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Update: Warning – Zapbux and Fusebux are showing connection to Upbux, which was from the same owners of Onbux. You can see the proof on the PTC-Investiation’s Facebook page.
And here is another proof that Zapbux and Fusebux are connected. If you came here to look for information about Zapbux or Fusebux, the article below applies for both sites, site they are from the same administration of Probux.

Since the beginning of Probux, there is rumor going around that Probux is from the same owners of Upbux and Onbux, one of the biggest scams in the PTC industry. Both sites are gone and no longer online. My gut felling is telling me that it’s a site from the same owners of Onbux, and many other PTC users will tell you the same. There are few similarities between the sites, however I’ll not go into much details here, as there is no definite proof to verify these claims. But regardless of who actually owns the site, in my opinion you should use extreme caution with Probux, especially if you plan to invest/upgrade.

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Why is that so? One reason is that Probux is suspending members for random unjustified reasons. If you still didn’t get suspended, it’s very likely that when you reach a certain number of rented referrals, their behavior will be manipulated in such a way that will result in a pure loss for you. That’s how their system works. The same happened on Onbux too. Onbux users would remember. If you are a new member of Probux you may get the impression that everything seems to be going smoothly, so you may become enthusiastic about the site future and your opportunity to earn even more. That’s how bux sites lure people in. Then you may decide to upgrade your account. But the next time when you hit the cash out button, there is a high chance to get suspended for some random reason like using auto-click software or multiple accounts. If that isn’t the case, then you’ll notice how “suddenly” your RR average will drop day by day, to the point until it reaches nearly zero. No matter if you constantly recycle, thing will not change.

My suggestion would be to keep away from Probux. If you doubt what I’ve said above, go ahead and test the site. Eventually you will learn the hard way. My assumption is that Probux will end up just like Onbux. Sooner or later. Probux was placed on the Watch list because we didn’t have any solid proof that is from previous scam owner, however I don’t need proof anymore – I know it is from Onbux owners. Now after revealing the connection between Probux, Zapbux and Fusebux, all 3 sites will be moved to the Sites to Avoid list. I would not recommend to join or use any of these 3 sites, but that’s something you should decide for yourself.

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Note: Refrain from posting your probux referral links in your comments. Links to sites placed on the Sites to Avoid list are not allowed.

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Review Published: 16 Dec 2013

Review Last Updated:

We would like to hear your opinion about Probux. You are welcome to share your experience that you had with this site. Feel free to post a comment with your thoughts in the section below.

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236 comments on “Probux (Zapbux & Fusebux) – Are They Scam or Legit? | Sites to Avoid

  1. Agree, Probux became a BIG SCAM!


  2. Zapbux scam

    ZapBux, fusebux, probux is big scam PTC site. They\’re scammer, they\’re the same one admin. They scam the same time. All inactive Ref. Forum is closed.

  3. raju

    probux admin has a history of scamming. long live scam probux

  4. haider

    frnds if u have invested there ,,, then dispute the file to recover ur money …..i have invested 20 and now i have rocoverd 15 $ ……

  5. haider

    probux is scam …dont waste ur time

  6. Bernette

    I see they are still promoting themselves in other sites. Talk about trying to squeeze out that last dollar from some one. Geesh

    • Bev

      Pure scum through and through.

      • Bev

        That is Probux not you Bernette.

        • Jim

          I think she knows that, Bev. lol (Then again, it’s best to be sure there’s been no misunderstanding!)

          • Bev

            That’s what I thought Jim. Better to be safe than sorry.

            Now that’s all cleared up I was wondering what the heck are we going to talk about now? Then I realized it won’t be long before another site with “trusted admin” turns scam.

            • Dont worry Bev Theres Plenty to talk about.

              Its scam season and there are many candidates.

              • Bev

                Yes you’re right. Heading towards Christmas there’s bound to be some greedy scumbag looking for an easy way to make some money.

  7. Bev

    We are performing a small maintenance.
    This won’t take more than 48 years.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Thank you Probux for your help and consideration.

    • 123

      PRObux will close this month, ZAPbux already closed,,,,,Problems have started with FUSEbux too and will diminish by next month…..

      Happy SCAMMING

      LeAvE Them ALL …..and don’t waste your precious time on any PTC .They all are Fake.

      • haider

        u r right

    • 123

      yeahh , thank you probux for playing us for DUMM once more.
      maintenance again but now in their forum for 2 days??????
      what BULL.

      • Jim

        It’s actually more like 4 days now.

  8. Muhammad Ashraf

    Probux was good for one year now, it has become something like Scam, because, on reaching limit to withdraw money, I am having very hard problem to withdraw that amount. So beware of this scam site.

  9. Yes what a horrible site,Many people from poor countries are depending on their pay and the admin totally screws them,Argh its heartbreaking hearing the story about the mother not able to buy milk for her baby and would gladly have helped her if i wasnt banned from their forum.

    And now their forum is disabled cause admin has no more excuses,HMMM just like the forums on Fusebux and zapbux coincidence Naah i think not.

  10. Ray

    I already told to people about this scam site. But they not believe me. Their action same like Onbux and Upbux. Fuck this site!

  11. Bev

    Anybody want to help him name his next scam site.

    I will start.


    • Why not keep it simple like


      Admin dosnt really need any excuses that way,And hardly anyone would be surprised when it turns scam he he..

    • Bernette

      ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!! Now thats a good one!!!

      • Bev

        I see Govagent called Admin a motherf!@#%, not that I am a fan of the word but you have to admit


        has a certain ring to it!

