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ojooo advertising service
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Ojooo has been online for 1 Year 1 Month and 2 Days
Click Rate
$0.01 - $0.001
Minimum Cashout
$2 ↑ $6
Payout Wait
20 - 30 BS days
Payment Options
Paypal, Payza, OkPay
Ads per Day
15 +/-
Affiliate Program
150 DR Limit
50% ref earnings
Avg Daily Earnings
$0.04 +/-
Accepted Countries

Update 4 Mar: Moved to the Watch list due to payout delays. The site is still paying, but not according to their own terms and not everyone is getting paid on time. Newer requests are processed on time, but that’s not the case with older pending payout requests. In some cases, there are delays of 50+ days. Ojooo will remain on the Watch list until these payout issues are resolved and until they get back on track with payments and start to pay all members on time.

Update 20 Feb: There are delays in processing payments at Ojooo. Payments are still being processed but it takes longer. Payments to PayPal take around 15 days and to Payza around 30 days. This is supposedly due to the process of auditing each account before processing the request, in order to insure that no fraud has taken place, as stated in this announcement on their forum. Hopefully they will get back on track with payments in reasonable time. Otherwise, our criteria for ranking sites are clear, long payment delays will result in moving the site to the Watch list.

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Ojooo Review – Introduction:

Wad.ojooo is a Paid to Click program owned by a company Ojooo Media GmbH, based in Germany/Poland, and operating in the field of online advertising. Besides Wad.ojooo the company also owns Ojooo ADS, Ojooo Search, Ojooo Tv, Ojooo Me and few more. Wad.ojooo is over 11 months old PTC that pays users for doing simple activities on their site, such as viewing advertisements and completing offers. There is a affiliate program in place, which means users will earn click commissions and purchase commissions from the members they have referred to the site.

Positive Aspects – Things we do like about wad.ojooo.com:

Paying – Ojooo currently is paying (with delays) and payment proofs can be found on their website and on other places over the web. On the links below you can see payment proofs from other users of Ojooo:
Payment proofs on Ojooo forum
Ojooo Payment proofs on eMoneyspace

Fair Affiliate System – You can refer up to 150 new members to Ojooo. It’s not unlimited, but in our opinion, 150 direct referrals is a solid referral base that will help you to increase your daily earnings.

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Free Worldwide service – There are no registration restrictions, people from all over the world can join as a member for free. Users can make money without having to invest any money to get started.

Forum – They have a forum. In our opinion, a PTC site should have a forum. The forum is a place where members and staff can communicate with each other. Members can post their success stories or doubts, post payment proofs, share the experience that they had with the site, ask for support and stay informed about the recent changes made to the site. Usually, on the forum you can notice the first signs if something is wrong. If members complain about non-payments or payment delays, then most likely the site is experiencing problems.

Downsides of wad.ojooo.com:

Payout Delays – There are long payment delays lately, supposedly due to the time they need to audit each account in order to insure that no fraud has taken place. Not everyone is getting paid on time, some members are waiting for over 30 days to receive payout. This is the main reason why we have moved Ojooo to the Watch list.

New Program – As usual, we do not recommend buying memberships on new sites (under a year old). From our experience, most new PTC sites turns into a non-paying programs. Since we can’t predict which sites could turn into long lasting successful programs we recommend to wait some time until the site proves that it is stable and credible, rather than invest in the early phase and risk to lose your investment if the site stops paying. However, the choice is yours and it is up to you to make your own decisions. But be sure to test a new site if you plan to invest. It is best to do your research to make sure it is a credible opportunity.

Self-sponsored Ads – Most of the ads displayed at Ojooo are actually self-sponsored ads. Which means the site is paying for these ads, not advertisers. This can be bad on the long run if the site doesn’t generate enough advertising income and may lead to cash flow issues.

