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vobux PTC advertising service
failed ptc program status badge
clixsense advertising platform
Click Rate
$0.01 – $0.001
Minimum Cashout
$5.00 fixed
Payment Options
Paypal, Payza
Liberty Reserve
Ads per Day
9 +/-
Affiliate Program
1 level
100 DR limit
Referral Earnings
DR &#8594 5% – 50%
RR &#8594 50% – 75%
Accepted Countries

VoBux is no longer online. It was a PTC program which experienced issues with payment delays. VoBux was a bux site. Model that has been proven unsustainable and destined for failure. Many sites that were using this model have failed and turned into a scam. Currently Vobux is not available and most likely gone.

clixsense advertising platform

Current Issues:

Site gone – Vobux is down and there is no any notification or update from the owner. The site went offline without paying what they owed to their members, therefore this site has been moved to our Failed Sites list.

Payment Delays – VoBux used to pay its members every day. Payment requests were processed within 24 hours up until May 8. Since then there are no new proofs at the payment proofs section on their website, nor on their forum. Members already started to complain on the forum about this situation.
vobux PTC advertising service

Inactive admin – The VoBux admin appears to be inactive for over a week while his site is having issues with payment delays. There is no word from him about the current situation. Even the moderators don’t know why he is inactive: http://vobux.com/forum

Forum Complaints & Spam – The forum is full of complaints and spam posts. This usually means that there is no one left to manage the site, so you should not expect to get paid.

A Bux Program – VoBux is a Bux site. Bux sites offer self sponsored ads with higher click rate compared to real ptc sites. For most bux sites, the main source of income is from selling memberships and renting referrals. Usually, at the beginning there will be sufficient income gained from members investments or rentals, and the site can pay its members without issues, but as time marches on, more and more investors will start making profits, and very likely the site will be in a situation to owe more to members than the generated income, because usually there is no big base of advertisers that will compensate the difference in the cash flow. Bux site heavily relies on selling upgrades or referrals to pay members, and in most cases the main advertiser is the admin himself. Typically, a bux site will lack of advertising revenue, which is why they tend to collapse.

Final Thoughts:

VoBux (launched in December, 2012) currently is offline. Previously, the site was facing issues with long payment delays. There were no new payments for months. Clearly, the site stopped paying and will be remembered as a scam. We have moved Vobux to the Failed Sites list.

Review Published: 14 May 2013

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