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Note: If you came here looking for information on SevenDollarPTC, you can read our review of SevenDollarPTC.

Have you ever heard of a a single legitimate PTC company which pays you $7 per click? Which of these sites that pays dollars per click are genuine? I will tell you straight – NONE of them. SevenDollarClick claims to pay users $7 per click, but it is nothing more than an absolute scam and fraudulent business scheme. No PTC site out there will pay you $7 for viewing a single advertisement. You should keep away from these programs, otherwise you are wasting your time for nothing. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Read the review below to find out more about this internet scam.

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Reasons why you should avoid using

Creating false impression – PTC programs that claims to pay few dollars per click are very attractive for newbies because they offer high click rate for such a simple task like viewing ads for a few seconds. You may think this is your big opportunity to earn some fast cash online, but let’s be realistic. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. You should not expect getting paid by these kind of sites and you should avoid them. You will be eligible for payout on SevenDollarClick when your account reaches at least a minimum of $7,000. Bur certainly you will not receive such amount of money from them.

Bogus Click Rates; Unsustainable – As a free member on a PTC site, 1 or 2 cents are the best you can get per your own click on a single ad. Believe me, no one will pay you $7 per click. PTC programs are based on a business model, money should come in before they can pay members. How does the PTC program makes money? Their main income stream is from selling advertisements. Let’s take a look at the advertising prices at SevenDollarClick. They are charging $10 for 1000 ad views. They make $10 by selling 1000 paid links, while they need to pay members $7,000 based on the ads click rate. Do the math and you will see that there is no way they can pay you $7 per click. With their current advertising prices, they can afford to pay members maximum 1 cent per click, not counting the referral earnings. Now ask yourself: how SevenDollarClick will generate the rest of the money to pay members? Their advertising revenue can not support such high click rates. Moreover, how they will cover the referral earnings? Simply, they will not. They don’t bother at all to pay members.

Estimated earnings values – Their terms of service state that:

All earnings listed and or represented by are estimated values not actual real money values and are subject to change with or without notice.

Basically they are telling you that the amount of $7 per click is only an estimated value and what you will actually earn is subject to change. You think that you are earning $7 per click but it may be whatever they want to, like $0.01, $0.001 or even less.

Forced Investment – You can’t request your earnings unless you have bought paid membership. Don’t fall for it. They just want to get people to upgrade their accounts to a paid membership and later they will not pay them. That’s how they benefit from this program – by stealing members money. Moreover, their terms of service state that:

If you have requested a cash out and you are already a premium member you must keep your account upgraded for the remaining time until you have successfully received your cash out. If at any time your account goes back to free/basic during a cash out request you will forfeit all earnings associated with your cash out.

Basically they are forcing members to keep their account upgraded for at least 4 months (payout waiting time is 85 business days), otherwise they will not receive their requested payout. But there is not point to keep your account upgraded, you will not receive payout anyway.

Payouts within 85 business days – Payment waiting time is set to 85 business days. The reason why the payment waiting period is so long is because if you buy membership upgrade, you will have to wait 85 business days to receive your payout. But you will never receive your payout, no matter how long you have waited. Now you have realized that you won’t get paid – but you have lost the chance to claim you money back by disputing the payment transaction. Due to the reason that disputes must be filed within 45 days of the completed payment transaction. So, you lost your money paid for membership upgrade and you didn’t receive your payout. SevenDollarClick scammed you. That’s what they do – they scam people.

Fake Payment Proofs – They have Payment Proof section, with a purpose to trick people and convince them that the site may be a legitimate business. Don’t be fooled by those so called payment proofs. They are all fake payment proofs. Nothing more than a listing of usernames and numbers. Anyone can do that. Take a look at the highlighted amounts on the image below, these are Paypal “payouts” in amount higher than $10,000. This is simply not possible because Paypal does not allow single transactions in amount higher than $10,000. SevenDollarClick is just forging the payment proofs. They are not real.
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No Forum – SevenDollarClick does not have forum. Usually, scam sites like this one do not have forums. If there was a forum, it would be full of complaints and spam. The owner know this and without a forum he can hide the negative feedback on his site, and new members may miss the true story about his site.