Bux Program – Ojooo can be categorized as a Bux site. The “bux” model is unsustainable, proved by hundreds of other failed “bux” sites. Bux sites heavily relies on selling expensive upgrades and renting out referrals to pay members. Bux sites are displaying self sponsored ads with high click rate (the site is paying for this ads, not actual advertisers). Most bux sites will pay at their beginnings, but as the time pass, investors will start making profits, and the site could get into financial problems if they do not generate enough advertising income and usually they don’t. Be sure to test a new bux site and do your research if you plan to make any kind of investment.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates
  • Earnings per personal and per referral click
    ojooo click rates
    You will also earn 5% purchase commission (the purchase must be in amount of $29 or higher). You must view at least 4 advertisements each day to continue to earn from your referrals the day after.
  • Offers Walls – Virool videos, Matomy and Super Rewards offer walls are available. Users will earn points by completing offers at the offer walls. 1 point is equal to $0.005.
  • Cashout Options and Conditions – Payments are made through PayPal and Payza. The minimum amount required for the first cash-out is $2.00. This amount is increased to $6.00 for the second and all future payout requests. You need to make at least 100 clicks in order to cash-out. While cashing out a fee might be deducted depending on chosen payment processor. Payments to members are processed manually, with a delays of 15 – 30 days.
  • Inactivity Policy – After 30 days of inactivity, your account will be temporarily suspended. 60 days of inactivity will result in loss of the right to restore your account.
  • Script: Gen4
  • Owner: Michael Thees (Germany)
ojooo terms of serviceojooo frequently asked questions
  • March 4, 2013 – Moved to the Watch list due to payout delays.
  • October 8, 2013 – Review published, site added to the New Sites List.

Review Bottom Line:

There are payout delays at Ojooo and therefore as a precaution it has been moved to the Watch list. We’ll continue to observe the current situation at Ojooo. Ojooo will remain at the Watch list until the issues with payout delays are fully resolved. I would recommend to use caution regarding any investments.

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Review Published: 8 Oct 2013

Review Last Updated: 04 Mar 2014

We would like to hear your opinion about Ojooo. You are welcome to share your experience that you had with this site. Feel free to post a comment with your thoughts in the section below.

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94 comments on “Ojooo Review – Scam or Legit PTC? | Watch List

  1. Bev

    Got paid, it took about 4 days so I was quite impressed by that seeing as there were a lot of complaints.

  2. Ojooo.com is elite and paying there is no doubt about that.
    [link removed] – links to sites on the Watch list are not allowed.

  3. Ojooo One of The Best Paying PTC Site, i paid many times. but every time i waited for week.

    [link removed] – links to sites on the Watch list are not allowed.

  4. SUMAN

    Today (10/4/2014) I apply for 121 USD payment request and got it withing 3 hour. For me ojooo is 100% legit and improving day by day. Even they have improve other many things like RR page etc.

  5. Yesterday i got my 1st payment from ojooo. Its a legit site.

    I uploaded payment proof…Thanks ojooooooo…:)

  6. Bev

    Absolutely chronic. Cashed out today. I will see how long it takes for them to pay my measly little amount thanks to refs that don’t click and no free recycling.

    • SUMAN

      Hey did u get payment or not?
      And about recycling cost, there is free auto recycling, who tell you haven’t free recycling?

  7. Today again the site has been a drag! Loads very slow, though I was able to view enough ads to recieve earnings from refs!
    I also notice that OJOOO, changed the minimum ammount to transfer from main balance to rental balance, from $2.00 to .10 cents, this a good thing, many members have had trouble to reach the minimum of $2.00 for renting afterwards one ref.
    Also today was able to prepare the refs for the day, tomorrow I let expire 10 and buy 10, since I reach the top allowed for RR this strategy is cheaper than renew the old ones and is a plus because I would get a new fresh group go for 30 days!
    Speaking of strategy I was able to reduce the number of inactive refs, it is now 16,63%, it means that 83.37% of my Rented Referrals are active. My goal is to reach 10% of inactive (300) referrals.
    Looking forward for tomorrow, hopefully the site has changed server and loads faster with all the changes implemented.

