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Unfortunately, many PTC users are scammed everyday by fraudulent PTC programs. You can report scam/suspicious sites here on this page. By making a report, you help us to identify scammers and warn other people about that particular scam, so they do not become a victim as well. You can also report sites that looks suspicious or if you have found indications that a site may turn scam soon, fee free to report that too.

Other places to report internet scams and interned fraud:

Before asking about sites please search for the specific sites using the search button below.


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899 comments on “Report a Site

  1. no banner ads seeing after loging my my id .i told you same in facebook .

    • send email id or sending buy ads form in web or in login sending by bank atm card number.or ican send by post letter bank cheque .show mailing adress in email reply or in web

  2. is a big scam web money not delivered from two weeks

    is fake or paid

  4. min43da6 My account is suspended,after I request 2nd cashout.I don’t know what is the reason, may be it will turns to Scam this ELDIBUX PTC SITES

  5. piligan07 Request cashout payment completed in my account Menu
    but no payment received in my verified paypal account. Not paying WARPTC site.

  6. wait your first payment o 2 euros which should have been up to 21 days for a standard article admin does not pay and wiped posts on the forum!

    Jun 26 2016 04:30:11 PM 1.89 Pending – Cancel today is jul 19 2016 23:54 no have payment

  7. Yebliiclix is scam I did not receive money

  8. I have been using, earned 3 Rental Referrals and calculated RR activities.Each day I found the Deductions for maintaining RR is by Auto Pay from my balance is more than the overall earnings from these RR daily. Their RR software method shows that I will never go in profit from RR no matter how many I rent. Its a total loss no profit. And working on this PTC site is just wasting of your time and efforts. I am also quitting this site.

  9. Most of the sites opens well but turns to scam afterwards. Nowadays PTC means not Paid To Click Its, Paid To Cheat.

  10. Matu


    Admin posted News on June 6th and today is June 10. i have been waiting for my payment for about 4 days now and there is no admin to answer the 5 pages all of us members have posted on the forum or the 2 support tickets i have out there.
    Didn’t receive a single withdrawl.

  11. So much of scam sites in the name of PTC sites and trying take the advantage & trying to scam peoples. its bit hard to find legit PTC sites.

    following is the link for some of the legit ptc sites.

  12. Seeker

    Brainbux asking 100 clicks to withdraw.If you make 100 clicks it asks to have 10 active direct referrals.How ridiculous rule is that?And i’ve read at a forum that some people do have 10 active direct refs and they still don’t get paid.Avoid this site it’s probably a scum.

  13. Terry Bryant


    I have made 4 requests for $10 payments.
    Feb.18…Paid Mar.11…just over 3 weeks.
    Mar.7…Paid…Apr.15…just over 5 weeks.
    Apr.7…Not paid.
    Apr.30…Paid May 17…just over 2 weeks.

    The “Rewards” section the site states that there are no pending or approved purchases.Only sent purchases are shown. I have sent numerous emails(no bad language)…not one has been answered. All they do is keep marking the request “Resolved”
    They refuse to pay the $10 that I am owed.

  14. sites which contains Bux in their names are almost scam sites.

  15. Legitmite

    Hi PTC Central
    Please could you give us a report on

  16. You have listed and buck247 as established sites paying regularly. Please update the data that these two sites have offered themselves for sale.

    • Ruthie

      It’s, NOT

  17. this site is scam i think because my account has been suspneded by the admin but no reason my account has been blocked.So please leave this site. thanks

    • amir hilo

      OKIK is legit and paying since 2014 … why you said that comment … I already withdraw more than 200 $ from this site … I’m member for more than 1 year .

  18. ester

    Be carefull with MrBux!!

    The accounts were reset. All the the usersĀ“s money vanished. They say the money added at “add funds” will be returned. The money the users earned is lost.

  19. news-person no responden los correos y no pagan

  20. ali elayan

    Your referral url is:

    REFERRED BY: “admin”
    OWED: $16.61 PAID: $0

    waiting to pay me and then not paying they are big cheaters