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Warofclicks ptc advertising service
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Click Rate
Minimum Cashout
$2.00 1st
Payout Wait
Payment Options
Paypal, Payza, EgoPay
Ads per Day
Affiliate Program
50 + DR Limit
Avg Daily Earnings
Accepted Countries

Update Nov 11 2015: It has been more than a month and a half since we moved WarofClicks to the Watch list, and we don’t see any improvements during this period. Still there are payout delays, the site appears to be paying selectively and on top of that they have disabled the option to open new threads on their forum. Apparently to prevent members from posting complaints in new threads. Admin appears to be inactive, there are no any recent news at all on their forum, their support system appears to be non-responsive. I wouldn’t recommend Warofclicks, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Warofclicks already turned into a scam, therefore it would be downgraded to the Not Recommended list.

Update Oct 2 2015: I have received my payment after 13 days of request, however there are members still waiting for their payment, some for over 3 weeks now. So the site is still paying but as it appears, selectively. The most common reason for payout delays is financial instability, therefore for the time being WarofClicks will remain on the Watch list and may be moved to the Not Recommended list if things don’t improve soon. We’ll see what happens in the following period.

Update Sep 27 2015: Downgraded from the Legit list to the Watch list. There are payment delays for the past few weeks on Waroclicks. They used to process payment requests daily, but that’s not the case anymore. Some users have pending payments for 2+ weeks. I have a pending payment for 8 days now. Long pending payments are the first sign that something is wrong on a PTC site. If a site cannot keep up with payment requests, very likely it is experiencing financial issues. Moreover forum complaints against the site are being deleted and the support department appears to be unresponsive, few users reported on the forum. Apparently WarofClicks is not stable as it used to be and therefore it is no longer suitable for the Legit list. It will be downgraded to the Watch List now, and we’ll continue to closely monitor WarofClicks in the following period – if things don’t improve in timely manner, we may downgrade their status further to the Not Recommended list.

WarofClicks.com Review – Introduction:

WarofClicks is a custom made PTC site, launched on 20 June 2014. The site was doing well during their first year of existence, but lately some major issues are arising – there are payout delays, selective payments, the supports seems to be non responsive, the complaints threads were being removed from the forum and later the option to post new threads on the forum has been disabled. After being placed on the Watch list for over a month and a half, we are now moving WarofClicks to the Not Recommended list.

Downsides – Things to Pay Attention to:

Payout Delays & Selective Payments – WarofClicks is experiencing cash flow issues that caused pending payments/long payout delays. Which means the site is not financially stable and cannot keep up with payout requests.

Forum Censorship – Forum posts that contains questions, complaints or concerns regarding pending payments are being deleted. Few hours ago I’ve bookmarked some forum threads with complaints from members and now when I tried to visit those threads I am getting the following message “Sorry an error occurred”. Which means those threads have been removed. By deleting “sensitive” posts on the forum, the administration wants to hide the negative feedback about their site, and does not want others to know what is really going on with their site. Obviously their forum is censored as you can hardly find any criticism/complaints, and that’s not typical for a site that does not pay on time. Update: The option to open new threads on the forum has been disabled.

Non-responsive Support – The admin appears to be inactive and does not answers to questions or concerns submitted via the support system, as few users reported on the forum, but since the forum is censored, these posts have been removed.

Revenue Shares – Recently they implemented revenue shares. Firstly, sites that are selling revenue shares and using Paypal as payment processor are at risk of having their account frozen due to Paypal policies regarding such activities. Paypal may consider sites that offer revenue shares as “get rich quick” schemes and technically that would be a violation of their Terms. Secondly, revenue shares are kind of a ponzi feature. And PTC sites that relies on ponzi features as income stream are doomed to fail.