  8. Bev

    Ojooo is very slow today, lots of people complaining about the same problem, I managed to click about 3 ads before it died on me and I have been trying all day. I have given up now out of sheer frustration. Of course, you can’t log in to get to the forum, I just googled it instead.

    Don’t you just get that sinking feeling?

  9. Chris Don

    With reference to Ojooo.com I have been owed cashout for a few weeks and have messaged them yesterday asking for estimated date they will be able to pay. Today I find they have blocked my attempt to log in to my account.
    Looks ominous to me. Do you have information?

  10. Ok!- Today is Sunday, for me is pay day from OJOOO!- I just get paid (request payments) from OJOOO on Sundays!- I have the feelling that OJOOO, likes to pay on Sundays, it is part of TOS, so I have no problem to go along with it! – I share here my latest payment from OJOOO! – It was paid after 5 hours of the request!
    If any one of the readers wants to know about my strategy on OJOOO, please contact me at chinitaservices@gmail.com

  11. Bev

    I do not like PTC sites being compared to others as they are all trying to out do each other with various features and who wouldn’t? Business is business.

    However I would like to point out the fact that when people say things like “they have a reputation so they are not going to scam.” Not to take things for granted.

    Remember the days not so long ago when the die hard Nerdbux fans were saying the same “they are a trusted company with lots of experience in the traffic industry, why would they want to ruin their reputation?”

    Ruin their reputation they have. I do not have the experience like a lot of you but my gut feeling is telling me not to be so gullible… payment issues – ring a bell anyone?
    Referrals practically non existent in the clicking department.
    100 ads a day, I am lucky to see 10.

    For those of you that have invested I wish you good luck, just be mindful of sudden changes.

    I totally agree with Anon, this site is on the watch list for a reason.
    PTTCentral is only looking out for you, giving the best advice possible, in the end it is down to you to make the decision to trust yourself.

  12. Bev

    New message from admin

    Admin message 3/28/2014

    Dear Users,

    We would like to remind you that the promotion of free withdrawals ends up soon.

    The cost of withdrawals will be borne by users since 1 April 2014, the same as in all other sites of this type.

    Detailed information concerning fees can be found in the FAQ section.

    By Ojooo team.

    You can see the fee HERE

    Who bears the costs of the withdrawal?

    The user covers the costs of the withdrawal, which amounts to 2.5% of the amount drawn out.

    Never knew this was a promotion!

    • A Manrique

      I didn’t know about that! I was trying to get the 100 clicks they ask, I have 9 :( I hope they pay me, even with a delay

  13. Victor

    Ojooo is SCAM.
    A site that does not pay its subscribers is SCAM.
    Ojoo over two months does not pay regularly. Just pay who cares. Then the site is SCAM

    • I don´t visit PTCCENTRAL often, so please apologize for my delay reply for your post about OJOOO not pay!

      This request was paid after 7 hours of the request, this coming sunday-April, 6 I will request a cash out of close to 140, I will inform you about my endeavour to get it, just to give you a better understanding how scam sites pay.

  14. I would like to post my opnion abouto OJOOO! – For me this is a very good site, I am member since October/13, I´m premium+ there, the number of RR I have, is almost the number allowed (3000) and I plan to buy the VIP satus, also I would specify that the VIP membership would be paid by my own earnings from there!
    My first cashout was paid after 7 hour request, though is a small payment, for me was a test to see how long it takes to receive it!
    Comparing OJOOO with other prime PTC sites, itis the only one that has Autopay feature set individually for any of hundreds of Rented Referrals, where in NEOBUX is all or nothing.
    Free recycle for premium+ after 3 days, NEOBUX is 14 days.
    Availability of referrals on demand, every 3 days, on NEOBUX (Golden)is every 7 days and have to set a specific time for it, or else wait for the following week.
    These 3 features – indivudal Autopay, free recycle after 3 days and all you want to rent after 3 days – make the diference for the better! – Surely its script is different and sure has bugs for being very new, but I very much doubt that ths site is a scam site, maybe new yes with more to improve, but not a scam.
    The hardest thing to do is to prepare (filter) the good from the bad referrals, it is a daily task. I have create my own strategy based on counting clicks from each referral, color coding them accordingly with their number of clicks. Takes me about an hour everyday to do, but it is very rewarding, because I get to keep the good referrals and let go the bad ones.
    If any of the readers want to be part of this great PTC and learn from my own experience, I invite to contact me via email chinitaservices@gmail.com, I´d send you a copy of my strategy to set your referrals from dead referrals to very active ones. If you are a reader that is already member of OJOOO, also contact me and I send for you as well the same strategy.
    I hope that one day I can see OJOOO on the LEGITIME LIST of PTCCENTRAL, because is where it belongs.
    Thank you for your atention.

