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Update Nov 15, 2014: Moved from the Legit list to the Not Recommended list. First of all, as some of you are already aware, few months ago Twickerz partnered with the GoldenGroup network which consist of scam sites such as Goldenclix, SilverClix, Adzpot, Clixdo and Balkanikaclix (gone, improperly closed). The same Paypal account is being used on all sites. That means Twickerz is connected to other scam sites and literally Twickerz is supporting those sites to continue scamming. Secondly, the site became another Goldenclix under the disguise of Twickerz. Goldenclix and the other sites from their network have proven to be unreliable and not a safe place to earn money online. Those sites are selective paying scams which are known for suspending users without a valid reason, for speaking freely on the forums or for asking about their pending payments. For more details, you can read the Goldenclix review. After the merger with the GoldenGroup network, more or less Twickerz started to carry out the same scamming tactics of Goldenclix, suspending big investors and other users without a valid reason and implemented censorship on the forum. As the Twickerz’ admin said in the forum announcement about the merger with GoldenGroup – “We are both inspired and motivated by a similar vision.“, since you share similar vision with 5 other scam sites, under the circumstances it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you are not much different than those sites. We feel Twickerz is no longer a safe place to earn money, they merged with and support other scam sites, more or less they behave the same way as those scam sites and therefore we are moving them to the Not Recommended list. We should have done that in the first place when the merged with GoldenGroup, anyway we are doing it now. Better late than never.

Review Published: 29 Jun 2012

Review Last Updated: 15 Nov 2014

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177 comments on “Twickerz Review – Is it Scam or Legit? | Site to Avoid

  1. Maria

    Twickerz cannot be opened. i think it already closed its site. how about the money i invested T___T

  2. Thanks for your opinion and your work

  3. Robert

    I am a free member of Twickerz
    About 3 months ago I was paid $1.5. after about 4 months of watching ads. Now when I reached $3.00 it sas I only can be paid if I invest. I guess if I invest I will never see my money again. They lost PayPal and they will lose other processors. Am I stupid to invest after they lost PayPal? No I am not!

  4. I trust twikers. NOT scam

  5. Yea, I have found that all of these sites are SCAM. Twickerz, YGP, and all the Golden Group sites have lost their PayPal.

    I was in Goldenclicks for a year and clicked everyday for a year. I was
    upgraded and had about 100 rented referrals. They did pay me all the time
    but I realized that I was losing money after a year. I put in about $100
    and got $80 so it wasn’t that bad. Eden the owner was telling us about his world trip and all his traveling. Had to be about $10,000 of our money
    he was spending on these trips. After he got back from these trips he had
    PayPal problems. Gee, I wonder why? I know why. He blew all our money on these trips and living the high life on our money.

    PayPal doesn’t mess with you unless you get a bunch of disputes that you don’t pay back. then they lock up your money to give folks their money back. After that they end your PayPal account.

    I had Revenue Shares in Twickerz then they just stopped having Revenue Shares. They said that would go to YGP. But, I still had about $50 in
    shares yet to get paid in YGP. They didn’t gain anymore money so I lost that. I also was fully upgraded in Twickerz with RR and I lost another
    $40 on that.

    I put about $800 in YGP and got back $500. Now the Revenue Shares their
    take about 20 years to get your money back the return is so low and they have no PayPal either.

    The thing is Ethen is still trying to get deposits and offer add fund promos.

    Dude, your ripped off a bunch of money from folks as well as the people
    at Twickerz and YGP.

    Do the right thing and CLOSE OT. Dont scam more people.

    • ScamBuster

      I AGREE with you Terry that all these sites are a big SCAM, similar happened to me too with loosing money there.

  6. illheart

    PayPal has frozen the account of their ..

  7. trish

    This is the first I have seen twickerz called being spam or not paying…I have never been failed by them, they pay me every time I request payment on average every other day with no problems. I am an ultimate member and have been since they first started out.

  8. This site does not pay.The Biggest Scam.

  9. I don’t know why people keep advertising Twickerz on another PTC sites, It wastes too much energy for supporting SCAM !

