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Update: Yumylinx is no longer online. Moved to the Failed Sites list. The article below will remain intact for information purposes only and will not be updated anymore.

Yumylinx.com is new PTC site from the same owners of Hirenclix, a scam site placed on our Not Recommended list. The Hirenclix team also owns a lot of other non-paying sites. Since they have a record of running scams and abandoning them after a while, we do not recommend Yumylinx. Serial scammers don’t run legit sites, so don’t expect that Yumylinx will be different than the other scam sites operated by this team. Read our review below and find out why you should keep away from Yumylinx.

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Reasons why you should avoid using Yumylinx.com:

Connected to Other Scam Sites – Yumylinx is showing connection to a lot of other non-paying sites like Hirenclix.com, Storyclix.com, Storybux.com, Axionclix.com, Boostclix.com, Oldmovieclix.com. It appears that all these sites are owned by the same team. For more info about these sites (all of them are no longer paying), read our review of Hirenclix. Let’s compare some similarities between Yumylinx and Hirenclix. At first glance, the sites have very similar layout, however there are many sites with similar layouts, but that doesn’t mean they are connected. So let’s take a look at other similarities between these two sites. First of all, both sites are showing the same self-sponsored ads with identical admin’s referral links. Click on the image below to zoom it:

Hirenclix and Yumylinx same admin's referral links

Second, the Paypal account of Yumylinx is registered to Diego Calandria Checco and the same name also appears on the Paypal accounts of Hirenclix, Storyclix, AxionClix and Boostclix. Moreover, the payment notes are pretty much the same on all sites, as seen on the screenshot below:

Yumylinx, Hirenclix, StoryClix, AxionClix and Boostclix same Paypal details

And lastly, Yumylinx and Hirenclix are using the same DNS as seen on the image below. I think the proofs presented in this review are clear enough to reveal the connection between Yumylinx and Hirenclix. I have no doubt Yumylinx is the new site from the Hirenclix team.
HirenClix and Yumylins same DNS

Yumylinx Review – Final Thoughts:

Apparently the Hirenclix team isn’t getting tired of opening one site after another. These sites do not last long, they will pay at the beginning to gain members confidence and consequently investments but shortly after the administration will stop paying and run away with members money, as already seen with their previous sites. Then the story goes on, they will open new site using the same tactic as with their previous scams. I don’t see a single reason why I should use Yumylinx, unless I want to waste my time, effort and money there. Yumylinx will be placed on our Not Recommended list due to the reasons previously described.

Review Published: 23 Jan 2014

Review Last Updated:

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2 comments on “Yumylinx Review – Connected to Other Scams (No Longer Online) | Failed Site

  1. PtcCentral is right when he talks about not trusting the Yumylinx. After clicking a certain time at check yumylinx which is a really ptc scam and fake. This ptc made ​​me exactly the same fraud that hirenclix did. Yumylinx claimed to have paid me money to my Paypal account but it is a lie. The site features the payment as paid but it is totally false. See all the screenshots that prove fraud Yumylinx: http://besttopptcwebsites.blogspot.pt/2014/03/yumylinx-scam-ptc.html