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scam ptc program status badge is new site from the owner of other scam sites such as Cashbux, Quickbux, Exchangebux, Facebookclix, Clixzone, and he is responsible for the closed scam sites, and Platinaclix is just another scam in the making, a dubious program owned and managed by scammer, therefore it will be added to the Not Recommended list.

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Reasons why you should avoid using

Owned by a Scammer – As said earlier, Platinaclix is owned by previous scammer involved into a lot of scam PTC sites and here are the proofs. Let’s start with the welcome message (copied from other PTC site). The welcome message is the same on Platinabux and platinaclix and cashbux same welcome message

Transfer from account balance to purchase balance on the sites managed by this admin is not possible. Of course he wants you to deposit your own money instead of making purchases with the money earned on the site. What’s important here is that the admin is using the same words, same phrase when someone asks him about that, as you can see on the screenshot below, taken from the Platinaclix and Cashbux forums. Meaning this is the same person, using the same message, word by word.

The deposit limit for Paypal is also the same on all sites owned by this admin, minimum $2 and maximum $20. Coincidence? I don’t think so. (click on the image to enlarge it)

There is an admin’s self-sponsored ad on Cashbux for Platinaclix. Of course without referral link. Why would someone promote a site without referral link? It doesn’t make sense. But it makes sense when you know that both sites are owned by the same admin and he is promoting his new site on the older site. He doesn’t need referral link for promoting his own site.

The same admin also owns, a scam that was closed about year ago. Now he is preparing to relaunch it again, as he did with which was closed then relaunched and currently scamming its members. Excellentbux is still under construction, but they have the main features installed on the site, including the grid game under the name “Platina Grid”. Why would you name the game Platina grid, it should be Excellent Grid or something similar. Unless you are the owner of Platinaclix and you have already named the game Platinagrid on, or maybe you got confused in the process of managing 6 sites and put the name of the game on the wrong site. Review – Summary

I think these proofs are enough to reveal the connection between Platinaclix and this scammer admin, I have even more proofs but I’ll not disclose them now, he may see those proofs and he might try to avoid the same mistakes in future, and probably it will be harder for me to detect his next scam project. And one more thing, in the welcome message he introduced himself as Matt from Ireland, but he is lying, his name is Jozsef and he is not from Ireland, but Hungary. A native English speaker wouldn’t have such a poor English. I mean why would you lie about who you are if you have honest intentions? If you are reliable and honest admin why you wouldn’t say that you own 5 other sites? You know why? Because he knows that people don’t trust scammers like him. That’s why he have to hide his bad history when opening new sites so he could continue with his scamming tactic. To sum things up, Platinaclix is owned by previous scammer and it is just another scam in the making, therefore it will be placed on the Not Recommended list. Keep away from it.

Review Published: 27 Oct 2014

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12 comments on “PlatinaClix ( Review – Owned By Scammer | Site to Avoid

  1. frandelmo

    platinaclix son unos malditos estafadores

  2. yes it is a scam site if you want to earn easy money from bitcoin visit

  3. hello, and ‘nancy was until I came to withdrawals of $ 30, immediately
    after a stopped paying !!! I 3 withdrawal requests locked and no one would answer ….. SCAM-SCAM-SCAM

  4. nadhmi

    / is very scam dont pay

  5. Tony

    I don’t know from where you get this information but from the date I have registered I rent referrals and upgraded my account and everything is fine corresponding with the rules of the site/forum. Admin and Moderator is responsive and I don’t have any doubt’s about that and everything is explained in the forum. Pictures that accuse that is the same Admin on more PTC sites it doesn’t have to take it that way because we all know that evolution script can be sell and somebody else can use it and modify it for his own purpose (leave the same fonts,change the name and so on…) so it doesn’t mean that is the same Admin that is nonsense. Join, Click, Invest and Earn you will know what I’m talking about. If you don’t believe me that is your own decision or someone else is making you go blind about the site. I’m working with CPA,PPD and now PTC sites I’m over 4 years in different profit companies and have experience in this things.
    You want proof of payments here you are:

    If want to join use referral link:

    Go to the forum and see not only mine all payments of proof! Then judge what is right or wrong.

    Best Regards to ptccentral

    • Baig

      Hi tony, I am member of platinaclix from one month, I have submitted two withdrawal requests and have passed two weeks and no reply nor paid. so what we should say honest, respectable. No nothing it is a Scammer. this is what you claimed above about him. I don’t know from where you gatherd payment proofs. this is beginning you will see a lot off complaints about scammed behavior.

    • frandelmo

      si son estafadores tengo tiempo esperando pago y nada y eso que inverti

  6. amount not transfer why

  7. josep

    Gracias admin, yo tengo pedidos en las tres ptc y no e cobrado, a si que creo que no llegare a cobrar por lo que acabo de leer

    • Giovanny Valbuena

      No vas a cobrar si no inviertes al menos los 3$ como mínimo y sin embargo el pago se va a tardar si no eres premium, el pago con una cuenta standard se va a tardar unos 2 días y tienes que invertir

  8. Thank you admin..sometimes too late hungry ptc come out daily..I no lost here but tried of scam..

    • hello, and ‘nancy was until I came to withdrawals of $ 30, immediately
      after a stopped paying !!! I 3 withdrawal requests locked and no one would answer …..SCAMMMMM