Complaints and Negative Feedback – There is a lot of negative feedback about SevenDollarClick all over the web. On the links below are listed some places over where you can read opinions about SevenDollarClick:,198912.0.html

Bottom Line:

SevenDollarClick does not pay. They just want to get you to upgrade your account to paid membership. Later, they will not pay you. Actually, they are earning from you when you buy upgrade. That’s called scamming members. Do not invest into something that others are saying is an absolute scam. Don’t fall for it. I would recommend to keep away from SevenDollarClick. Do not waste your time for nothing. Instead, visit our Established Sites List to find which PTC opportunities actually pay out.

Review Published: 9 Jun 2013

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23 comments on “SevenDollarClick Review – Scam PTC Program | Site to Avoid

  1. hamdan is this site scam or not

  2. Love

    Bhai logo kese ke Paise aaya ho to plz comment box me apne no de

  3. kasunfernando

    thank u very much.i have earned 987 dollars from that site but i cant withdraw i have lost huge time

  4. pvt

    I really wonder this site this is legit or scam? Can you tell me?

  5. Wayne

    Well one thing these sites are good for is getting potential new Referrals for your legit campaigns. But for the paying out goes… I guess that is a scam. Problem is you do get what you pay for -> Membership, Credits for Add campaigns, referrals (that you can buy)… all that works. But do you get paid for clicking? up to now I have read of one that got paid back in 2010 or so I guess. Funny thing just is we have 2015 and the site is still up under the same web address.

  6. Dwithun baglari

    i want to know about a scam site or legit.

    • PTCCentral is for sale, I guess you meant which is a forced investment site, free members can cash out up to 130% of their investment. We do not review or endorse forced investment programs since they are nothing more than ponzi schemes, where investors are paid mostly if not entirely out of the incoming funds of new investors entering into the scheme. Ponzi schemes require consistent cash flow from new investors to pay earlier investors. They can continue for some time until the flow of new funds start to dry up and the ponzi will collapse as there will be no enough new investors or when a large number of investors ask to cashout. A ponzi cannot be legit, personally I wouldn’t recommend it.

  7. David

    [link removed – scam site]

    • PTCCentral

      Graybux is a non paying scam site, links to scam sites are not allowed.

  8. Creeper

    Well, even if you are a newbie on the PTC scene it’s still too damn obvious. Just do the math. $7 per click? Ten clicks would be $70… and that’s only for ONE member. If they had 1000 members it would be $70000!! And 1000 members it’s a quite modest number for a PTC site. Specially for one that promises that quantity of money by only clicking on ads!!

  9. nobody

    ahh guys you actually believe that someone will pay a few bucks for just one click ?????

    if this stuff was real then they would be way better then neobux LOL.
    and i would buy my first porsche , villa and speed boat LOL

    i cannot believe that people actually fall for this crap .
    earning with one ptc site thousands and thousands with my own clicks in a few months is silly.
    i my opinion the FBI should close them down ASAP

  10. George

    I ran across another one like this. BuxInc. You have to upgrade before you can request your earnings. Of course from day one of clicking you already had enough in your account to pay it. Total scam. You’ll never see your money. If your fool enough to pay to upgrade. That is the hook and where the money they get comes from.

  11. FooLioni

    Just a geewhiz question but is there a particular sevendollarclick website or are you saying that ALL of them are bogus? I’m using a ptc but the one I use is called sevendollarptc and not sevendollarclick. Just wondering because I’m seeing both being used in these posts, and of course there’s more than just one or two websites with that name.

    • PTCCentral

      Yes, Sevendollarptc is a scam site. All sites that provide guaranteed number of high click rate ads (dollars per click) are scams.

  12. Ivan

    Thanks for the headsup on sevendollarptc. I looked into it and even signed up. The longer I worked at it, I could tell that it wouldn’t work.I didn’t upgrade and am glad to cancel the account.

  13. Hi friends , but my experience is excellent with I made £15 in PayPal cash very easily last week, £8 the week before. It’s My best earning site at the moment!

    • PTCCentral

      Really? Would you like to share with us a screenshot of your payment proof?

      • shiva

        nice question???

        but where is the answer….!!! 🙂

    • shiva


      where is the screenshot man…??
      share it in here…

  14. Ravistus

    Duh of course it is no legit PTC sites will ever pay you that much money for a click, heck even some legit PTC’s have problems paying 1 cents per ad click.So any PTC sites that Offers 1$,2$ or 7$ and up are Definitly SCAMS So Beware!!!!

  15. FELIPE