    • cwcw

      That is to get DR

    • humbert

      let me tell you something

  10. Negru Vasilica

    I got a date to US $ 1.5. The second time we reached $ 1.5 to $ 3 said it reached three dollars and I say it failed. What failed? My job or my money?

  11. Negru Vasilica

    This site does not pay. I received a sum of money from this site but I do not want to give me money. So it’s a big lie

  12. This site looks great.

  13. Kari Hakkinen

    Does not pay. Scam.

  14. PTCfan

    Why does my avast add on say this site reputation is bad?
    Is there a virus in there?

  15. Personally I had only positive experience with this site and its kind forum, I even got paid, since they have very low minimum payment, only dollar fifty, which I received in 2 biz days without problem. That was all before I discovered they also have MAXIMUM cashout limits:

    Maximum cashout for free members is: $10
    Ultimate members maximum cashout is $100.

    No matter how nice the site is, any site having limited cashouts is not worth a long time effort. Promoting it and building a solid downline is a waste of time, unfortunatelly.

  16. Mijakill

    Best comment section ever…

  17. they are fully scam group
    payment take 2 month or more to be paid
    and when you asked for payment these insane owners suspend you after 1 minute

    • 123

      payments take up to 7 buisness days not 2 months lol

      if there are problems and your payment gets cancelled then please be so kind and send a ticket.
      because there is no need to over spam the forum with nonsense accousations, spam is not tolerated in the forum…sorry.

      neobuxes forum is also censored and negative posts are locked very quickly and some also get deleted and members get banned if they post many times the same negative nonsense accousations.
      there are many neo-ex-members that complain everywhere outside of neobuxses forum…i have seen them with my own eyes, so i guess neobux is a scam too then ??? lol

      and what about the suspended cheaters and hackers????
      i guess they are innocent members too right?????? lol

      some complain about none payment just 1 day after they request for withdrawal, but don’t bother to read the TOS that says: Payments are manually processed within 7 business days.
      they then spam the forum with their very angry and threatening posts.

      i guess they don’t have anytime to send a ticket but have time to spam ?

      this new status of “sites to avoid” is very unfair…

      there are always two sides of the coin…not just one
      the complainers only show you one side but not he other

      • Rodrick

        yes it should be only 7 business day πŸ™‚
        but my friends and some ppl can get more than that and also admin will delete their payment if admin think they cheating or they hate them personally, like what they did to me πŸ™‚
        scam not only mean their site is disappear (like some golden site)
        but also they avoided to paid their member with some way..

        so this site to avoid is a VERY FAIR status, and i believe this blog administrator objectivity..

      • Rodrick
        i think i’ve show u this proof.. πŸ™‚

      • you compare ur ponzi with neobux?
        they pay instant buddy , not like your goldenclix after 55 days

        • 123

          i am talking about Twickerz…clean your glasses buddy lol

          • Rodrick

            Twickerz, YGP, Golden is same now πŸ™‚

      • from twickerz, just today. i believe, not 100% of PTCCENTRAL investigations are correct

        it also happen to trafficmonsoon that has paid me many times.

        Trafficmonsoon and Twickerz are legit.

  18. i like cookies.

    I personally don’t see how Twickerz qualifies for “Sites to Avoid” at all. Yeah, being coupled with Golden Group is bothersome because I don’t really trust Edin’s leadership (and his childish comments to other people who don’t, by the way, doesn’t really help at all) but this seems more a case of guilty by association. Marijoy’s always been hard-working, proactive, and a much more honest administrator, and while I hope that she doesn’t get influenced by poor choices, they’re two very different administrators. Partnered, but still separate people, and I see no legitimate issue either of Zigma’s sites.

    • Rodrick

      yes i think Mj is honest person too πŸ™‚
      but she changed since she become edin gf, as a human, of course love can influence your business too and thats happening now in twickerz. she get influenced by edin (or maybe i should said controlled)
      and also, Golden and twickerz use same Paypal account, so soon or later, zigma paypal will banned too. coz paypal will know about this soon

      • i like cookies.

