZapClik article on PTC-Investigation’s Facebook page.

I would recommend to keep away from ZapClik. The admin is scammer involved into a lot of scam sites and ZapClik will be no different.

Review Published: 14 Aug 2014

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2 comments on “ZapClik Review – Connected to other Scams | Site to Avoid

  1. PTCCentral

    Beware, there is a new site from the same admin, more info here:

  2. alex
    This is SCAM !!!!!!