32 Rush Hour ad clicks required daily in order to unlock PPC (cash) ads – Users need to click 32 Rush Hour ads daily to unlock PPC ads. That’s too many non cash clicks in order to unlock cash ads.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates
  • Personal Information Required – You must provide current and accurate personal information such as Gender, Birthdate, Country, Education, Occupation, and Phone OS to request a withdrawal. The accounts of users who use false information whilst registering, or later changing their personal settings, will be suspended (as per their terms).
  • Referral Earnings & Activity Level – Users earn cash from their referrals at the end of a season. A user earn multiply of his referrals’ activity level. So make efforts to bring active referrals that have high level of activity level to win more. 1 activity level means you are active, 0 activity level means you are inactive. Your activity is measured for a season. Activity Level reset every season ending. A user has to be at least 1 level of activity level (minimum 24 clicks) at the end of a season to earn from his referrals. Referral clicks are calculated at the end of that season based on the activity level. You earn cash from referrals according to your Activity Level.
    If you have AL1, referral earnings bring cash by multiply of 1
    If you have AL2, referral earnings bring cash by multiply of 1.1
    If you have AL3, referral earnings bring cash by multiply of 1.2
    If you have AL4, referral earnings bring cash by multiply of 1.3
    If you AL5, referral earnings bring cash by multiply of 1.4
  • Direct Referrals limit – The direct referrals limit depends on your account level. For level 1 users, the maximum direct referrals limit is 50. This limit increases as you level up (you level up after reaching certain number of viewed advertisements). For instance, for level 2 (total of 100 clicks required) the direct referrals limit is 75, for level 3 (200 clicks required) the direct referrals limit is 100 and so on. You can see the level system here.
  • Season System – Some rewards are given at the end of a season such as earnings for Leader Board and referral earnings. A season lasts 3 days.
  • Reputation System – Reputation System and its limits are shown with stars. Reputation Stars indicates the cumulative purchases you made through any payment processor plus 30% of main balance purchases in one year period. One year period is not applied to users who have 5 Stars. Reputation Stars determines maximum cash amount per withdraw. A user can purchase through any payment processor. A user can withdraw from any payment processor.
    Warofclicks Reputation System
  • Warcoins – You can win warcoins by succeeding in achievements, wining most click awards, getting up in the leader board. Also you may get warcoins by leveling up and you will earn 1 warcoin for each unique and valid hit to your referral link daily. You may rent, extent and recycle referrals, purchase items or banner advertising with warcoins. Warcoins are added to your warcoin balance at the end of the day.
  • PPC Mode (Pay per click) – Every advertisement which is in PPC mode gives $0.002 when clicked.
    You need to click 32 RH ads to unlock PPC ads daily. Each PPC advertisement can be clicked once in 24 hours.
  • RH mode – Rush hour is a mode of an advertisement. A user can click once in 6 hours to an advertisement in RH mode. Users can go for most click awards, achievements and leader board in RH mode of the advertisements. These features give warcoins as reward. Also each RH mode advertisement gives $0.025 warcoins when clicked.
  • Most Click Awards – Every Advertisement in RH mode is a competition. The most clickers of an advertisement are going to win warcoin reward. You may see the details of each advertisement’s Most Click Award information by pressing the button on upper right corner of an advertisement box.
  • LeaderBoard – Users in the leader board are ranked according to the clicks they made in the season. The clicker with most clicks in the season has the highest rank and will get the most warcoin award at the end of the season. To get in the list you must have at least 1 activity level for that season. But the list number is limited. So you must try harder to pass the others. Also the award for users in the list increases in the ascending order. Warcoins distributed in the leader board comes from the given advertisements in the season. So as ads given increases, the warcoin reward of the users in the leader board increases till the end of the season.
  • Postshot system – Earn random awards from Rush Hour clicks of PTC ads. Potshot is an award system – by chance you can earn cash, warcoins and an item for 7 days from RH mode (blue colored title) ads.
  • Cashout Options – Payments are processed through Paypal, Payza and EgoPay instantly or within 48 hours of request. The minimum and the maximum amount cashout for members that didn’t make any purchases at the site is is set to minimum/maximum $2.00 for your 1st cashout request, $5.00 for the 2nd and minimum/maximum $10.00 for the 3rd and all future requests. For members that made purchases at the site, the Reputation system (see image above) determines the maximum cash amount per withdraw, according to cumulative purchases you made through any payment processor plus 30% of main balance purchases in one year period. All purchases are counted (recycle, extend, warcoin purchases, advertisement purchases etc).
  • Script: Custom
  • Admin: Efe Birinci (Turkey)
  • November 11, 2015 – Moved from the Watch list to the Not Recommended list.
  • September 27, 2015 – Moved from the Legit list to the Watch list due to payout delays.
  • August 06, 2015 – Moved from the New Site list to the Legit list.
  • April 27, 2015 – From now on PPC ads must be unlocked by clicking 32 RH or Wargrid ads in total everyday. Another change is each PPC advertisement can be clicked once in 24 hours.
  • February 28, 2015 – Direct referrals limit has been increased for each level, implemented 5% commission from all direct referral sales.
  • February 06, 2015 – Improvements and changes (new banners, additional referrals stats etc) implemented. To see the full list of changes, refer to the announcement posted on their forum.
  • January 06, 2015 – EgoPay has been added as payment method.
  • December 04, 2014 – New additions and changes implemented on the site. Postshot system introduced, changes to the Achievements and to the site design.
  • November 18, 2014 – Improvements to the Reputation system.
  • August 31, 2014 – Review completed, site added to the New Sites List.

WarofClicks Review – Summary:

WarofClicks is in decline lately, apparently the site is experiencing financial issues – there are long payment delays. Moreover the administration is deleting forum posts that contains complaints against the site and the support system is non responsive. That’s was sufficient warning sign for us to move Warofclicks to the Watch list and now after a month and a half we are moving it to the Not Recommended list since there are no any improvements during this period. Moreover, the option to open new threads on the forum has been disabled. We would not recommend WarofClicks, the site is in big decline.