        Well of course, but if that would call for any status change on here, the only fair one at this point I think would be the watch list. I mean I really like and support this site as a solid, knowledgeable resource for people looking to be more well-informed, but I’ll admit that this whole decision just looks entirely arbitrary to me. One minute it’s being seen properly for what it is, and the next all of the sudden these two different administrators living on different continents are essentially called one in the same, and I just think that’s both wrong and inaccurate.

        • Rodrick

          FYI edin now in phills in MJ hometown, and of course they sharing their knowledege each other.

          • i like cookies.

            And also FYI, opposites do attract, and that fact does not necessitate any more sacrifice than your standard relationship. She’s clearly still showing the same personality traits and the amount of fight and willpower as she always has, and that’s something that’s not too common in these websites at all. The only legitimate problem here at all is her standing up for such a self-absorbed guy like him who could possibly (and I consider it a fair chance) even be using her for his own benefit. From leeching on Zigma’s PayPal (I’m sure he’s working real hard to get his back now) to his sites now associating directly as Zigma sites (even though they’re still technically Golden Group), trying to feed off of their more reputable name. Basically, I still think this whole decision is absolutely wrong because Twickerz isn’t a victim. I believe Marijoy herself hasn’t changed, and that’s what really matters. She’s just allowing this guy to use her established resources for his own gain when he doesn’t deserve them and shouldn’t have them, and all she needs is to break this off.

            • Rodrick

              lol, i’ve said in this blog, that MJ is only an admin not the owner..
              adn about Paypal, you must be know how strict they are to their rule.. if many ppl start complaining about Golden off course it will affect twickerz too coz they use same paypal..
              so this blog admin place Twickerz to site to avoid list is good decision..

              • 123

                i find that it’s a good decision that you got banned and therefore cannot earn anymore with you cheating ways…like with false deposits.
                you violated the trust of other honest members by cheating them out of their profits…thanks for that

                • Rodrick

                  lol, false deposit ? proof that ^_^
                  i have been there since 2011, all my deposit is legit..
                  i get VVIP status for my loyalty to twickerz and YGP..
                  is that twickerz and YGP admin so stupid so they cant find me cheating in that time ?
                  lol btw you sound like kevin, the real owner πŸ™‚
                  c’mon dont hide your name lol

        • PTCCentral

          It is already stated in the update above why Twickerz has been moved to the Sites to Avoid list. PTC sites can change in a blink of an eye, today everything may be alright, but things can change to worse tomorrow. Consequently, their status here will change.

          The Twickerz admin is also admin on some sites from the Golden Group, that makes her part of the administration on scam sites. We don’t recommend sites whose admins are involved into other scam sites and connected to other scam sites, and Twickerz is part of a dubious network. Zigma is providing access to their Paypal account to the sites from the Golden Group. There are members that invested through Paypal on these sites, and many of them are not getting paid, they have been scammed. The credit goes to Zigma. That makes Zigma an accomplice to a scam. Anyone who knowingly helps someone to scam others can be referred to as an accomplice in the commission of very same crime.

          On the Watch list and the Sites to Avoid list, see the lists of reasons why and when a specific site could be placed on the respective list.

          Watch List – “4. Site is Suspected to have connection with other scam site”
          Sites to Avoid list – “4. Site is connected with another scam site”

          Twickerz is not suspected to have connection with other scam sites, Twickerz is officially connected to other scam sites. They merged with group of scam sites and they help, defend and support those scam sites. The connection is crystal clear. That means ‘Site to Avoid’ status for Twickerz too.

          I didn’t downgrade the status of Twickerz earlier because I decided to wait and see if things would improve on the Golden Group sites before doing drastic status changes. Things didn’t improve, in fact they are now much worse, the Golden Group sites are collapsing one by one, Twickerz changed and it became ‘another Goldenclix’, it is not the same site anymore. All these reasons discussed earlier are more that enough to downgrade their status to ‘Site to Avoid’.