    • Jim

      LOL, good one! :)

      • Bev


  12. Bernette

    It saddens me when I read in Probux forum people literally begging admin to pay up. When I wrote in the forum months ago, people attacked my character because I was against Probux. Listen, Probux, Fusebux, Zapbux and Ojooo are cut from the SAME cloth. I am sorry your all losing money with them but we ALL need to open our eyes! When a site promises gold, you can bet your bottom dollar its a scam!!!

    • Jim

      Yes, the stories on their forum sadden me too. One member is a woman who desperately needs to buy milk for her baby and she was depending on a payment from ProBux to pay for it. (She can’t breastfeed him due to an accident she had or something like that.) Thankfully, another member has promised to help her. There’s also a guy in the Philippines who needed bus fare to return to his home town which is about a 250 mile journey.

      Scammers like the ProBux admin don’t realize the very real impact their heartless actions have on people. But God is not sleeping and that admin and his cohorts will eventually come to understand that “Every valley shall be exalted and every mountain and hill made low, the crooked straight and the rough places plain.” is not just a bunch of meaningless words. They need to put things right now, while there is still time.

    • Govagent

      I know how you feel, same things happen to me to. Got banned from the motherf!@#% admin bill and monkeyboy. And those members doesn’t even know that those special discounts they offer was their last effort of taking more money from their members. Well, probably some of them know in the back of their mind but, you know…. complete ignorance -_-.

  13. Kassandra

    Probux is SCAM !!!! Not only Zapbux and Fusebux, you forgot Onbux.Still same owner, still same SCAM !!!!!!

    • Bernette

      And Ojooo as well!!

      • simyko

        hello probux is not scam I received three payments before and ojooo I received from them a day of waiting but I got.
        for those who want to register.
        [links removed - links to scam sites are not allowed]

        • Bev

          Good grief are you Probux Admin?

  14. Jim

    So tomorrow’s the 12th and everyone’s waiting for the ProBux admin to speak. Why? If you think about it, he doesn’t really need to say anything. He simply needs to ensure that what he promised in his last announcement is fulfilled. Simple as that.

    • Bev

      … and the chances of that happening is?

      • makisig

        ..and the chances of that happening is “nada’.
        You’re just being fooled around, getting ur trust while killing your 45 days chance to file dispute to pay processors. have u invisted? Dispute now b4 it’s too late.

        • Bernette

          Exactly! However, the 45 days has long past with no complaints to paypal. They have took all that money months ago out of paypal. Thats why they are claiming paypal maintenance. When I called Paypal, I was told not one person had put in a complaint about them. By then, it was too late anyways. When a site doesn’t pay, it needs to be reported immediately!! No matter what the admin says, report right away!!

        • Bev

          No never invested, knew it was a scam ages ago and said so in this forum but you know how some people are.

  15. I had said on my site Months and months ago that Probux, fusebux and Zapbux was scams. I predicted they was preparing to do a runner when they claimed a birthday coming up. Every post I made on their sites was deleted when I tried to warn people. The only way to get these guys is to fight back. I have reported them and know an investigation is being conducted into the thieves of this site. Also, anyone who continues to promote these sites are aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime. I urge everyone to remove your referral links from the good sites.

  16. Fusebux became a SCAM site. No possibility of cashout, Forum Maintenance…


    • Your advertising probux on your site. :0

  17. Semak Walling


    Truly said. I am facing Cashout and adding funds impossible for the past two months. Paypal is still under maintenance for the past two monhts and keeps extending. I also had 1800+ RR, suddenly 90% of them stopped clicking and my click rate keeps decreasing day by day. Now I am down to around 300 RR and Click Rate decreased to around 100 per day. I am also losing around 50 to 60 RR per day. At this rate I will be at a pure loss of more than $400 in a couple of days. Please avoid


    • Jim

      If those referrals were real people 90% of them wouldn’t have stopped clicking at the same time. As had been said many times before, they are bots but some members of ProBux are convinced they’re people. Some folks just don’t want to face facts.

    • khin

      same problem.

  18. Why r u tired of scam sites?…. Try this site, only surfing full day…. No referrals …No worries….. only cash….
    Thank you

  19. Adil Syed

    Right now both Zapbux and Fusebux are offline. Different domains but same error page. Strange

  20. makisig

    SECTION 10
    ARTICLE 10.5. Probux reserves the right to alter the Terms of Service and run away with members’ money at any time, in short Probux reserves the right to scam its members.

    • Bernette

      so true!

    • Jim

      Exactly! All those long-winded announcements on their forum by the admin are worthless. He’s already broken several of his promises anyway. I wonder what garbage he’ll utter on September 12.

      Unfortunately, it appears that ProBux has degenerated into a quasi-cult, with many members saying mindless junk like, “In admin we trust.” (Isn’t it supposed to be “In GOD we trust.”?) and “We believe in admin.”

      • Jim

        Have a look at the thread titled “i will go on with probux forever whether it pay me or not” in the “Everything Else” section of their forum and you’ll understand what I mean about ProBux degenerating into a quasi-cult.

      • makisig

        No, Jim those accounts I believe are all fake acounts pre-created by the admin itself. Either bots or manually done in posting comments. And I suspect the working mod accounts is handled by admin himself. Though the are some users that are idiotic until now. They dont help save this site, instead, lure more victims. Sorry for that bad word.

        • Bernette

          The accounts that post nice things are trolls for Probux!

          • makisig


            • Bev

              Yeah bro,congratz. LOL