    • There’s a difference between the two site. I, personally find it hard to manage RRs in Ojooo although given that they are still new they need to add some more features to manage much easier RRs. I don’t like the Autopay in Ojooo and how it works because you pay for a referral even the referral didn’t click that day and yes I do like their Autopay since you can select who you only want to be on Autopay so it’s fine for me. I do also like the 3 days waiting in Ojooo but find it too harsh for me. Think about it, how about you have a lot active referrals who have a very high average then suddenly some of them didn’t click after 3 days then you forget to lock them and when you check your RRs you already lose some of the active referrals which still have high average but have been automatically exchange due to a minimal 3 days of exchanging RRs for free. Much work to do to manage them. I’m fine with the 7 days waiting for Golden members in Neobux than the 3 days waiting so I have much more time to manage RRs and watch them. Also, the fee for manual recycling in Ojooo is 0.10$ which is expensive for me that’s why I think their waiting time for exchange of referrals for free is only 3 days for those who avail their upgrade membership. Ojooo is still fresh so I think there’s no problem for them to supply RRs for now but someday the demand will rise and they will surely change something about it just like in Neobux because of the rise of members and a lot of members renting also a lot of RRs. I’m sure they will have some changes about it soon. As for me, I don’t like comparing a PTC site. It’s good that you’re having great success in Ojooo. Ojooo is also good for me but it needs to prove some more and it’s not enough and I do hope they fix some issues especially the pending payments. That’s why it’s on the Watch list as there is still issue on payments.

      • I am member of both sites, almost 2 years on NEOBUX and since OCtober 2013 on OJOOO!Golden and Premium+!
        It is wrong to compare these two sites, because they are different on their concepts!
        Both paid (at least to me)
        I never recycle neither, too expensive on OJOOO and great autorecycle policy (3days)On NEOBUX you recycle a death Ref for another death, so it doesn´t worth it!
        Time spend daily on both sites; NEOBUX 30 minutes, OJOOO; 2 hours but very entretaining!
        I have implemented a stategy that I just need to keep (filter) bad refs and let them go and keep active ones as long I stay as member!
        I give you an ideia! I have RR with Zero days, just hours for expiration set with Autopay, I know they will not expire and have great average of clicks.
        Spend 7 dollars a day on Autopay and cashout weekly.
        I never was able to cash out from NEOBUX, all the earnings go to pay extensions!
        So I have great expectactions about OJOOO and a bitter disapointment about NEOBUX!
        I´ll post my next OJOOO payment

    • zhuanzhilaodao

      But now I am suffering from the long time pending payment, almost lose my patience and hope…

      • SUMAN

        In my opinion pending payment is nothing if they are paying and I’ve hear that only those who request payment for 1st time , it coz delay to check their account but once check they just pay within 24 hour from next payment. And in that also you can see payments are pending of those people who are requesting payment from Jan 2014 to Feb 2014. After that whenever anyone request payment , they are trying to pay as fast as possible. So I’m sure that you will also get payment and this delay is only for one time, from next time for you won’t happen it.
        There is one another company like ojooo who always delay on payment but already more than 7 years old. So the legit company who is more than 7 years old are still pending paymenst, then why not ojooo.
        If you want to know which one is that 7 years old company, click this link:-

