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strongclix owned by a scammer
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clixsense advertising platform is a bux site from the owner of other scam sites such as,,,, and other closed scam sites such as,,, and If you want to learn more about this admin and these scam sites, you can read our review about his scam network and the reviews of EaglesBux, ConixBux and GuaranteedPTC.

Update Nov 25: New proofs added. Now the same paypal account is being used on Eaglesbux, ConixBux and StrongClix. You can see the screenshot taken from the source code of the add funds pages on these sites. This is a rock solid proof that these sites are connected and owned by the same admin.
Eaglesbux, Strongclix and Conixbux are using the same Paypal account
The previous Paypal account of Eaglesbux now is being used on GuaranteedPTC, which is another site from this scammer admin.

I am pretty much sure StrongClix is the latest site from this admin. He can use self-sponsored ads without referral links to avoid detection, he can use multiple payment processor accounts, different from the accounts used on his other sites, but still he cannot hide the grammar mistakes in his forum posts and announcements. He is repeatedly making the same grammar mistakes on all of his sites. Below you can see screenshots in which I have highlighted some key words where he makes grammar mistakes.

Hard for him to distinguish between them and their. Most of the time he uses “them” instead of “their”.

Also hard for him to distinguish between singular and plural. There are few packages, it should be “packages are”, not “packages is”.

Although the Paypal email addresses of Strongclix and Eaglesbux are not exact match, the Paypal account creation date matches for both yandex email addresses. You can add up to eight email addresses to your PayPal account, and probably both emails are associated with the same Paypal account.

Moreover, the admin is offering the same promotions on Strongclix as on his other sites. Massive discounts on upgrades and rented referrals and add funds promotions. That’s his scamming tactic, offer you “lucrative” deals and promotions that you “can’t miss” and as soon as he collect enough investments he will stop paying and move on to his next scam project.

I have no doubts, StrongClix is owned by this scammer admin and it is just another scam in the making, managed by person who is responsible for a lot of other scam sites, and he continues to open one site after another, each time with intention to scam, therefore I would advise to stay away from Strongclix.

Review Published: 19 Oct 2014

Review Last Updated: 25 Nov 2014

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7 comments on “Strongclix Review – Connected to Other Scam PTCs | Site to Avoid

  1. Jana

    Forgot to tell, we paid a few times to Strongclix via payment processor, but every time it was to different account or company. In comment it states Stronclix, but to whome it was paid ,…. totaly different companies behind,…. they know what they are doing.

  2. Jana

    Hi everybody, do not join, admin was right, you can loose a lot of money. We joind it, invested and lost. I was lucky to report them and got money back via payment processor, but I guess not many are. didn’t pay us our even one cent, all withdrawals are pending. Support is not responding to mails or support tickets. WATCH OUT!!!!

  3. Ummul Jan-ummuljan

    there are alot of sites but people refer to use there skills and knowledge to work when they find a place where they can work withoyt investing.

  4. Andre

    Listen Everyone, Strongclix is A scam! Perhaps even a greater scam than probux. The minute a member mentions withdrawal problems in the forum, the admin will banned you instantly or delete your post just to shut you up. The payment proof that you see on the site is either made up or the admin is doing selective payments, but many members (including myself) are complaining about non payments of withdrawals.

    PLEASE avoid this site by any means necessary, the admin is a BIG FAT LIAR! He made a lot of promises and they are all lies!

    If you don’t believe me then go ahead and invest in this site BUT I promise you that you will NOT receive anything but LIES.

  5. Thank you Ptccentral. You are really accurate and can detect points like a detective.

  6. Thank you for the advice about strongclix. The review is really comprehensive

  7. petodz

    hello admin.
    please review about