          • Rodrick

            yes thats very objective decision.. salute (y)

            • i like cookies.

              Statutorily it’s obviously objective, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still subjective and speculative outside of those statutes when two different people are involved, one who has been good over 3+ years and the other immature, selfish, and dishonest. And I understand the concern. I’m not saying there’s nothing to worry about here, especially when she’s giving Edin way too much room to use her good name in continuing conduct his bad business. Golden Group should be completely gone by now, and she made a bad choice in letting it survive off of her resources. But I haven’t seen any proof yet of Twickerz becoming another Goldenclix (nor have I witnessed any myself), and my hope is then just that she ditches Edin to avoid any more possible damage and her sites can keep going without trouble. I know she’s a caring administrator who’s serious about her business and I’d rather not watch her sites fail too over him.

              • Rodrick

                is using same paypal account with golden not a solid proof ?

                • i like cookies.

                  And in most situations that would be a pretty telling sign, but it’s pretty irrelevant to this particular case. Golden Group is only able to use theirs because she wants to support him. It’s not his, it’s hers, he’s just leeching off of it now because I think we can all agree he’s not gonna bother with getting his own account in order anymore. But just because she’s supporting someone I wish she wasn’t doesn’t have anything to do with proof that Twickerz, the site itself, is turning bad. Yes, it’s concerning in the sense that Edin could tank them both, but I sure hope after 3+ years in the business that she has a bit more business sense than to let that happen and kicks him out soon enough.

                  • Rodrick

                    yes maybe if she can kick him .. but its not that simple and i believe she wouldnt πŸ™‚ try to ask her

  19. We appreciate your positive and negative feedback however we do not tolerate any false and malicious accusation.
    Let us address your concerns in dot point;

    * Golden asked for Zigma`s assistance in PayPal because of the following:
    – Golden`s PayPal account has been limited twice on March and April 2014
    – Since the account is limited, they do not have any PayPal account for their members.

    Zigma Team decided to HELP Golden group UP since May 1, 2014 and upto this date within our terms.
    After this, Golden was able to pay their members smoothly
    It is evident that you have a very obsolete information.

    Golden Group has no intention of closing down after their limitation almost 9 months ago.
    If everybody will use their common sense,
    if Golden will close his sites down, why do you think he will request for a merge?
    He can simply inform his members that he cannot pay them because of the paypal limitation.
    Try to analyze the situation before opening our mouth or before we start typing our non-sense imaginations.

    Members should have CLAIM directly to PayPal when they learned about the account limitation as Golden is also a victim.
    PayPal account limitation is beyond Admin`s control,
    if I may ask, if you were an Admin of a PTC site — would you wish your PayPal account to be limited?
    The way you accuse looks like the Admin wants this to happen.
    We do not know how this issue and accusation will benefit you, maybe you want to have your own PTC site but please let us not practice crab mentality.
    Just open a PTC business, be fair and in return you will reap the rewards, build credibility and gain respect from your future members.

    If you will dig deeper and look into the situation closely, the owner of Golden is trying to get up from this problem and not running away.
    They seek help and we decided to help them. You are judging base on what you think you see but not what you know.
    Try to improve your analytical skills.

    If you consider yourself as a veteran in PTC business,
    you may have heard a lot of big sites that has received a lot of praises, positive reviews, 5 star ratings, highly recommended, best
    PTC ranks, and blah etc..tagged as legit by blog owners.
    Ahhm…Where are they now?
    They are now in trash can — no one anticipated that they will close.
    They are now closed.
    One even post here, he forgot to face the mirror. hello admin of cptbux. how`s your site?
    other one, say we are ponzi, but still promoting us.-
    hello to rapidleech lolz! what`s up?

    How about Golden group? You`ve been bashing, trash talking, bad mouthing Golden groups` site BUT still staying alive and kicking,
    proving every basher and trash talker are all wrong.
    Golden group is a paying PTC site.
    If you have pending payments, keep in mind that they have twice limitation on paypal,this is expected and they only have 10 fingers
    and 1 mouse.
    They do not use autobots in payment processing as they carefully reviewing it thoroughly.