        • You obviously love Ojooo based on all of your arguments and comments here. Sounds like you’re just thinking about yourself. Don’t you get it? It’s just a warning that’s why it’s on the Watch list. That’s the purpose of it as a reminder for other members of Ojooo that there is still issue in payments with very long delays. Watch list doesn’t mean it’s a scam site already. You’re full of yourself man haha! Make your own blog like this and name it as Legit site that would be great but only for you haha

          • SUMAN

            Ya I like ojooo but also I don’t like the payment delay they are doing. But I’m supporting it coz if more people tell bad about them then more members will stop work in ojooo due to which for ojooo will more difficult to sustain.
            You just think after so many years of neobux, some PTC come to give competition for neobux. So I want that it just keep on rise and finish this trouble as soon as possible. I want this company not close. Only for that I’m supporting them so that for them will easy to fix this problem as soon as possible.
            And I’m real not selfish, I can understand feeling of those people whose payment is pending after so much investment in that company. But I’m more worry that if everywhere we write bad comments on ojooo, may be it may lead them more difficult situation.
            I’m supporting ojooo so that they can come over from this situation and everyone get payment. I don’t want any one loose money.
            Hope you understand my feeling.

  15. SUMAN

    Dear PTCCentral admin,
    I real confuse about wad.ojooo. If wad.ojooo want to be scam then why is it paying the high withdrawals like more than 200 USD. And if it want to be legit then why they are not even paying 2 USD of some members from 2 months?
    I’ve never seen site management like this. And another important thing I’ve notice that new payments all have been on time, only payments around January to February get delayed and still some of them are not paid. Before that time and after February, all payments are on time.
    So by considering all this fact how will you review ojooo?
    And about my opnion, wad.ojooo will never turn into scam coz of their reputation and more than that coz they are paying more than 200 USD withdrwal also in 24 hour. And they are growing rapidly. Even they open ojooo in different language including Chinese due to which many people are signing up into ojooo from China coz for Chinese people this is new thing. They extend their domain till 2023. They open auction center. Even you can see in all PTC these days, more than 50% ads are for wad.ojooo. So if people are putting its advertisement , must coz they are being paid.
    So why only to few members they are doing delay. What is the main reason do you thing of this payment delay. Can you give me your idea? Coz I’m sure this is not coz of fund problem, coz if they can give 200 USD in 24 hour then sure can give 2 USD withdrawal. So what is this? What do u think the exact reason to be delay of some payments?

    • PTCCentral

      Suman, many other sites did not have intention to scam, but ended up as a failed sites due to either unsustainable business model, self-sponsored ads, lack of managerial skills, lack of back up funds etc. And people will remember those sites simply as scams.

      About Ojooo and the issues with payout delays… I couldn’t tell the exact reason why they are processing new requests on time while the older ones are still pending for so long. That’s something they should answer and to make it clear for everyone why there is priority in processing payouts.
      Not all pending withdrwadals are in amount of $2. There are some big pending cashout requests from premium members as well, look at their forum. If they have the funds then they should pay all members on time, including those who are waiting for 40-50+ days. But that’s not the case and Ojooo will remain on the Watch list until this issue is fully resolved.

      • daniel

        Dear Admin. You are talk bad things about a lot of sites and i don’t care but about ojooo i can tell you that i am cashing out 30-40 weekly and i get paid in 24hs.
        Something else. It’s good to investigate sites and advice people about this but you are doing something wrong: You get into the sites and post links to your site. You are a spammer and i hate them like scammers.
        Sorry but it’s this is real.
        Good luck

        • PTCCentral

          First of all, do your research before making accusations and get your facts straight if you’re going to make such statements. I am running this blog for almost 2 years and in all this time I have never posted a single link to PTCCentral on any other site out there.

          Sometimes our visitors are posting links to particular reviews on other sites, so you must have me confused with someone else. If someone post a link to this site, it doesn’t mean I did it.

          So your statement is not correct, you couldn’t be more wrong.

