SevenDollarPTC ( Review – An Obvious Scam

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not-recommended scam program status badge is PTC site that claims to pay $7 per each click, but it’s nothing more than a scam. Most experienced PTC users are aware that these types of sites are scams, however there many new PTC users that are easily scammed by such sites. Therefore we are publishing this review, in which we will point out few indicators why you should keep away from SevenDollarPTC and the other sites from their network which consist of a dozen scam sites.

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Reasons why you should avoid using

Belongs to Large Scam Network – SevenDollarPTC is hosted by, a host which is known for hosting PTC sites with bogus click rate, of course all of them scams. The owner of SevenDollarPTC also owns the following scam sites:

These sites are hosted on the Getpaidsolutions server as you can see on the screenshot below:

other domains hosted on the same serves as sevendollarptc

All these sites are connected and here are the proofs. The same Perfect Money account with ID U2105020 is being used on SevenDollarPTC and other sites from the network.

sevendollarptc perfect money account

The unverified Paypal account safepay.fee@gmail is being used on SevenDollarPTC and also on the other sites from the network, as you can see screenshot below of the source code from the upgrade pages on these sites.

sevendollarptc Paypal account

Deceiving; Creating false impression – This kind of PTC sites are very attractive for new users because they offer $7 per click on guaranteed number of daily ads. Remember there are no get-rich-quick schemes, the only ones that benefit from these programs are the owners. Most people find it difficult to make decent income working from home, despite whatever promises are made. Paying users $7 per viewed advertisement is not credible and no one is going to pay $7 for a simple task such as viewing advertisements for a few seconds. Scammers create such sites to attract people with these high click rates, but actually non of them pay. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. ClixSense is legit and one of the most reliable PTC sites, but they don’t claim to pay $7 per click. The maximum you can get for viewing a single advertisement on Clixsense is $0.02. But rest assured that Clixsense will pay you when you request payout, which is not the case with SevenDollarPTC where you will be able to request payment when your account balance reaches $7,000 but your request will never be processed.

Bogus Click Rates; Unsustainable – Lets be reasonable, no one legit will pay you $7 per each click, on guaranteed number of ads on daily basis. PTC sites make money by selling advertising credits. The advertisers pays the site to display their advertisements and to bring visitors to their websites, products, services or affiliate links, and part of this payment goes to the member when he views the advertisement. SevenDollarPTC doesn’t even sell advertising credits! There is no option to purchase ad credits, which means there are no external advertisers and no income streams to cover to cost of those $7 dollar advertisements. SevenDollarPTC is showing only self-sponsored admin ads for the other scam sites from their network. Meaning the admin have to pay from his own pocket for showing these ads but that is not likely to happen. Ask yourself who is going to pay you $7 per click? Who will pay for your referral clicks? Obviously, no one.

Fake Payment Proofs – SevenDollarPTC have Payment Proof section on their website, so people would think the site might be legitimate. Don’t be fooled by the payment proofs displayed on their site and nowhere else over the web. Why you can’t find a single reliable payment proof/screenshot on other places over the web? Because such proofs don’t exist. On some sites from this network you can find Paypal payment “proofs” in amount higher than $10,000. That is simply not possible because the maximum amount allowed for a single transaction by Paypal is $10,000. Obviously, those payment proofs posted by the site are forged.
fake payment proofs

No Forum – Usually, scam sites do not have forums. If they had forum, it would be full of complaints. Without forum, the owner can hide all that negative feedback on his site, and members may miss the true story about his site. Review – Summary:

SevenDollarPTC is an absolute scam PTC. They claim to pay $7 per each viewed advertisement. Too good to be true. SevenDollarPTC doesn’t even sell ads and they can’t afford such high click rates. It is dubious program and it should be avoided. We would recommend to stay away from SevenDollarPTC and the other sites from their network, don’t waste your time, effort and money on these types of programs. All of them are scams.

Review Published: 16 Oct 2014

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8 comments on “SevenDollarPTC ( Review – An Obvious Scam

  1. Afzal

    I verify that web site is total fraud.Because i use it about 1year and have many money at this site,s account i send payout Request and wait Moral is zero.

  2. frank cartwright

    Thanks for reporting on these spam artists. There are too many scam crooks on the internet. Glad to see someone is exposing some of them.

  3. Venkatraman M R

    Thank you for the eye opener. Good to see someone taking care of online users by pointing out the scammers. Pls do keep on posting about these scammers. I was about to join this site but at the back of my mind I was wondering which fool will offer $7 to view ads. I am already using PTC sites like CLICKSENSE, Neobux etc. Thanks onceagain

  4. Pokud jsou to podvodnici, tak proč už je dávno někdo nezrusil a nechá je dál klamat důvěru lidí, kteří nato pak jen doplatí.

  5. thank you please that is true you cant pay 7$ for just viewing and so which site is genuine

    • PTCCentral

      For paying and genuine sites, you can check our Established list and the Legit list from the top navigation menu. Also the Paid list where you can find sites that we have tested and we can confirm they are paying.

  6. I am from India & I joined but after I reached $ 25000 five times, I was never paid and everytime I requested I was told by email to Upgrade, I became a Gold member & also paid the 1 time transfer fee but till date have not been paid, Have been cheated…

  7. Ummul Jan-ummuljan

    it doesn’t means that what they say is true all the time.