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Quickbux.net is a PTC site that belongs to a large network of scam sites all of them owned by the same admin. Therefore we do not recommend Quickbux.net.

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Reasons why you should avoid using Quickbux.net:

Connected to Other Controversial Sites – Quickbux is showing connection to sites like Excellentbux.net, Profibux.com, Paid-bux.info, Bestbux.info, Cashbux.info. Many would agree that these sites are scams. Either they are paying selectively, mostly upgraded members or not paying at all. For instance, the latest payments on Bestbux.info are from July 2013 and on Cashbux.info from October 2012. On the other sites the vast majority of free members are not getting paid. Their payment requests are being cancelled. As seen on the screenshot below, this standard Excellentbux member can’t get paid because the admin is constantly cancelling his payment requests:
Excellentbux is denying payment requests
So this admin is known for running scam sites which is why we do not recommend Quickbux.net. Below are attached few proofs that reveal the connection between Quickbux and the other sites from the same admin.

Quickbux and Excellentbux are using the same server

Profibux, Bestbux, Paid-bux and Cashbux are using the same server

Most of the ads displayed on these sites are same with identical admin’s referral links:

Scratch2Cash same admin's referral links on Paidbux, Profibux, Excellentbux and QuickbuxHopa same admin's referral links on Paidbux, Excellentbux, Profibux and Quickbux

Complaints and Negative Feedback – On the links below you can read complaints about Quickbux.net. The vast majority of free members are not getting paid. Either their payments are pending for long time or are cancelled by the admin.
QuickBux.net is paying?
QuickBux is going to scam?
Quickbux is a Scam!

Quickbux.net Review – Bottom Line:

Quickbux is owned by admin who at the moment is operating other scam sites which are paying selectively or not paying at all. These site have poor reputation among PTC users. Our advise would be to stay away from these PTC programs. Due to the reasons described above, we do not recommend using Quickbux.net.

Review Published: 15 Jan 2014

Review Last Updated:

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22 comments on “Quickbux Review – Connected to Other Scam PTCs | Site to Avoid

  1. Aneeq

    Hi Admin
    i am workin on bucks24/7 can you please tell me its legit site or not

    • PTCCentral

      Hi, please search for sites with the search button before asking about sites, Bucks24/7 is already reviewed, it is legit and paying site, you can read the review here.

  2. Pavson

    Quickbux together with Excellentbux.net belong to bad. Are it unreliable firm. Alike so is unreliable PTC BANK.net. My experiences are only sad.

  3. tuanthanh8x

    Quickbux.net Scam site.
    they do not pay me.
    and when I ask on their forums, they deleted my post immediately.
    and not for me to post on their forums.

  4. Vlad

    I requested withdrawal a month ago. I just contacted them about my payment because I haven’t got paid. Their reply said I was a standard and “inactive” user. I clicked their ads everyday for 2 weeks after my request. SCAM SITE!

  5. I have not received the $2 payment after several communication…..this is really a poor payment site…..pls don’t use this for PTC….

  6. Stat0290

    This is one of the sucker scam site, never pays to standard users, always wants to be upgraded request for payment..

  7. Quickbux is really scam!

  8. quickbux is fully fraud

  9. supergoten

    Ever since this site came up, i’ve been wondering… is there any connection to earn-on? The layout just looks a lot like it. And we know how that one turned out.

    • Besides the similar layout, I doubt there is any other connection between these two sites. Quickbux is owned by Majoros Jozsef from Hungary. Admin of Earn-on was Przemyslaw Brodacki from Netherlands. But who knows, admins can easily use fake names at their domain registrars.

      • supergoten

        Oh ok thanks!

  10. Savita

    Hi Admin,
    Yes You are right Quickbux is a scam site, because I have request my payout for $2 on 11th January,2014. but still it’s showing me pending. And after sending 2-3 support tickets, they are not replying me neither attending my complaint. And I also brought two of my relatives as a direct referrals.

    Can I lodge complaint against this site (Quickbux)

    • Lustano

      This site is 100% scam, I have a pending withdraw from Jan 4 (one month and 1 week ago). There is no way to fund your Purchase Balance with funds from your Main Balance. I also have $4 outstanding balance that I was trying to buy some ads with it to at least make some money worth, but I can´t transfer this money from Main Balance to Purchase Balance, I brought in 2 direct referrals for nothing.
      I advise anyone to stay away from it!

  11. I’m started to believe this is a scam PTC site. I’ve a pending withdrawal of USD$2.00 for more than 20 days, while others at forum had been pending withdrawal for more than 40 days. Sending a support ticket to admin but was deleted without any reason. Moderator at there is also unfriendly. As a conclusion, do not waste your time at there!!

    • Giorgos.K

      Yes , same here , 54 days pending withdrawal.

  12. Joao Casaca

    Right ! Definetly a scam…I have a 2 $ requested payment for alot of days now…and everyday there’s fresh big payments apearing on the payment proofs section , real or fake ? lol …i can’t get paid on an lousy 2 bucks ? thurdermore , now , we’re not even able to use our balance to be able to , at least , pay for puting ads on the site , so you’re clicking just for fun and to acumulate funds on the balance , lol…is this the way a member is suposed to remain motivated by clicking on ads and keep working on the site ? I think not ! be aware , the same thing , about using available funds , to pay for ads on the site is hapening on hirenclix aswell ! so , in this 2 sites you have to add funds from your pocket if you want to advertise , you’re not able to use the funds you acumulated on balance from your labour , dedication to the site…how motivating can this be ? not much i think…Thanks for reading.João Casaca

  13. Сергей

    Всем привет. Букс платит до 0,1$ за клик, на сайте есть русскоязычный форум, Подробнее о буксе [removed – referral links of not-recommended sites are not allowed]

  14. scam site
    dont waste your time

  15. Don’t sign up for this website! It is a scam, they won’t pay, they won’t acknowledge your “tickets” requesting help, and they will delete any forum posts you post. It is a waste of time!

  16. haroon

    quickbux.net is now turned into scam site it is not paying. i invest and upgrade membership but still pending payment issue