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Update: Spybux is no longer online. Moved to the Failed Sites list. The article below will remain intact for information purposes only and will not be updated anymore.

Spybux is showing connection to Diego Calandria Checco and his team of scammers who are responsible for a lot of scam sites like DreamClix.com, Kimclix.com, Yumylinx.com, Hirenclix.com, Storyclix.com, Storybux.com, Axionclix.com, Boostclix.com and Oldmovieclix.com. The thing that caught my attention is the announcement about the Paypal issue posted on the Spybux forum. I have already read exactly the same announcement somewhere else, but I could not remember where it was. Then I came across this topic on eMoneyspace and now it is all clear. Credits to the OP grimJaw. Below you can see the screenshot of the same announcement posted on DreamClix, Yumylinx and now Spybux. (click on the image to enlarge it).

Same announcement about Paypal issue on Dreamclix, Yumylinx and Spybux

Again the same lame excuse and blaming someone else just to buy some time. If I were an investor on Spybux, I would file a dispute while I still can. Because the admin is running away with your money. And I have no doubt that this is Diego Calandria Checco from Argentina and his team. I have checked the email addresses of their payment processors accounts and they all points to Argentinians.

For more info about the scam sites owned by the same administration, you can read our review of Yumylinx, the review of Dreamclix, the review of Kimclix and the review of Hirenclix. Since we don’t recommend new sites from owners with history of running scams, Spybux will be placed on the Not Recommended. Spybux is just another scam in the making. If you do not believe this, then time will tell you very shortly.

Review Published: 21 May 2014

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3 comments on “Spybux – Connected to other scams (No Longer Online) | Failed Site

  1. is a real shame as these bastards embarrass my country! what to do ara these criminals are brought to trial? as betray court? there will always be criminals and scam artists taking advantage of the customers .. they give me this much anger!

    Thanks for the information .. A Huge greeting .. The day I have my own PTC, the PTC will be Argentina’s most respected and beloved by the user .. that’s a promise entrepreneur.


    es una verdadera pena como estos desgraciados avergüenzan a mi país!! que es lo que se puede hacer ara estos delincuentes sean llevados a juicio?? como delatarlos ante la corte?? siempre habrán delincuentes y estafadores aprovechándose de los usuarios.. me da mucha ira esto!!!

    Gracias por la Información.. Un saludo Enorme.. El día que habrá mi propia PTC, será la PTC argentina más respetada y querida por los usuario.. esa es una promesa de emprendedor.

  2. Chris

    This is comment about clixzor.com who are about to open under new management – I wonder if they will now allow members to withdraw via Paypal? Also ooojo.com – still waiting for payment after two months plus!! Would be interested in hearing comments from yourselves or others.

  3. Big ups for the update

    I’m on GrimJaw’s new site no complaints so far (Nice earning PTC)

    Lol to this Joker….Grandclick is Scam….does this dude live in the Twilight Zone/ He disabled paypal cause of another PTC site…does this dude smoke Krokodile on the daily or what