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Update 9 June 2014: After being placed on the Watch list for months, now we are moving Ojooo to the Not Recommended list. Ojooo is paying selectively, mostly VIP yearly members. On the other hand, many members are waiting for over 3 months to receive their payouts. I would not recommend Ojooo to new members. The site is experiencing financial issues for months. It is obvious that they can’t pay all members.

Update 4 Mar 2014: Moved to the Watch list due to payout delays. The site is still paying, but not according to their own terms and not everyone is getting paid on time. Newer requests are processed on time, but that’s not the case with older pending payout requests. In some cases, there are delays of 60+ days. Ojooo will remain on the Watch list until these payout issues are resolved and until they get back on track with payments and start to pay all members on time.

Update 20 Feb 2014: There are delays in processing payments at Ojooo. Payments are still being processed but it takes longer. Payments to PayPal take around 15 days and to Payza around 30 days. This is supposedly due to the process of auditing each account before processing the request, in order to insure that no fraud has taken place, as stated in this announcement on their forum. Hopefully they will get back on track with payments in reasonable time. Otherwise, our criteria for ranking sites are clear, long payment delays will result in moving the site to the Watch list.

Downsides of wad.ojooo.com:

Selective Payments; Payout Delays – There are long payment delays, supposedly due to the time they need to audit each account in order to insure that no fraud has taken place. But it has been like that for months, so this is just excuse, it is obvious that the site is experiencing financial issues. Not everyone is getting paid on time, many members are waiting for over 60 days to receive payout.

Self-sponsored Ads – Most of the high value ads displayed at Ojooo are actually self-sponsored ads. Which means the site is paying for these ads, not advertisers. This can be bad on the long run if the site doesn’t generate enough advertising income and may lead to cash flow issues.

Bux Program – Ojooo can be categorized as a Bux site. The “bux” model is unsustainable, proved by hundreds of other failed “bux” sites. Bux sites heavily relies on selling expensive upgrades and renting out referrals to pay members. Bux sites are displaying self sponsored ads with high click rate (the site is paying for this ads, not actual advertisers). Most bux sites will pay at their beginnings, but as the time pass, investors will start making profits, and the site could get into financial problems if they do not generate enough advertising income and usually they don’t.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates
  • Inactivity Policy – After 30 days of inactivity, your account will be temporarily suspended. 60 days of inactivity will result in loss of the right to restore your account.
  • Script: Gen4
  • Owner: Michael Thees (Germany)
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  • June 9, 2014 – Moved to the Not Recommended list due to payout delays and selective payments.
  • March 4, 2014 – Moved to the Watch list due to payout delays.
  • October 8, 2013 – Review published, site added to the New Sites List.

Review Bottom Line:

There are selective payments and payout delays at Ojooo. The site is not paying according to their terms. Not everyone is getting paid on time, many members have been waiting for over 60 days or more to receive their payments. As a precaution Ojooo was moved to the Watch list but as no improvements were made during that period, now we are moving them to the Not Recommended list. I would not recommend Ojooo to new members.

Review Published: 8 Oct 2013

Review Last Updated: 09 June 2014

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189 comments on “Ojooo Review – Scam or Legit PTC? | Not Recommended

  1. Site is paying regularly now!

  2. Golsikdar

    I started use Ojooo just to test it. But right now it’s almost 7 months and I’m still clicking. There’s no need to sit whole day just clicking some adv~~. Ojooo is much simpler. You can get refereals by inviting friends or just buy them on their site. I never had any trouble with payout money from account. Sometimes I got it the next sometime at the end of the weekend i think it just depends of how many payouts is in certain amount of time.
    If someone want to join me just click link below

  3. Fabriccio

    I have to admit site is awesome. Site is translated in a few language so everyone would understand it easly. Ojooo is easy to use. It has clear rules.
    You watch adv you get cash
    You referals watch adv you get cash
    you and your friends play some games, you get cash
    There’s everything around the cash 😀 A lot of way to earn.
    If someone is instrested go register by yourself.
    If I convinced you just type my name in Register From neoclix

  4. Escualo

    Thanks internet for opportunity for site like Ojooo.
    Thanks to it i can earn extra money. It’s started just to earn some cash for cinema and my own staff. But right now i’m on level that I can almost pay for rent and food. I’m so greatful for those. If someone want to join me register ojooo and write down my nickname. Thanks !

  5. vpy

    Sorry, that ahead of time. A forum have closed at all? It is a sign, that a site a myth (has died, has hammered on users, has left…)

  6. Patricia

    Ojooo Wad is a complete SCAM. After a few months of hard work using this PTC (Premium Account), I decided to do a little experiment before to get a PREMIUM+ account ($39/month) because of all those bad comments on the internet. I just wanted to make sure the site paid regularly. At the beginning everything OK, I got paid twice without any problems (3 labour days tops), then I disabled the AUTOPAY feature (Daily Fee) to all my rented referrals (350 Refs) and I started to collect all the earnings made by my rented referrals for several days. Once this is done, I requested a third cashout ($20.50) and —> SURPRISE! I haven’t received the payment yet after a month.

    The bottom line is that you only get paid by Ojooo Wad if they can get a daily profit from you. If the Ojooo Wad payout system detects you have stopped doing clicks or you have disabled the AUTOPAY feature (Which is a daily income for them), they stopped processing your cashouts and start to pay selectively a bunch of members.

    Meanwhile, I have been waiting for my payment or any response for weeks and I have the rest of my money kidnapped as they don’t allow to perform another cashout request until the one in process be paid.

    Finally, I’m grateful that I don’t upgraded to a higher membership and I was able to figured all this out before keep wasting my time and money on this crappy PTC.

    PS: I just hope that someday the money I earned (Almost $60) surprisingly appears on my paypal account balance. O_o

    Don’t waste your time and money on Ojooo Wad PTC Site —> It’s a SCAM.

    There are BETTER and SERIOUS options out there.