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Sweetbux.com is another unsustainable bux site. Take note that “bux” sites usually are out of business after few months of their launch. 9 bux sites out of 10 do not last more than a year. If you want to learn more about the bux model, you can read our article Insights into the Bux Model – Why Do Bux Sites Fail?. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that over 95% of the bux sites are just scams in the making since their beginnings. And Sweetbux is no different than the average bux site. We did a quick investigation on Sweetbux and found out that they are using some scamming tricks, displaying fake stats and posting forged payment proofs on their forum.

Let’s take a look at their Paypal account. It’s not even verified. You should not run a business and accept/send payments with an unverified Paypal, especially not in the PTC industry.
sweetbux unverified paypal
Unverified Paypal accounts have initial sending limits of $500 so the option to send payments is pretty much limited. Yet Sweetbux claim that they have paid out over $52,000 through all payment processors and a lot more than $500 through Paypal. Which of course is not possible with unverified Paypal account.

Now let’s take a look at the Proof of Payments page. There is something unusual with the usernames of the members who supposedly got paid by Sweetbux. The fast majority of usernames start with capital letters. Which is weird, take a look at the proof of payments page on any other EvolutionScript site, you will see that around 80-90% of the usernames are with lowercase letters. On Sweetbux, it is quite the opposite, over 90% of the usernames start with capital letter. sweetbux proof of payments page

My point is that the vast majority of these usernames are fake, created by the Sweetbux admin. He is using this scamming tactic to “show” that Sweetbux is supposedly paying and he uses these fake accounts to post forged payment proofs on the forum. When other members see the payment proofs, they may think the site is paying. Let’s take a look at few of these payment proofs posted on the forum and you will see the payment proofs are completely fake. First of all, all Paypal payment proofs shows that the Paypal account payments@sweetbux.com is verified, which is not true, we already posted screenshot above which proves that this Paypal account is not verified. Secondly, the time zone on all of these payment proofs is the same GMT +05:30. Which is not possible, all these members that comes from different countries can’t belong to the same time zone. GMT +05:30 is the time zone of New Delhi, India and probably the Sweetbux admin is operating from that location. It is not possible these members from Italy, France, China, Philippines to belong to the same time zone. See for yourself. sweetbux forged paypal payment proofs

It is very likely that the Sweetbux admin is making these forged payment proofs. Even the way the recipient emails and the transaction IDs are masked out is very similar. And lastly, for a site that claims to have paid out over $52,000 and shows recent daily payment proofs on their Proofs of Payments page, it doesn’t sound convincing when you see only 3 recent proofs posted on the forum for the last month.

SweetBux.com Review – Bottom Line

Sweetbux is just another unsustainable bux site whose odds of standing the test of time are very low, typically for a bux site. The Sweetbux admin is using dishonest tricks to make you believe the site may be a paying one. The site is posting forged payment proofs on the forum, they are listing recent daily payment proofs on their proofs of payment page while on the forum there are only 3 payment proofs for the last month. If the site was really paying there would be a lot more payment proofs posted on the forum. Either the site is just marking payments completed without actually sending out payments or these “payment proofs” are from the fake admin accounts. Personally we wouldn’t recommend Sweetbux, it will be placed on the Not Recommended list, we would advise to keep away from it.

Review Published: 6 Jan 2015

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5 comments on “Sweetbux.com Review – Is it a Scam? | Not Recommended

  1. kannan

    sweetbux is realy bad,this is cheeting bux

  2. As a rule, I try to avoid any site with the last three letters bux.

  3. Sweetbux posting fake payment proofs to lure new members in so they can steal the upgrade fee and disappear the admin is waiting until he can get as much as he can and vanish and no one can do anything about it because no one knows who he is and because he lives in another country and will return with a whole new pc scam site to do it all over again.

  4. barbara109

    The site looked too good to be true.
    When I registered there a month ago, you could make around 0.25 per day as a lollipop/standard/free user. There were 29 adds with 0.009. Today I get 15 of 0.009 and 11 of 0.0003. Soon there will be only 0.0003 ads.
    If you look at upgrade account you can see that lollipop account has free duration of 30 days. When members in forum asked what will happen to accounts if not upgraded the question is ignored. It took long time that a member answered as nothing. This way they want to push members into upgrading since its unknown what will be after 30 days pass.
    And that with free duration account is only one way they push for upgrade. Another one is payment – you can`t get payment as standard member. They claim that upgrade is needed for security reasons.
    This is a quote of one member from forum:
    “You need to upgrade. I try to cashout as lollipop but the admin refuse to send me the money. He said that I need to upgrade in order to receive my earnings, for security reason.”
    Since the payment minimum is $20 at the beginning it seemed to be reachable but after seeing how the adds decrease + upgrade push/must for cash-out its just time waste.