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clixsense advertising platform and are no longer online. Moved to the Failed Sites list. The article below will remain intact for information purposes only and will not be updated anymore.

Update 19 Oct 2014: New proof of the connection between and The same Paypal account is being used on both sites:
same paypal account used on Startclix and Safeclix,,,, and are PTC sites owned by the same admin. There are complaints on these sites about pending payments, selective payments, non-responsive support, and complaints over the web about deleting forum posts, suspending accounts without a valid reason etc. Moreover, the admin is lying about who he is – on each site he is introducing himself as different person. I mean why would you lie about who you are if you have honest intentions? If you were reliable and honest admin why you wouldn’t say that you own these sites? It is clear that this admin is building a ponzi scheme by opening one site after another, each site with intention to scam and each time he is using different name so no one would know who he really is and what is his background and history with his previous sites, so he could continue with his scamming tactic to open new scam sites. Below you can see the proofs that will reveal the connection between all these sites.

clixsense advertising platform

Lets start with some of the welcome messages posted on these sites. The similarities in the welcome messages are highlighted in the screenshot below.

Next, the Paypal account used on Startclix is the same Paypal account which is used on Wealthbux. Paypal already limited their accounts few times, so you will notice the new sites from this admin are not using Paypal anymore.

The same Paypal account used on both sites, which proves that these two sites are connected and owned by a single person. Yet the admin introduced himself as Donald Hines on Startclix and as Danial M Eldridge on Wealthbux. You may think there are two different admins, but that’s not the case.

On each site the admin is using different name, for instance he is Donald Hines and Gerhard Hubert on Startclix, Alex Ferra on Safeclix, Danial M Eldridge on Wealthbux, Mark Delbox on Potentbux, Christopher Noverto on WorthClikz and Ronald on Paymentarea, but in order to look like a different person he needs to change his writing style and improve his grammar, which apparently he forgot to do. In fact this is a single person who is repeatedly using the same phrases in the announcements on his sites and repeatedly making the same grammar mistakes. Take a look at the screenshots below and see the highlighted similarities.

I guess he finds it hard to distinguish between singular and plural.

Another one. It should be “their”, not “them”.

Needless to say, the discount deals are pretty much the same on all sites. The same discounts on rented referrals and upgrades.

The thing that caught attention is that all these sites are displaying self-sponsored advertisements without referral links, not only the ads for the other sites owned by this admin, which is not strange, but also the ads for other PTC sites. They are all displayed without referral links. Wonder why? Well probably the same admin used his referral links on his previous scam sites and he doesn’t want someone to find out the connection. However, he is using the same titles and description on the self-sponsored advertisements on all sites. Proofs attached below.

Self-sponsored advertisements for Wealthbux, displayed on the other sites owned by this admin:

Self-sponsored advertisements for WorthClikz:

Self-sponsored advertisements for PaymentArea:

Self-sponsored advertisements for SafeClix:

Self-sponsored advertisements for StartClix:

Self-sponsored advertisements for Potentbux:

And lastly, on the links below you can read complaints from other members of these sites:
Beware of Wealthbux
Wealthbux suspended
SafeClix scam
Safeclix scamming investors and deleting account

All sites from this network will be not recommended. They are paying selectively / not paying, the admin is lying about who he is, they are displaying fake stats on their recently launched sites (eg. paid thousands of dollars, but only few payment proofs listed in the payment proofs section and on the forum). Some of these sites are already scams, others are scams waiting to happen. This network in nothing more than a ponzi scheme that is doomed to fail eventually. I have no doubts that these sites are owned by the same admin and I would recommend to keep away from them.

Review Published: 16 May 2014

Review Last Updated: 19 Oct 2014

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5 comments on “Safeclix and Startclix – Scam PTC Programs (No Longer Online) | Failed Sites

  1. Stat0290

    Dear Admin what about

    • PTCCentral

      Nothing special about it, just another bux site, owned by the same administration of Currently they are paying, but I prefer to keep away from bux sites, because bux sites are running on unsustainable business model that is destined for a failure, as seen thousands times before (which is why I no longer review or endorse bux sites). Another thing to pay attention to, Neatclix is launched just 4 months after the launch of 88bux. I guess the time has come to pay debt on the older site with the income from the new site. Usually that’s the case when new bux site owner launch another site shortly after the launch of his first site.

      • Anyone knows about Buxept. They didnt pay me.

  2. Thank you for your reviews. I’ve had a bad feeling about Safeclix and Wealthbux from the first time I’ve seen the sites so I didn’t join but I really didn’t see it coming with Startclix. There’s just so many new scam sites that it’s really useless to join new sites before they run for a few months.

  3. Thanks again man, good detective work

    You are the PTC Colombo…..”Just one more thing….You all are scam AF”