    If your investment was made using Golden`s old Limited PP, Golden will not RUN.
    You just need to be patient as the Admin is also doing everything to solve this problem.

    * Twickerz and Golden group has different management,
    we only use the same paypal account but Twickerz` money is Twickerz` money and vice versa.

    We do not deny that we also have our fair share of ups and downs in PTC business — but our integrity, credibility and good intentions keep us where we are right now.

    – Why am I suspended? Twickerz do not suspend members just because we want to suspend. Do your assignment first and investigate.

    Members are being suspended because of the following reasons:

    1. TOS violation (don`t tell me you just click on YES, I AGREE! and be surprised on the suspension?)

    2. Incorrect PIN Code upon cash out (Of course! Even in Automated Teller Machines, 3 incorrect PIN and say goodbye to your card!)
    *Just send ticket and your account will be reactivated.
    3. Inactivity (We cannot wait for you forever, my dear. Every member should login at least ONCE in 30 days.)
    *Just send ticket and your account will be reactivated.
    4. CHEATER (We hate cheaters! Using autoclick softwares/robots just to earn. using Auto surfs for PTP, Invalid deposits, Come on, this is a fair business so let`s be fair in everything)

    5. Payment refunded? Read the TOS. Members should POST PROOF of PAYMENT and let us know for verification. Some members give us dead links — how can we send payment if we cannot prove that you have posted the proof of payment?

    6. Late payment? Give me the ticket number or name of the member complaining about late payment or no payment
    and I will SLAP you the information you need to prove that we are always ON TIME in paying our members.
    We will only be late if and only if there’s a natural disaster like earthquake; citywide, nationwide, worldwide black out; a super typhoon, internet problem and other circumstances beyond our control.

    This negative reviews against Twickerz is not acceptable as we do good business and offer transactions with integrity and credibility.
    Twickerz is a site that cannot sleep if there`s a site bug or errors.
    We deal every matter seriously as we are also serious in doing business.
    Transact with Zigma Network, rest assured that your money, investment, time and emotion is safe with us.

    Sorry for my long post and thank you for reading guys!!
    I thanked the guy who send ticket for us to see this link and clear issues.
    That would be all for now…

    Regards to your family and See ya on twickerz!

    Peace to one and all!

    Sincerely, Marijoy

    • Rodrick

      Lol you still talk long as usual πŸ™‚
      btw MJ, FYI Scam not always mean the site is disappear, but it also happen if they not paying their member, kick their member.. Golden and Twickerz is like that, they still online to get more money just like a dracula..
      and i to prove that, i just need myself, Aquaman69 your biggest investor you banned all my account because i earning to much ??? wtf
      so stop your dirty business, and back to good way..
      may God Bless You..

      • Dude

        Calm down jihadist.

        • Rodrick

          lol i know you are edin kalasnikov or edin AK47 ? :v :v :v
          every ppl know you are big scammer, you spend your member money to travelling to phils and hide your a** in other countries.
          i’m sure you must be a most wanted person in your hometown lol

        • Rodrick

          you are so fat now πŸ™‚
          looks like you eat your member money so much lol

          • 123

            be careful what you say because this is considered slander and is illegal even in the united states! thanks to good lawyers

            • Robert

              A je li protiv zakona nekome reći da je lopov?

        • 123

          only thing that is missing is a boot camp where Rodrick can train us to be jihadists

      • 123

        biggest investor with false deposits ? lol
        or do you mean biggest cheater !!!
        first you cheat bigtime and then complain ?
        what you did is called embezzling money ! and is very much illegal even in the united states..

    • Truth Man

      Why don’t you say the truth marijoy? You’re dating Edin and all this is a thing of love between you..that’s why you’re helping him with his site even when PayPal is causing him too many problems but your dear boyfriend doesn’t know how to manage a PTC Site and he’s using scam tactics, nobody trusts in Twickerz and Nobody else will do it.

