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Note: This is not actually a review of Since I was getting many comments regarding my opinion about Probux, I decided to create this page to provide a place for discussion about This below is my personal opinion about Probux. It does not necessarily means it is true. Feel free to post a comment in the section below. Your comments will help others to learn more about this PTC program.

Update: Warning – Zapbux and Fusebux are showing connection to Upbux, which was from the same owners of Onbux. You can see the proof on the PTC-Investiation’s Facebook page.
And here is another proof that Zapbux and Fusebux are connected. If you came here to look for information about Zapbux or Fusebux, the article below applies for both sites, site they are from the same administration of Probux.

Since the beginning of Probux, there is rumor going around that Probux is from the same owners of Upbux and Onbux, one of the biggest scams in the PTC industry. Both sites are gone and no longer online. My gut felling is telling me that it’s a site from the same owners of Onbux, and many other PTC users will tell you the same. There are few similarities between the sites, however I’ll not go into much details here, as there is no definite proof to verify these claims. But regardless of who actually owns the site, in my opinion you should use extreme caution with Probux, especially if you plan to invest/upgrade.

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Why is that so? One reason is that Probux is suspending members for random unjustified reasons. If you still didn’t get suspended, it’s very likely that when you reach a certain number of rented referrals, their behavior will be manipulated in such a way that will result in a pure loss for you. That’s how their system works. The same happened on Onbux too. Onbux users would remember. If you are a new member of Probux you may get the impression that everything seems to be going smoothly, so you may become enthusiastic about the site future and your opportunity to earn even more. That’s how bux sites lure people in. Then you may decide to upgrade your account. But the next time when you hit the cash out button, there is a high chance to get suspended for some random reason like using auto-click software or multiple accounts. If that isn’t the case, then you’ll notice how “suddenly” your RR average will drop day by day, to the point until it reaches nearly zero. No matter if you constantly recycle, thing will not change.

My suggestion would be to keep away from Probux. If you doubt what I’ve said above, go ahead and test the site. Eventually you will learn the hard way. My assumption is that Probux will end up just like Onbux. Sooner or later. Probux was placed on the Watch list because we don’t have any solid proof that is from previous scam owner, however I don’t need proof anymore – I know it is from Onbux owners. Now after revealing the connection between Probux, Zapbux and Fusebux, all 3 sites will be moved to the Sites to Avoid list. I would not recommend to join or use any of these 3 sites, but that’s something you should decide for yourself.

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Note: Refrain from posting your probux referral links in your comments. Links to sites placed on the Watch list are not allowed.

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Review Published: 16 Dec 2013

Review Last Updated:

We would like to hear your opinion about Probux. You are welcome to share your experience that you had with this site. Feel free to post a comment with your thoughts in the section below.

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111 comments on “Probux (Zapbux & Fusebux) – Are They Scam or Legit? | Sites to Avoid

  1. Dear all, I used to be paid regularly by Probux. I’m a standard member but since the end of June, I tried to cashout without any success at all. The site gives 2 moments where cashouts are possible. I tried so many times at the two different moments and I got the same trouble: the site stops for a few minutes and comes back later on (message that there is no connection with the cloud). So in my opinion and not to mention the messages that will be published by the owner saying maintenance in on the way, people should be confident etc. etc. etc. ProBux is dying…

  2. it is bad ptc they are cutting down main balance and I had 20 dollars but they cutdown to o dollars they dont even provide casout

  3. prasad

    I received my payment from Probux within 2 minutes of my request on Monday 21st July 2014…….

  4. triva

    I just get payed via probux, so probux is not scam site. Here is my payment proof . If you didn’t registered yet on probux, you can do that right now and start earning some money like me

  5. yes it is a scam they keep reducing balance and no cashout and they tell some servertime bull shit

  6. arjun

    it is a scam because they keep reducing the main balance and no cashout so please be aware of this site

  7. Mimi

    2014/07/15 at 12:01 You have been paid to your paypal account! The amount paid was: $5.18.
    I have been paid every time by probux.

    Join now!!! [links to probux are not allowed]

  8. trendy01

    Thank you for this information. I am a new member in probux and been clicking ads for about 2 days already. It helps me to figure out if probux is legitimate or not.

    Do you want to earn an extra income for your other expenses? Are you a student who wants to earn while studying to have an additional allowance? Are you an unemployed and want to earn just like employed ones do? If YES, this could be a help for you.

    For more details, kindly visit

  9. I wonder whether those problems (account suspension etc.) are only of those who invested money. I have had really nasty experience with not only PTC but also adbars, traffic generators and the whole bunch of other things going on in mid 2000′s. Now as I became jobles and it doesn’t look like I will get back to work any time soon due to my condition, I started to wonder if there are any serious sites to make some living off the net just now.

    • Cristian

      Yes, I have something to share with you. Where can I reach you at?

  10. Now is there any way to contract them…i am member of probux over 1 year++
    but yesterday they suspend my account .
    fist I request payout…in server time…they shows money is send…but when i came in my payza account there i found no money…then again i login in my probux account and found your account is suspended.

    • nobody

      an excuse not to pay you my friend – probux has finally become the scam it always was.

      • PTCCentral

        You must be logged in to contact them, but even if you contact them, I doubt that will change a thing, since they are suspending users without a valid reason. They have been doing that all the time.

  11. nobody

    i dont understand the excuse of limiting all payouts – like they are going bankrupt .
    and on top of all recent problems probux is having people still invest lots of money but later complain that they dont get paid ??
    for me it was 100% profitable while it lasted because i never invested any money.
    but now i have to say bye bye probux cause my online income must keep flowing and cannot be stopped by messages like messages
    /The daily limit for transfers today has been exceeded. Please try again at 00:00 or 12:00 server time – yeah f k you to probux

  12. Infinity04

    Im trying to cashout here and it always say: “The daily limit for transfers today has been exceeded. Please try again at 00:00 or 12:00 server time.” seriously im doing this for a week and no luck. If this still persist im done with it and mark it as total SCAM

  13. Still testing the site whether it’s legitimate. Will try a cashout at the end of this month and see if they still send instant payments.

  14. noname

    Dear Admin,
    Can you please let us know the reason to put probux in site to avoid list after so many days putting it in watch list.
    Thank you

    • PTCCentral

      The reason is stated in the article above:

      “Probux was placed on the Watch list because we don’t have any solid proof that is from previous scam owner, however I don’t need proof anymore – I know it is from Onbux owners. Now after revealing the connection between Probux, Zapbux and Fusebux, all 3 sites will be moved to the Sites to Avoid list. I would not recommend to join or use any of these 3 sites, but that’s something you should decide for yourself.”

      • noname

        Thanks for clearing. But I think there is some error in your website. Coz I can’t find this reason mention in the article above. I try clear cache here, but also same. So you check it by using other’s computer.

        • PTCCentral

          Hmm, all working fine on mine end. That text is located at the end of the review, not at the top, if you are not seeing it, can you please send me a screenshot of the article so I could see how it appears for you?

  15. xViP

    Is currently down.

  16. f*** probux

    I can not cashout, then I banned on charges of using autocliker me when I have never done it with autocliker.

    probux scam scam admins f*** you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Great review I always have doubts abot these PTC sites or others that pay to view ads. Had one go boom on me called cash gopher just surf the net ads appear automatically and you get paid nicely when you acheive couple 1000 referrals. Anyway ty very much. It’s scam that is going to happen thats all it is. IF anyone of you reading this truly want to make huge money hit me up I guarantee you make money if not i pay you cash!