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Note: This is not actually a review of Since I was getting many comments regarding my opinion about Probux, I decided to create this page to provide a place for discussion about This below is my personal opinion about Probux. It does not necessarily means it is true. Feel free to post a comment in the section below. Your comments will help others to learn more about this PTC program.

Update: Warning – Zapbux and Fusebux are showing connection to Upbux, which was from the same owners of Onbux. You can see the proof on the PTC-Investiation’s Facebook page.
And here is another proof that Zapbux and Fusebux are connected. If you came here to look for information about Zapbux or Fusebux, the article below applies for both sites, site they are from the same administration of Probux.

Since the beginning of Probux, there is rumor going around that Probux is from the same owners of Upbux and Onbux, one of the biggest scams in the PTC industry. Both sites are gone and no longer online. My gut felling is telling me that it’s a site from the same owners of Onbux, and many other PTC users will tell you the same. There are few similarities between the sites, however I’ll not go into much details here, as there is no definite proof to verify these claims. But regardless of who actually owns the site, in my opinion you should use extreme caution with Probux, especially if you plan to invest/upgrade.

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Why is that so? One reason is that Probux is suspending members for random unjustified reasons. If you still didn’t get suspended, it’s very likely that when you reach a certain number of rented referrals, their behavior will be manipulated in such a way that will result in a pure loss for you. That’s how their system works. The same happened on Onbux too. Onbux users would remember. If you are a new member of Probux you may get the impression that everything seems to be going smoothly, so you may become enthusiastic about the site future and your opportunity to earn even more. That’s how bux sites lure people in. Then you may decide to upgrade your account. But the next time when you hit the cash out button, there is a high chance to get suspended for some random reason like using auto-click software or multiple accounts. If that isn’t the case, then you’ll notice how “suddenly” your RR average will drop day by day, to the point until it reaches nearly zero. No matter if you constantly recycle, thing will not change.

My suggestion would be to keep away from Probux. If you doubt what I’ve said above, go ahead and test the site. Eventually you will learn the hard way. My assumption is that Probux will end up just like Onbux. Sooner or later. Probux was placed on the Watch list because we don’t have any solid proof that is from previous scam owner, however I don’t need proof anymore – I know it is from Onbux owners. Now after revealing the connection between Probux, Zapbux and Fusebux, all 3 sites will be moved to the Sites to Avoid list. I would not recommend to join or use any of these 3 sites, but that’s something you should decide for yourself.

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Note: Refrain from posting your probux referral links in your comments. Links to sites placed on the Watch list are not allowed.


Review Published: 16 Dec 2013

Review Last Updated:

We would like to hear your opinion about Probux. You are welcome to share your experience that you had with this site. Feel free to post a comment with your thoughts in the section below.

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134 comments on “Probux (Zapbux & Fusebux) – Are They Scam or Legit? | Sites to Avoid

  1. Nothing

    Ptc-investivation who always gets paid 137 times from probux is a paid broker of probux. Because it deletes all negative but true posts-about-probux.

    • PTCCentral

      The new admin of is not reliable, you can find the original owner on Facebook, they have declared Probux scam since the beginning.

  2. Nothing

    Probux scammed milions of people before in many ptc sites. He is very tricky scamming. Its our turn we will chase probux owner’s [profanity].

  3. Nancy Guevarra

    Probux 100% scam i’d been trying to cash out for a month now and The daily limit for transfers today has been exceeded.
    Please try again at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, or 18:00 server time.i even waited patiently for that time and when it arrived i tried to cash out again and nothing happened. sorry to say you are wasting time on this SCAM SITE. at least i am only a standard member and i never planned to invest on such a site.

  4. john

    Probux is a scam. You cannot cash out, they give you silly excuses and when its time to cash out they block you. its disgusting. I tried to cashout for a month bnow. Impossible. Its a scum. stay away

  5. Sidwili

    I used not to believe it but learnt the hard way,i lost $10 from the scam site,i rented refferals and in just one week i made $6,so i tried cashing out,which displayed that it was successfully transfered to my payza and my main balance deducted to $0.00 .so when i opened up my payza account,there was nothing in my account,not even payment history.i tried sending support ticket several times for weeks,there was no reply,and when i tried to ask from the forum,i was banned.I stopped wasting my time there,anybody who claims that they got paid is liar probably one his friends trying to con other people to still think that probux pays,if they cant pay a mere $5,then they must be in big trouble,I am not deciding,I am saying what happened to me.Stay away from probux,zapbux and fusebux,ptc investigations on facebook and ptc central don’t lie.If you listen,save yourself and dont invest in that scammer site even though it kind of protected,the padlock sign means nothing now.

