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Review Last Updated: January 21, 2013
Owner: Ashraful Abedin aka iconzii; shajjad – same owner of Sambux, XcBux, Batbux,UeoBux, Goobux, Jssbux, Explobux, ClicksX, Iconbux

XoxBux is a bux site that launched few days ago. You may have noticed that this site is being heavily advertised so you may think it can be another good earning opportunity. Well, we don’t think so! Xoxbux is owned and managed by a scammer, a person who also owns, owned and was involved in failed scam PTC sites. This person can not be trusted, he already has proven his scamming intentions with his previous failed sites. Read below why you should keep away from his new site.

Reasons why you should avoid using Xoxbux.com:

Owned by a scammer – We have found a few proofs which connect Xoxbux with this admin. Lets start with the welcome message that he post on the forum whenever he open a new site. The welcome messages are very similar on every new site he launch, look at the picture below and you will notice the similarities. He is just copy-pasting one and the same welcome message, originally created by the ProBux admin. It appears that Shajjad is really impressed by him and he is copying every announcement from ProBux forum and then posting it on his own forums, so members would thinks he might be hard working admin who always is making improvements on his sites, but actually he is not. While the Probux admin is really “pro” at what he’s doing, Shajjad is nothing more than an amateur scammer who can’t run a site for longer than a few days without getting spotted.
Sambux Explobux Xoxbux welcome messages

Lets examine other similarities between these sites. If you look at the ads that both site are displaying, you will see that the ads are the same. Same titles, same desription text. Click on the image to resize it:
Sambux and Xoxbux ads
One of the reason why bux sites fail is because they are displaying self sponsored ads, admin advertisements that links to various programs which the admin is promoting using his affiliate links. Take a close look at the referral links on these ads. They are exactly the same on both Sambux and Xoxbux. Which proofs that behind these two sites is the same notorious scammer.

Xoxbux-Sambux Etoro adXoxbux-Sambux RoyalCM adXoxbux Empire Option ad

What is the easiest way for this admin to promote his newly opened site? By advertising it on his failing site, Sambux, without referral link, as you can see on the screenshot below.
Xoxbux ad on sambux without referral link

By looking at the answer records, lets see what is the contact email and who is responsible for Xoxbux. Sambux.net is the name server of Sambux.com. Another evidence that these sites are connected and managed by the same person.
Xoxbux contact email

General Conclusion:

As we stated above, XoxBux is owned by the admin of Sambux, which is another site that you should avoid. Sambux Paypal account got limited which is why he opened this site, Xoxbux. Visit the Sambux forum and you will see members complaining about several issues, asking the admin to show up but the admin is not there to resolve these issues. It’s like that because he is too busy with his new site Xoxbux and he alredy abandoned Sambux. This admin have a bad reputation among PTC users, he already owned few failed scam sites and he keeps on openning one site after another. These sites do not last long, the admin will pay in the beginning but shortly after he will stops paying and he will open a new site. Therefore we recommend to keep away from Xoxbux. It will not be a long lasting successful site. Xoxbux will turn into a scam program sooner or later, like all other sites managed by this admin.

Review Published: 21 Jan 2013

Review Last Updated:

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2 comments on “XoxBux Review – Closed Scam PTC Program | Another Ashraful’s Site

  1. Why my xoxbux account was not starting when i’m back to site after 2 months

    • Xoxbux is a failed site, already gone months ago.