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Note: If you came here looking for information on, which is a different site, you can read our review of is PTC site from that belongs to a large network of scam sites. As the other sites from this network, TwoDollarClick does not pays its members. You can find many complaints all over the web from members of TwoDollarClick about non-payments. All of them never got paid. That’s what scam sites do – they don’t pay members.

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Reasons why you should avoid using

Scam Owner – The owner of this site also owns other non-paying scam sites. Some of those sites are:,,,,,,,,,,

twodollarclick sharing server with other scam sites

Deceiving – This kind of PTC sites are very attractive for newbies because they offer $2 per click. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. ClixSense is legit and one of the most reliable PTC sites, but they don’t claim to pay $1 per click. The maximum you can get for viewing a single advertisement on Clixsense is $0.02. But rest assured that Clixsense will pay you when you request payout, which is not the case with TwoDollarClick where you will be able to request payment when your account balance reaches $1000, but your request will never be processed. Payment waiting time is 60 business days. You cashed out and you will have to wait. You will wait until you realize that they will not pay you. They have set the waiting time to 60 business days, because if you buy paid membership, you will never get your money back if you realize too late that you won’t get paid. Due to the reason that disputes must be filed within 45 days of the completed payment transaction.

Fake Click Rates; Unsustainable – Lets be reasonable, no one legit will pay you $2 per each click, on guaranteed number of ads on daily basis. The main revenue for a PTC site should come from selling advertisements. TwoDollarClick sells 1000 link ad hits for $5. That will cover only half a cent from the amount of $2 per single click. The advertising revenue that TwoDollarClick generates can not support click rates as high as those. Ask yourself who will pay you the remaining $1.995 for your click on one ad? How TwoDollarClick will generate the rest of the money to pay members? Who will pay for the referral clicks? Obviously, no one.

Fake Payment Proofs – Twodollarclick have Payment Proof section on their website, so people would think the site might be legitimate. Don’t be fooled by the payment proofs which you can see at their site. Most of those payment proofs, if not all, are fake payment proofs. It is just a list of usernames and numbers. Why you can’t find a single reliable payment proof/screenshot? Because such proofs don’t exist. Some users reported that they have seen their name in that list, although at that time they had only few dollars in their account and never requested payment. Obviously, those are fake payment proofs.

No Forum – TwoDollarClick does not have forum. In our opinion, a PTC site should have a forum. Most reliable PTC sites out there have forums, where members can ask for support, advice, share their success stories or post a doubt, post payment proofs etc. Usually, scam sites does not have forums. If there was a forum, it would be full of complaints and spam. This way, without forum, the owner can hide the negative feedback on his site, and newly registered members may miss the true story about his site.

Complaints and Negative Feedback – There are lot of complaints all over the internet about TwoDollarClick. On the links below are listed some places over the web where you can read others opinions about TwoDollarClick:

Bottom Line:

TwoDollarClick is an absolute scam PTC. It is quite naive to believe that you will get paid from a site that is offering $2 per each click. You should stay away from TwoDollarClick. Do not try it, unless clicking ads for nothing in return seems fun to you. TwoDollarClick is a well known scam and it should be avoided.

Review Published: 21 Jul 2012

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18 comments on “TwoDollarClick Review – Obvious Scam PTC | Site to Avoid

  1. Swapnil

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  2. I dont understand how anyone can be so naive thinking that you’ll get paid 2 dollar per click, when most sites offer 0,001 dollar per click.
    Register at the only site that I trust – and you will get paid, I promise.

    • Andre

      My Friend, this is the reason why sites like these and other unsustainable bux and hyips will always be around. People will join them regardless. Most people nowadays don’t want to earn little on sites that are legit.

  3. kodesh

    Hi, i have some questions,
    if the sites are scam where do you sue them?

    how do they get domains, without being approved to be real and honest people.

    and how do you really know that this is the real thing.

    these things are all scams.

    • PTCCentral

      Hi, no one is really controlling these sites and what they do, unless they get big enough to grab the attention of government authorities.

      You’ll know it is the real thing when you test the site and see if you get paid. But with sites like Twodollarclick you don’t need wasting time to test it, since it is an obvious scam, no one legit will pay users 2 dollars per single click on guaranteed number of ads and on daily basis, it is just a way to lure people into the site, scammers create such sites to attract people with these high click rates, but actually none of them pay. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

  4. asimmusic

    Big scam I made $1001.6 I have not been paid yet. Waste of time

  5. Adam

    Two dollar click is good for nothing. People stay away from that scam. The owner of the site will be a beggar soon for his sins. God, please take this scammer to Jewish Hell!

  6. Efi

    It’s a scam company. Stop it.
    I asked to withdraw $1000 on 12 Nov. 2012 and yet no answer.

  7. Hector

    2 Dollar Click is a Scam If I ever seen one! I made over $2,500.00 and requested a pay out and none the less no response! I contacted and contacted them and its been three years and I have not ever gotten paid from them, I did put some money in it and not a return, What this guy is telling you about being a scam Site, I couldnt of said it better myself, Stay away from 2 Dollar Click it is nothing but A SCAM from the Word GO! Do not Invest in anything with this site because you will not get any money back in return!

  8. Kaushik Chowdhury

    If you think that is a scam site and so many others think the same who can’t you block a site like that. So many people have complained about the site not paying them then why the domain management are allowing them to run a site like that and make money on the internet? Why so many people are fooled and no one is doing anything about it?

  9. barb

    this two dollar click site is a flat lier and cheat site

  10. TEE


  11. Madan Mourya

    hi, friends 2dollerclick is just a scam site. no one would pay u $2 just for a click. please don’t waste your time on the sites like this.

  12. Antonio

    This site is a SCAM… a fraud! Do not pay!!

    • hello sir 2 dollar details your opinion

  13. Nic

    hey guys, you can try this You can see on their site forums with users posting their payment proof and also trips and tricks how to earn more. You won't earn 3000 $ per month like others promise, but at least it's not a scam, it's for real. You have to do surveys, tasks and click some advertisements and after 8 $ you can withdraw your money in paypal.