  16. SUMAN

    My one of the referral request payment on 3/18/2014 and get payment within 12 hour. Good news is that only payment of those people are pending which are pending before and that also they are sorting one by one. But all new payment are delivering within a day. So I think after finish this old pending payments, ojooo can move to legit websites section.
    And other factor which make ojooo better is their auction site, their back ground with other business and when you check the payment proofs, there u can see more than 6000 posts and when u see pending payment section, there have only 500 post, even in that all of posts are not about pending payment. In those pending payment post, half of them already get their payment and some of them again post thank you including which have only 500 post. And we all know that people only post pending payments even one day late, but if people get payment then only 10% of them post in forum. So considering all this thing, I think ojooo still paying to every member. Ya at middle they have some abnormal pending, but I think they already back up with those situation.

    • Some are aware of it, some are not especially those that are still in pending for payment and I’m sure half of them are already given up thinking that Ojooo is a scam site. I’m not saying that Ojooo is a scam site though I already receive 2 payments from them and I still have 7$ and will test on my own if they indeed pay faster this time I’m just waiting to expire my 50 RRs which will expire today and will test the payment if I will receive it tomorrow or not. Anyway, this is good news to others who stick around in Ojooo but for others it’s already done for them. If they receive the pending payment it’s up to them to decide if they will continue in Ojooo or not. As for me, I will still continue in Ojooo but for now as free/standard member until they have proven enough that their site is stable w/o any issues. And yes, I hope they fix the situation in pending payments as soon as possible so their reputation will not ruin.

      • SUMAN

        I’m sure this time you will get payment withing 12 to 24 hour if your paypal is verified, if paypal is not verified then within 21 business days and if payza then 31 business days.
        And I think people who already leave ojooo coz of not getting payment, may be to them ojooo will also now not pay. Coz if some people stop working in ojooo more than 30 days, then why ojooo should pay them, ojooo need to delete those kind of accounts.
        Ok please let us know after how many hours or days u get this payment.
        Coz I’m VIP member in ojooo and one time I withdraw is not less than 100 USD, so if that much money they are paying means I don’t think for them have any trouble to pay. Coz if some websites want to scam then they 1st stop paying high amounts, but ojooo is still paying high withdrawals.

        • SUMAN

          I think Anon got the payment on time. Coz if he has not got the payment , sure he will come here to comment. This is the main problem happening around PTC industries. If people didn’t get payment then write over everywhere but when got the payment no one bother to write about it, only 10% of them put their payment proofs.

          • Actually, no. It’s been 2 days and still pending for now and I expected it for sure to be paid on 10, 11 to 12 days again before I receive it. I don’t know the problem with them right now and why it’s taking too long for them to pay other pending payouts who requested since last January and they pay instantly now to higher amounts with huge RRs and higher membership subscriptions. As for my own observation, they pay instantly to members who have invested a lot since they started and they pay to newer members also so they will not complain about it anymore while the older members who didn’t invested anything are still in pending in a month and already given up and leave the site. The hype in Ojooo before was gone already because of their issue w/ the payout system. Good luck to Ojooo.

  17. Roman

    2 months no payment

  18. Good news from Ojooo. Hooked up the new payment system – OKPAY. Now the withdrawal of money is much faster.

    And here are the best exchange rates of e-currencies. Minimum commission.

    Good luck and big checks !!!

  19. Clotilde

    I was on Ojooo and doing well, I was saving pocket money to use it for posting ads and sponsored adverts, all of a sudden they changed my password and the site does not recognize, that is suspicious to me. Just a reg flag.

    • SUMAN

      I think for that contact wad.ojooo support than posting here about it. And let us know what they reply. I’m sure there is some bug which make happen that. Otherwise there is not record of account suspension of user without any reason.

  20. anon

    i have a feeling that this site don’t treat some of it’s members equally. sounds like they choose who they want to pay instantly. luckily i requested all of my earned money from them and already receives it and will leave the site. learned lesson, don’t invest if the site is still new or doesn’t prove yet that they are worth investing for.