      • @ Truth Man,
        Wow! First, the merge was approved by the Top Head Team Admin and CEO of Zigma Network who has the biggest voting rights.
        They have agreed upon internal terms.
        Second, we will not RISK our PayPal account — our name, reputation, credibility and intergity are far more important than “this thing of love”.
        Do not comment on something you do not know – your opinion smells like a garbage, bitter and jealous on the success of others. Twickerz have proven to the PTC world so many times that we will do everything to keep our site alive, working and paying – our honest active members can attest to that.

        @ Rodrick
        lolz! I know you miss my long talk as usual.

        I am confident that you know the reason why we ban you and your clone accounts, Do I need to explain?
        You even admitted and bragging here that we have suspended all your accounts :
        You are very aware that you were suspended because we have discovered that you have fraudulents downlines and a lot of invalid Deposits in our PAYPAL — and to be honest, you OWE US Large Sum of Money because you earned and used it to manage your account and we even paid you for those Invalid deposits.

        We ban you because this is not FAIR. Yes, you`re earning too much because of your Cheating Tactics and invalid deposits.
        Remember dear members, you are honestly clicking day and night, invest some of your hard earned money to earn WHILE Aquaman uses a lot of accounts with bogus investments, invalid deposit transactions — Twickerz paid him real time, on time UNTIL we discover his very very very very dirty tactics-
        Total Paid in REAL time on time: $21,579.42
        Total Deposits including fraud invalid transactions $12,665.92

        So, you were suspended and fall under this category:
        #4. CHEATER (We hate cheaters! Using autoclick softwares/robots just to earn. using Auto surfs for PTP, Invalid deposits, Come on, this is a fair business so let`s be fair in everything)

        If you were in our shoe dear members, will you consider this your biggest investor a REAL investor? OR a Biggest scam-vestor?

        Placing a PTC site in “Site to avoid” is based on the blog owner`s perception and personal opinion.
        As an appeal, I ask you to back up your accusations with facts and not hearsays or opinions from members that do not read and understand T.O.S, liars, cheaters, bitter, jealous, greedy, multiple accounts violators. PTP cheaters and scam-vestors as tagging us under this category is a big mistake.

        We are a legit PTC site, practicing good business and paying since 2011.

        Happy December to everyone.

        See ya!

        Sincerely, Marijoy

        • Rodrick

          lol, i mean you still talk long to cover your stupidity ^_^
          i join twickerz in 2011, and if i cheating, how can you let me earn that much of money ??? you must be a stupid admin if you cant see i cheating.
          and of course you will try to forgot that i help you a lot to build Yougetprofit, i’m your biggest investor πŸ™‚ can you show me how i cheating you in almost 3 years ?
          and could you show me my deposit and withdrawal in yougetprofit too ???
          you know,in my eye you are a honest girl, and every ppl in ptc business admit it. but since since Kevin become your Boss and Edin become your Boyfriend, you’re changed.. and become greedy like edin kalasnikov or edin slavesick (i forgot his name) ..
          btw, my suggestion is stop scamming ppl, you cant live a peace life if you like this.

          • 123

            Rodrick, now you’re attacking Marijoy with your slanderous ways and this goes to far!!!

            you’re just frustrated that you cannot cheat anymore on Twickerz and have started a campaign against the site.

          • JacKOJackaL

            hey dude i’m not taking sides here since there are “Scammers Websites” and “Cheating Users” (these two kinda go hand-by-hand in a different level)

            so did you really made those multiple accounts and questionable downlines??

            cuz some Honest PTC made some serious strict regulations cuz of those “Cheating Users” and made it hard for honest member to earn even a dime.

            i’m just asking btw.

        • Rodrick

          and if you think this is just a blog, why you are here now ? spend you valuable time here ? lol
          you care so much this blog coz you want to cover your scamming tactic isnt it ? lol

          • 123

            any proof ? no ..then stop with your slander

          • 123

            the only cheating scammer i see is you with your false deposits.
            how is that fair to other honest members ?

