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Update: All 3 sites, Probux, Zapbux and Fusebux stopped paying over 2 months ago. Supposedly they are “preforming” API maintenance, similarly as Onbux just before they closed down. The Probux forum is under “maintenance” as well, while on Zapbux and Fusebux the forum posting is disabled. All 3 sites are scams, owned by same administration, the warnings were posted in the article below long time ago.

Update: Warning – Zapbux and Fusebux are showing connection to Upbux, which was from the same owners of Onbux. You can see the proof on the PTC-Investiation’s Facebook page.
And here is another proof that Zapbux and Fusebux are connected. If you came here to look for information about Zapbux or Fusebux, the article below applies for both sites, since they are from the same administration of Probux.

Probux is scam owned by previous scammer

Since the beginning of Probux, there is rumor going around that Probux is from the same owners of Upbux and Onbux, one of the biggest scams in the PTC industry. Both sites are gone and no longer online. My gut felling is telling me that it’s a site from the same owners of Onbux, and many other PTC users will tell you the same. There are few similarities between the sites, however I’ll not go into much details here, as there is no definite proof to verify these claims. But regardless of who actually owns the site, in my opinion you should use extreme caution with Probux, especially if you plan to invest/upgrade.

Why is that so? One reason is that Probux is suspending members for random unjustified reasons. If you still didn’t get suspended, it’s very likely that when you reach a certain number of rented referrals, their behavior will be manipulated in such a way that will result in a pure loss for you. That’s how their system works. The same happened on Onbux too. Onbux users would remember. If you are a new member of Probux you may get the impression that everything seems to be going smoothly, so you may become enthusiastic about the site future and your opportunity to earn even more. That’s how bux sites lure people in. Then you may decide to upgrade your account. But the next time when you hit the cash out button, there is a high chance to get suspended for some random reason like using auto-click software or multiple accounts. If that isn’t the case, then you’ll notice how “suddenly” your RR average will drop day by day, to the point until it reaches nearly zero. No matter if you constantly recycle, things will not change.

My suggestion would be to keep away from Probux. If you doubt what I’ve said above, go ahead and test the site. Eventually you will learn the hard way. My assumption is that Probux will end up just like Onbux. Sooner or later. Probux was placed on the Watch list because we didn’t have any solid proof that is from previous scam owner, however I don’t need proof anymore – I know it is from Onbux owners. Now after revealing the connection between Probux, Zapbux and Fusebux, all 3 sites will be moved to the Not Recommended list. I would not recommend to join or use any of these 3 sites, but that’s something you should decide for yourself.

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Review Published: 16 Dec 2013

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289 comments on “Probux (Zapbux & Fusebux) – Are They Scam or Legit? | Sites to Avoid

  1. The greatest scams of all time.What is the biggest scam in human history?
    -Probux- The best scam for 2016.100% Tested, Satisfaction guaranteed!!!

  2. PROBUX IS SCAM, they have canceled my account.

  3. Tarun

    Thank you a lot.Finally I found You.I will inform my friends on Facebook.
    They will also much more benefited for your blog.

  4. Some months ago I was to join Probux, but after reading this post I have decided not to waste my time on it and I think it was a right decision because the site is don now.

  5. Zapbux & Fusebux scam

  6. dds this is a new site starts now not to pay the cash. I have earned the minimum pay out and (usd5) request it to pay but then they suspended my account and no were to find the reason even. so pls be alert. this is a another scam site. pls inform all.

  7. Suriansyah

    Yes, Probux is scam site, avoid to register to this site.

  8. vaitri


    IF U WANT PROOF SEE THIS its 29th november 2014

  9. sashi kumar


  10. Elle

    Today is back online but I could not login with my former login data. Access is not granted.

  11. plzz tell me
    how many days work probux zap bux and fuse bux 😛

  12. Alejandro Casal

    Probux is SCAM, they are not paying, a lot of people (included me) were cheated by them. I found another different way to earn money online, typing captchas, and they have referal system too. I proved it by two weeks, and they are paying punctually, each time you reach 3 $ in you account. This is the link:

  13. For quite some time I believed that probux is going to get back to its previous “glory” when it used to pay the users, unfortunetelly I was wrong and it seems that you were all right from the very beginning. Now I know where to look for some information BEFORE I invest my money. Just to make sure I won’t loose a few hundrets like I did on pro(con)bux/

  14. Alex

    Yup, I don’t know what you people think. I invested 100$ in probux, but I’m not gonna come back to click there. It is a waste of time, and you can see enough established and legit sites here to invest your time and money. I don’t say they can’t turn to scam one day, but for now they are better than probux/fusebux/zapbux for one simple reason – they pay.

  15. matrace

    PROBUX Admin is criminal. Be Careful, every you click the ad, your account will be -$0.001 or -$0,01. If you still spread this site, you will become criminal too !

  16. Zemanzu

    Wow just Wow…I can’t believe people still got hopes or believe in Probux or his other scam PTC sites or the admin/Scammer admin, you guys should really open your eyes about whats going on…PTCCentral already declared they are a scam site and told you guys about the scammer admin,and you guys still believe and are still waiting for a cashout or maybe even start clicking again?? :/

    • Bev

      I know exactly what you mean Zemanzu.

  17. I am able to open probux again. Now I am in a dilemma whether to continue clicking or not.

    • i like cookies.

      Don’t. Their payments will still be permanently off because it seems like that’s the kind of shady people they are so it’s literally just a waste of time now.

    • panos

      No Pay = No Play. This is the correct strategy for these guys.

    • yeah! probux opens, cash out is at 0.00, 06.00, 12.00, 18.00 hours, can you really cash out at the various time horizons around???