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Click Rate
Minimum Cashout
Waiting Time
Payment Options
Paypal, Payza
Liberty Reserve
Ads per Day
4 +/-
Affiliate Program
1 level
160 DR limit
Referral Earnings
10% – 100%
See below
Accepted Countries

Update Nov 19: We are moving Xcbux from the Suspect Sites List to our Not Recommended List. There are too many issues at this site and too many red flags all around it. They raised the minimum cashout from $2 to $5 due to “cheating activities”, which was suposed to be temporary change, however instead of lowering the minimum back to $2, now the minimum payout is set to $10. A clear sign that the site can’t afford to pay each of its members. Their forum was removed few days ago and there are no new payment proofs since 15 November. Furthermore, there were other important issues that should be solved by now. Things like advertisements approval, problems with funds transfers, not answering support tickets. Xcbux has been taken down by its administration, and now it redirects to a parked domain page. Apparently the site is gone so don’t expect to return and pay off their debt.

Description (Old Review):

XcBux was a bux site where as members had the opportunity to earn money by clicking and viewing advertisements or by referring others to the site and get a percentage of their earnings. Currently the site is down. Xcbux didn’t last long and have failed to stand the test of time.

Things we liked at xcBux.com when they were online & paying:

Fair Referral System – The direct referral limit for standard members was set to 160. Good for members who can refer others to the site.

Worldwide Service – No restrictions, people from all countries were allowed to join the site and earn with it by clicking on ads and by receiving referral earnings from their downline.

What we do not like about xcBux.com:

The site is Gone – It appears that Xcbux is already gone. Obviously, this is just another failed program. Remember that the classic bux model is destined to fail. Xcbux is a perfect example why bux sites doesn’t pass the test of time. High click rates, self-sposored advertisements and not enough advertisers will contribute to its self desctruction.

Stopped Paying – They have stopped paying. No new payment proofs since 15 November in their payment proof section nor on the forum.

Frequent changes in the minimum payout – Initially, the minimum payout was set to $2.00 for the first payment. Later, it was changed without notice to $5.00 for the first and $10.00 for the second payout. Recently, the minimum payout was again raised to $10.00 for the first payout. Clearly, a sign that Xcbux does not have enough funds to pay all of its members.

Forum removed – Their forum was removed. The last time when I checked their forum, it was full of complaints. This way, without forum the owner can hide the negative feedback on his site, and newly registered members may miss the true story about this site.

New Site – We do not recommend bying memberships on new sites (under 1 year old). Many of them turn into a non-paying sites. We think it is better to wait some time until the site prove that it is stable and sustainable, rather than invest in the early phase and risk to lose your investment if the site stops paying.

“Bux” Site – “Bux” sites offer high click rate ($0.01) and self sponsored ads. For most of them, the main source of income is coming from selling memberships and renting referrals. Usually, at the begining there will be sufficient income to pay the members, but as the time pass, more and more investors will achieve a positive ROI, the site will owe more to its members than the generated income, usually there is no big base of advertisers that will compensate the difference in the cash flow and the “bux” site, most likely will fail. Be sure to test this site if you plan on investing. It is a risky investment. Either you will get profit, or you will lose your investment if the site stop paying. The “bux” model has proven to be unsustainable. Bux site heavily relies on selling membership or referrals to pay members, and in most cases the main advertiser is the admin himself.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates

On the xcBux Privacy Policy page you may notice the name “onBux”
xcbux privacy policy
I do not think that xcBux is related to onBux, although they are few similarities between the two sites, they are using the samo moto – “The way to success”, both are ltda companies, the welcome message on the xcBux homepage is the same as it was on onBux. Nothing unusual, many ptc sites use the same moto, welcome messages etc.

Xcbux is using Nten script by Xeon S.C. On xeoncoder.com there is a demo script where you can login and check the control panel, user area etc. You can check the Privacy Policy page, and you will see that under the user emails tab, there is the name onBux, by default. It should be nTeN (demo).
xcbux privacy policy
So that is the reason why “onBux” is written in xcBux Privacy Policy page. Probably they have forgotten or missed to change it.

  • Number of Ads and pay per click: 4+/- Standard ads

    Pay per own click for different types of advertisements:
    Tiny advertisements: $0.005
    Standard advertisements: $0.01
    Extended advertisements: $0.005
    Micro advertisements: $0.005

  • Avg Daily Earning without referrals: $0.04 +/-
  • Pay per Referral Click

    xcbux pay per referral click

    You must click ads the previous day to earn from your referral the next day.

  • Cashout Options and Conditions – All payments are made via Paypal, Payza or Liberty Reserve. The minimum to cashout is $10.00 for the first cashout. In order to cash out for the first time you need to have made 60 advertisements clicks. From the amount paid, a fee (2.50%/maximum $2.00) can be deducted depending on the payment processor you use.
  • First 10.000 members will get Pioneer membership
  • Script: nTeN
  • Owner: “Vinoba” – XcBux Ltda
xcbux terms of servicexcbux frequently asked questionsxcbux upgrades
  • November 19, 2012 – Site moved to Not Recommended List.
  • September 24, 2012 – Site moved to Suspect List, banner rotator has been removed.
  • September 12, 2012 – Minimum cashout raised to $5 for the 1st and $10 for the 2nd payout.
  • July 11, 2012 – Review completed, site added to the Test List.

General Conclusion:

xcBux was a bux site that lauched on July 4, 2012 and which was paying only only for over a month. Xcbux has proved that it was poorly managed, unsustanible, non-paying and a risky site to use. We have moved the site to our Not Recommended list. The site are already offline for a longer period and you should not expect that it will return online. Instead, visit our Establsihed PTC Sites list to find out which Paid to Click programs are actually paying.

Review Published: 11 Jul 2012

Review Last Updated:

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7 comments on “xcBux Review – Failed Scam Site

  1. begblogger

    it is closed

  2. Devon

    hello admin!

    may i ask why and how xcbux is transferred here??


    • Hello Devon,

      As stated in the update above, there are too many issues with Xcbux. They stopped paying – the cashout button is not working and there are no new payment proof since November 15, also their forum was removed to hide the complaints and the negative feedback. The site appears to be poorly managed, the admin was not active on their forum for longer period, and do not forget that this site use the bux model which has proven to be unsustainable and those bux sites have high fail rate.

      • Devon

        ok…too bad i wasnt expecting this anyways….

        thnx for ur reviews theyre really helpful…

        i think i should stop inviting people to this site 🙂

        • Well, I am not inviting people to this site, instead I am trying to warn them to stop using it or if someone wants to use it – to use it with caution. Xcbux was almost 2 months on our Suspect list with no banners linking to the site, which means something was wrong with the site (inactive admin, non-responsive support system,raising the minimum cashout etc.). We are trying to give our visitors an objective opinion and informations about the current situation of a specific site, but it is up to our visitors to make their own decisions about joining or using that site.

  3. Devon Avis

    Hello admin! I find this review very fair and thanks for that..,
    I’ve been a member for sometime and they paid, as far as I’m concerned…
    Please help me promote my link, if you can 🙂 Thank you! * link removed *

    • The link you posted leads to malicious website. Link removed. Also note that we do not promote sites on our Suspect list and those sites will not have referral links.

      They are paying but not everyone is getting paid. They keep on raising the minimum cashout when standard members earn enough to request payout. From what I can see, now the minimum is set to $10.