      • 123

        what is it of your buisness who Marijoy is dating ?

    • PTCCentral

      “Zigma Team decided to HELP Golden group UP since May 1, 2014 and up to this date within our terms. After this, Golden was able to pay their members smoothly. It is evident that you have a very obsolete information.”

      Should I state the obvious? You are helping a scammer to continue scamming. Do I need to bring you up to speed about the integrity and credibility of Golden Group? I am sure you are well aware of that, anyway let me refresh your memory and remind you that Golden Group consist of 4 active scam sites, including,,, and 1 closed scam site

      Goldenclix and Silverclix are selective paying scams, since you are a co-admin there you should know how many members have been suspended on purpose without a valid reason at all, just to avoid paying them, for reasons like asking about their pending payments (pending for 2, 3 and in some cases even 4 months).

      Adzpot and Clixdo are also selective paying scams and they are no longer paying, not even selectively, there is not a single new payment since 21 October 2014. Since when not paying at all for almost a month and a half is considered ‘paying smoothly’?

      Balkanikaclix is gone, didn’t paid anyone for months and it has been closed down few months ago. It was a scam, it ended up as a scam and it will be remembered as a scam.

      The information provided about the sites from the Golden Group is not obsolete. It’s accurate and objective. I would say it is evident that you have your own agenda here. I understand you, your aim to defend your boyfriend admin of Golden Group is quite obvious.

      “Golden Group has no intention of closing down after their limitation almost 9 months ago.”

      Since you speak in the name of Golden Group and you know about their intentions, and you are trying to assure us that they have no intention of closing down their sites, then I am sure you can tell us why BalkanikaClix has been already closed down? Why Adzpot and Clixdo stopped paying since month and a half ago? What’s your beloved admin intention with these 2 sites? Following the footsteps of Balkanikaclix? It looks like that.

      “If everybody will use their common sense, if Golden will close his sites down, why do you think he will request for a merge?”

      Because he have personal interest to keep his sites alive as long as he can, as he makes money by scamming honest members that did nothing wrong and yet you support him doing that? That doesn’t speak much in favor of your credibility and integrity. If everybody use their common sense, they would see that you defend his sites since he’s your boyfriend.

      Another dirty scamming and bullying tactic by the Golden group admin, on his sites he have all payment processors opened for deposits, but only Paypal is available for cashout, the others are closed. As per their TOS, “All payments are made via Paypal, Payza, EgoPay and PerfectMoney” and “You can only request an unlimited amount to be paid to the payment processor you`ve used to make the most of your purchases in monetary amount”. That means if you deposit through other payment processors, you can’t withdraw to the respective payment processors since Paypal is the only available option for cashout. Same applies if Paypal is not available in your country. If you ask the Golden Group admin regarding this issue, he will respond in the following manner:

      “You should ask your government why PayPal is not available in your country. Members in GoldenClix can withdraw money. There is available option. For everything else, we are not responsible.”

      Is this the integrity and credibility you speak about? And you keep on pretending that you don’t know with whom you have partnered up. You are just deliberately acting naive here and trying to repair their ruined reputation.

      “PayPal account limitation is beyond Admin`s control,
      if I may ask, if you were an Admin of a PTC site β€” would you wish your PayPal account to be limited? The way you accuse looks like the Admin wants this to happen. We do not know how this issue and accusation will benefit you, maybe you want to have your own PTC site but please let us not practice crab mentality.”

      If I were an admin of a PTC site – I would not open 5 unsustainable bux sites one after another within short period of time and I would not use unestablished Paypal account. Fortunately I am not an admin of a ponzi network. Paypal account limitation could be beyond admin’s control if he doesn’t see further that the end of his nose, blinded by greed. Building a ponzi network is against Paypal terms. Of course you will get limited. Rest assured, I don’t have intention to open a PTC site ever nor I want your Paypal to get limited. Question is – Do you ‘want’ your Paypal account to be limited? You are well aware of the risk that it may happen, since you partnered up with 5 sites that already had at least 4 limited limited Paypal accounts. That means your account may be limited too. If that happens, that would be your fault, not ours.

