UeoBux Review – Another Site By Scammer Ashraful Abedin

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Review Published: May 12, 2013
Owner: Ashraful Abedin aka iconzii; shajjad – same owner of Sambux XcBux, XoxBux, BatBux Goobux, Jssbux, ClicksX, Iconbux

Update: On the picture below you can see another solid proof that Ueobux is owned by Ashraful Abedin. He also owns Batbux.com as we wrote in the Batbux review. Currently Batbux.com and Ueobux.com are down for maintenance and on both sites the maintenance messages are exactly the same, which proves that these site are related, both owned by Ahsraful.
ueobux-batbux maintenance messages

Ueobux is ptc site that is owned and managed by Ashraful Abedin, an admin who was/is involved in failed scam sites like Iconbux, Buxpips, Xcbux, Sambux, Goobux, Jssbux, BatBux, XoxBux, ClicksX and only he knows how many more scams he have created.

Shortly after this review was published, the Ueobux admin posted a thread on Ueobux forum, providing screenshots of documents to prove that he is not Ashraful Abedin. However few hours later he removed that thread which leads me to the assumption that he is trying to mislead us with these documents. I mean would you remove the thread which is supposed to “prove” that you are not the notorious scammer Ashraful? Moreover, if someone is saying that you are a scammer, would you send them an email asking for the banner ad price on their website, as he just sent to us?

Why you should avoid using UeoBux.com:

Owned by a scammer – It is becoming harder to spot Shajjad’s new sites. He is learning from his mistakes (not hiding the traces) with his failed scam sites, in the past it was relatively easy to reveal a connection between his newest opened sites and his older scam sites. However, what he didn’t learn in all these years is how to write English correctly and he can’t hide that. His English language skills are poor. He is repeatedly making the same errors in his writing style. What he didn’t learned yet is that “thanks” as a noun only exists in the plural. There is no singular form. But Shajjad is always using “thank” instead of “thanks”. I’ve made some screenshots of his posts on few forums, including UeoBux, XoxBux, BatBux and eMoneySpace. Fortunately, Google keeps the forum pages indexed and cached, since Shajjad have a bad habit of denying access and removing the links to the forums once the scam is confirmed and members start to complain. Take a look at the picture below (click to zoom it) and see the highlighted words from his posts.

Also I noticed a funny thing while I was searching these sites forums. Look at the picture below (screenshots taken from XoxBux and UeoBux forums). I just wonder does he thinks he is writing it correctly, or it is just a typo? Considering his English skills, I would bet that he don’t know how to spell the word correctly.
 xoxbux and ueobux forum posts screenshot

So, he launched a new site and now is time to promote the site. What do you think, what is the easiest way for a admin who owns a bunch of scam sites, to promote his newly opened site? The answer is simple – by displaying a self-sponsored standard and extended exposure ad on his other sites, like BatBux and Jssbux. He was doing this before, whenever he opened a new site, he was promoting it on his older scam sites. Who else will promote on a scam site, a scam waiting to happen, except the admin himself?

Final Thoughts:

Ashraful Abedin aka Shajjad have a really bad reputation among PTC users, he already owned a lot of failed scam sites and he keeps on opening one site after another, he have no shame. These sites do not last long, he will pay in the beginning to gain members confidence but shortly after he will stop paying, he will run away with members money and he will open a new site, using the same tactic as before. Therefore I would recommend to keep away from Ueobux. It wouldn’t be a long-lasting successful site. Ueobux is created to scam you, just like all other sites owned by this notorious scammer.

Review Published: 12 May 2013

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2 comments on “UeoBux Review – Another Site By Scammer Ashraful Abedin

  1. So you did focused on Language. Made me laugh. Haha. This guy lives in Copy+Paste methods.

    By The Way, on RyoBux this guy (Ashraful Abedin) don’t use that. Maybe he hired a replacement admin and that one talks to the public instead of himself.

    RyoBux Review – http://philreviews.blogspot.com/2013/05/ryobux-review-legit-or-scam.html

    • Yeah, I focused on his writing style, cause he is reading reviews about his scam sites over the internet and later when he open a new ptc he does not make the same mistakes (not hiding the traces) as with his previous scam sites, so now it is harder to find out if he is behind a site.

      It’s true, almost every announcement posted on his forums is copied from other sites, specially he loves to copy the Probux admin. So when you see some news thread on the forum written in plain english, and later you read some replies from the same admin and you see that his english sucks, I would say, there is a 95% chance it’s Ashraful.

      He might have done that with Ryobux. I guess he will use different tactics and will mixing things up in future.