Review Published: 31 Aug 2014

Review Last Updated: 11 Nov 2015

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151 comments on “War of Clicks Review (warofclicks.com) – Is it a Scam? | Not Recommended

  1. rafee

    this site is fake

  2. rafee

    yep the site were gone…
    its fake.. am the proof for that.
    i made 5Dollors i hadn;t get a single penny..

  3. amit

    this site is not working now it is a big scam

  4. and then now the site cannot be acces

  5. Site offline ;(

  6. scam scam scam !!

  7. Kent

    one more thing to add is that the IP based security they are using doesn’t work and they froze account without reasons based on this

    my IP is located in Sweden but two times they froze my account saying that account login is from Netherlands, never been there or using a VPN from there as my ip check from whatismyipaddress.com is showing that ip is located in Sweden

    could not send support ticket without being logged in and when this happen the only solution is to search for a email address from google to get an answer support@warofclicks.com, first time they fixed this and let me login but that took 1 month this was in August and i have the proof as my IP is not connected with Netherlands at all as it’s a Swedish telephone company that issue those

    this second time i have waited for an answer since 10 September and sure will not have an answer of why this happens they only say that it is iplocation DB provider that are the fault

    i have given up on an answer and be able to login again, balance is sure only virtual now…

  8. hmmpff

    well this is a scam money been pending and all my refs are inactive

  9. Msaf

    my referrals are inactive for 2 seasons :p

  10. warofclix is unique ptc game which paying better than others

    • Surfman

      This site has had “pending” payouts since at least 25.09.2015, No response from support requests …..apparently has turned SCAM (so very sad as it was great fun)

  11. kleyo

    i request my payout since october 1, still pending until now. And there is no explanation what happen.

  12. Waiting for my payment since 08.10.2015.

  13. yalls

    Hi friends,

    war of click is a big scam.so be carefull of this site

  14. Thomas

    Been waiting for over 3 weeks now for my payment.

    Bye bye War of clix,No more clicks from me.

  15. Months before, I asked the admin of PTC central to do something. It is designed for fraudluent intentions. But PTC central did not care and recommends WOC. Now it is saying otherwise. Hello admin of PTC central, please be more vigilant.

    • PTCCentral

      Oh, can you refresh my memory and let me know what did you asked me to do? As far as I can tell, you didn’t asked me to do anything, there is only one more comment with your username/email addresses, and it is not addressed to me, you replied to another comment poster here asking him how you can get direct referrals. And I can’t find any other comments from you here.

      I can tell you that months ago Warofclicks was doing well and paying on time, we even promoted it to the legit list as it has been online and paying for over a year without serious issues, however as it is stated on the legit list description: “A site that is paying today, tomorrow can easily turn into non-paying one…” and that’s what is happening with Warofclicks now, that’s why its status has been changed and it has been downgraded to a lower list. That’s the whole purpose of having these different lists here – if a site isn’t performing well it will be downgraded to more suitable list and a warning will be posted.

      Having a personal blog titled Top, tested and trusted websites for earning online and still promoting Warofclicks, few other scams and few controversial sites among some legit ones on that blog… Well that must be the best vigilant eye out there.

      • Thirunavukkarasu

        I am sorry..I did not mean to hurt you or undervalue you in any sense. I mostly rely on you from the beginning. No doubt, you are 10000 times better than me(you are incomparable to me,considering your efforts), because I consult your blog first, for any doubt.

        Being a member of WOC, I sensed their intentions even when they were paying instantly. In the fear of being banned from WOC, I used a diiferent ID here for my comment. I posted the comment as “Ramesh”, If memory is correct.

        Anyway thanks for your reply.(sorry for my English)

      • Thirunavukkarasu

        This is my earlier cooment..
        May 19, 2015 at 7:29 AM
        They are changing rules often. Their RR data is inconsistent and manipulated. One of my RR’s current earnings was not updated. Inactive referrals not auto-recycled. When went for support, they changed free recycle rule from “inactive three complete session” to “first three session”. Even the new rules were not followed by them. I have referrals inactive for first six session and still not recycled. PTC central admin, please do something to give warning to new users. they are big scam. May be they will pay because their program is highly sustainable. I have spent many many hours and all went in vain. Big scammers.

  16. Predrag - chas75

    Today I received Payments #9

  17. anil ahire

    warofclicks is biggest scam and fraud pts site i request everyone not join this fraud site.and don’t waste your time they banned your account any reason and stolen your all earning

  18. Thomas

    I think it is.

    My payment is pending since the 14th of september.

  19. reza

    war of clicks is scam now?
    or no?

    • It’s not Scam yet. Just don’t invest your money there for now.
      WoC is on the Watch List at the moment.

  20. ERROR

    check the latest news’

    Revenue Share: For each $50.00(cumulative) advertisement purchase you get 1 Revenue Share Point(up to $55) in a season

    this looks bad

    • ERROR

      money from buying AdPacks is used to pay pending payments looks like the end of the site is near

      • juan