  6. alex

    Probux – f scam !!

  7. I made a small cash out from fusebux. After that all my 70 RR stopped clicking. It’s ok as long as you invest money. But the moment you cash out, then you will come to know they are the real fraud. Same with zapbux.

  8. Cris

    I cash out my balances in Probux and they say it was successfully transfer in my paypal account, Im disappointed because my balance gotten zero but no cash transfer at all. I submitted a support ticket but no response at all.

    • Bev

      Lots of people are complaining about this in the forum Cris.
      The end of Probux is just around the corner, I would say about the end of the month perhaps on 28th.

  9. Ray

    Well. For your information, a lof of member not getting their payment recently. You can look at their forum. why you need to cash out at 0.00,6.00,12.00 and 18.00 server time after 60 second you can’t cash out anymore. Why they not give you chance to cash out 1 hour. But give you chance to cash out only 60 second. So, probux now going t o scam site. You should be carefull!

    • john

      you are probably working for Probux. scummer. I tried that. did not work. its just a trick. you can wait forever you will not get any money out of them believe me

  10. shkelz

    Probux is a SCAM !!! when I reached 1$ they dont let me watch ads anymore I cant even get in the forum , all I can do is just login in my account and thats all . Also when I writte them in twitter they just delete my tweets , so its a SCAMMM for sure !!!!!!!

  11. Nothing

    Scamers live in internet. Because no police here to arrest them. Money making dream ended here with the ending of clicking in probux. Once thought probux is the last legit but actually all ptcs r scam. Try find real work to live on.

    • PTCCentral

      Probux is not a legit site, since it is ran by previous scammers. On the other hand, there are genuine PTC sites out there, that have been paying for years without issues. So not all PTC sites are scams, however PTC sites are not money making machines, and people shouldn’t expect getting rich by using PTC websites.

  12. Nothing

    Probux sent my 2nd cashout money on 2-8-14 but stil not received. Sent them a support stil not responding. Refs r quite lazy clicking n r autorecycled with dead refs. SCAM!!

  13. Tung

    Probux is absolutely scam. I have to tried cashout many many times at the time Probux suggested. I alway get error “The daily limit for transfers today has been exceeded. Please try again at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, or 18:00 server time.”

    • john

      exactly. its just a trick not to pay you. They are scum scum scum.

  14. Khoven

    I received another payment of 23.33$ trough paypal(two payments in total) today but as already described in the review I had 1000+ RR and in two weeks they have dropped to 300 with autopay set do not invest in this scam!

  15. teodor63 is a site who does not paying.After cashout,this site sayes that have send money from Payza but the money have not received.Payza not confirmed.

  16. Bev

    Thank you Ray for that info, here is the link that I think you are talking about.

    People who still believe in this site, you REALLY do need to read this.
    Brief paypal maintenance, I wonder what they call long?
    Basically a crock of sh*t.

    What could their 2nd birthday surprise be? Bye bye all, thanks for your money, we are now working on our next scam site join now.

    People who are new to the PTC world, always come here. PTCCentral will have the latest news for suspicious activities on sites, there are plenty of comments “not a scam” “it is a scam” whatever you believe you now have some idea on how these sites suck you in.

    • Ratsak

      still getting paid , I guess I am one of the lucky ones , Probux is my 3rd highest paying site after Clixsense and Ayuwage , so I excuse me if I disagree with all your crap about Probux for the time being ….a site is not a scam if you still get paid from it

  17. Ray

    You are all must be carefull! Probux has stop paying now. No payment on 28 july and 29 july at their forum.

  18. Dear all, I used to be paid regularly by Probux. I’m a standard member but since the end of June, I tried to cashout without any success at all. The site gives 2 moments where cashouts are possible. I tried so many times at the two different moments and I got the same trouble: the site stops for a few minutes and comes back later on (message that there is no connection with the cloud). So in my opinion and not to mention the messages that will be published by the owner saying maintenance in on the way, people should be confident etc. etc. etc. ProBux is dying…

  19. it is bad ptc they are cutting down main balance and I had 20 dollars but they cutdown to o dollars they dont even provide casout

  20. prasad

    I received my payment from Probux within 2 minutes of my request on Monday 21st July 2014…….