      “If you consider yourself as a veteran in PTC business,
      you may have heard a lot of big sites that has received a lot of praises, positive reviews, 5 star ratings, highly recommended, best
      PTC ranks, and blah etc..tagged as legit by blog owners.
      Ahhm…Where are they now? They are now in trash can β€” no one anticipated that they will close. They are now closed.

      How about Golden group? You`ve been bashing, trash talking, bad mouthing Golden groups` site BUT still staying alive and kicking,
      proving every basher and trash talker are all wrong.
      Golden group is a paying PTC site.”

      Ask the person sitting next to you, where is Balkanikaclix now, also part of Golden Group? Did you already forget about it? Dig deeper into your trash can you will find it there.

      “Alive and kicking, proving every basher and trash talker are all wrong? Golden group is a paying PTC site”

      Seriously? Who is wrong here? One site already gone, two stopped paying, selective payments, suspended hundreds of members without justified reasons and you are still full of praise about the Golden Group? That again doesn’t speak much in favor of your credibility and integrity.

      One even post here, he forgot to face the mirror. hello admin of cptbux. how`s your site?

      That’s not the admin of ctpbux, just a regular visitor here, he commented previously about ctpbux and included the ctpbux link in the “website field” on the comment form. The browser cache is keeping the entered data, if you don’t change it before submitting another comment, it will remain the same. As you like to say: “What you think you see, but not what you know.”

      If you will dig deeper and look into the situation closely, the owner of Golden is trying to get up from this problem and not running away.

      Of course he is not running away, he doesn’t have a problem to scam people and he will continue to do so as long as he can. And you help him in that matter.

      This negative reviews against Twickerz is not acceptable

      This is the kind of attitude that gets you here, to the position where your site is now placed on this blog. You simply don’t tolerate opposing views, doubts, concerns that raise more questions or disagreements posted on your forum or elsewhere on the internet. Instead of taking criticism, suggestions and even simple opinions as a way to improve your service, you retaliate to members by suspending their accounts.

      To sum things up, you merged with group of scam sites and you help, defend and support those scam sites. You officially belong to a group of sites based on lies and deception, deliberately suspending people to avoid paying them. And Twickerz is no different. There are already enough valid complaints here for all websites from your merged network, as well as on other PTC related forums. I don’t need to prove that. It already has been proved. Moreover, even if that wasn’t the case with Twickerz, it is in our policy to not recommend sites that are associated with other scam sites, sites that support other scam sites and that’s more than enough for me to not recommend Twickerz and to place it on the ‘Sites to Avoid’ list. At the end, we give warnings to our visitors, it is up to them to decide whether to listen or ignore our warnings, whether to trust or distrust our ‘analytical skills’.

      • Edin

        I will find you, do not worry. Then you will see.

        • PTCCentral

          You watch your ass, there may be a lot more people looking for you.

        • Rodrick

          lol i think you are the person who running away now πŸ™‚
          you hide your ass in phils, in your gf country :v such a coward you are edin

    • yes i forgot to remove your crapy scam ponzi from my blog.

      its so interesting that edin suspended me from his sites lol.
      they think i need 2-3 bucks that they pay after 1-2 month to users

      users brought you up and now we will get you down

    • shoaib

      You hate cheaters and we hate scammers. LOL

    • shoaib

      Your ptc site is so awesome that everyone wants to violate TOS and your bf suspends them. Most of those who request cashout violate TOS. Update TOS, add that those who honestly clicks ads and requests cashout, there account will be suspended.

  20. Alex

    Admin why Twickerz’s whois info shows Panama? Twickerz is not from panama, what’s the reason?

    • PTCCentral

      Their whois is privacy protected, the info displayed in the public whois is from WhoisGuard, the privacy protection provider, which is located in Panama.