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This is the Not recommended list. Previously we called it the Sites to Avoid list, now we are renaming it into Not Recommended list since we think it is more appropriate term for the sites we do not recommend. Here you can find mostly active non-paying scam sites, and under the failed sites category – improperly closed PTC sites that didn’t pay off the debt to members. If a site is placed on this list, it means we do not recommend that program due to the reasons described in the review of that site. The vast majority of sites listed here are scams, although you may find some sites that didn’t have intention to scam, however we do not recommend them due to some serious issues (long payout delays, selective payments, suspending users without a reason, resetting balances, associated with other scam sites etc). A site will go on this list due to the following reasons:

  1. Stops paying
  2. Site is paying selectively
  3. Site is abandoned
  4. Site is connected with other scam site, managed by admin responsible for other scam sites
  5. Resetting/converting balances/referrals without valid reason and without compensation/refunds for members
  6. There are drastic changes to payout policy (e.g minimum payout increased to $50 or so)
  7. Site is suspending users without a valid reason
  8. Site is offline for more than 7 days without any update
  9. There are other important unresolved issues

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Before asking about sites please search for the specific sites using the search button below.


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1,003 comments on “Not Recommended List

  1. carlena harned

    Practical post . my friend earlier this week learned about to arrange pdf ! It’s comparatively efficient to apply and it’s practically peanuts – I received notice that they are giving a free promotion currently

  2. Clementh Martin Baroi

    Please provide reviews for the ptc sites clixblue and buxvertise

  3. I would stay away from Feclix, many people complained to me about not being paid by them.

  4. S.T.Bhagyalakshmi

    Yougetprofit was told to be genuine sit by somebody, here only.I clicked up to $2.55.They have put that out is $2. When I asked them to pay they are telling “please give all details.”Like this they are not giving correct answers.
    So many days I worked and now they are giving meaningless answers. I doubt very much.I don’t know how somebody has given positive comments about Yougetprofit.

  5. neobux is one of the best ptc site is also called king of ptc site
    here you can earn 100$ a day
    it is one of the trusted and legit ptc site and pay its costumer instantly
    but i will never suggest to get rented referrals work for direct referrals and you can earn passive income without any extra take my words u can join this site without thinking twice

  6. Van

    Scam sites

    adzprox (suspicious)
    anaclix (not pay me)
    clickmoneymaker (suspicious)
    Coinofferwall (suspicious – no forum)
    crisclix (suspicious – no forum)
    clixbitero (suspicious same adming senseclix)
    egobux (malware, site virus)
    fastptctraffic (suspicious – no forum)
    gentleadzs (NO PAY)
    godptc (no pay)
    hashapple (no forum)
    justadey (suspicious)
    le-ptc (suspicious)
    lazybux (suspicious)
    likesclick (no forum)
    linelife (pending)
    megadcash (fake payment)
    mibux (no forum)
    mxrevshare (no forum)
    ptchub (no forum, no payment proof)
    randomadz (no forum, no payment proof)
    rewbux (suspicious – no forum)
    trafficsec (no forum)
    trafficusd (no forum, no payment proof)
    vertiseinc (not paying)
    zinbux (suspicious – some people not received payment in paypal account)P

  7. Ashley

    would very much like a review of registered company that seems very hot nowadays..I wonder how ptccentral would review it.

  8. jayashree

    innocurrent is a scam. my account is suspended saying that i abused an advertisement[note that my payment was pending for 10 days]

  9. Ozan Cenker

    You are missing one of the most legit ptc sites out there. ! It has paid over $2 million to its members until now. I received nearly $18k via paypal in 2 years. I think it would be unfair not to add that site on your list.

  10. Mr X

    GODPTC.COM ?? No review ?? Good ?? Bad ?? Evil ?? Please do your spying & investigation Admin, thanks.

    • GOD PTC is a 100% SCAM site, they just paid 2 payments and later they are not paid anything. And while I am asking for my payout after 10days of waiting time the admin simply disabled me to post in the forum. Support tickets not attending form 1st of September 2016. After banning me on the site he simply shown in his payment proofs section that he had paid $310 to me without paying. Here is the proof of scam.

      Even you can check lot of members are asking for payments in the forum and admin is deleting every post.

  11. Luisa

    QBITBUX is SCAM!!! Be careful. They do not pay. I am waiting for my payment a ling time ago!

  12. Luisa

    Otra PTC que no paga es QBITBUX. Cuando les mandé un ticket, me respondieron que tenía que esperar un mes para el pago!! Mucho cuidado. No inviertan un centavo en eso

    • henry

      hola luisa, de casualidad no sabes si godptc paso a ser scam?

      • Luisa

        Hola, Henry
        Hace rato godptc es scam, lo mismo que earningclix

  13. mangesh belorkar

    What@ following site?

    I am not getting paid by this site quoting some or other reason.
    Reviews are very negative.
    please investigate and display your report.

  14. crisclix , last payment on jun 11 , no Admin reply

  15. Hameed

    This is a website :

    It’s not listed in your site.

    So please check this website, it is Legit !

  16. Will you be doing a review of Phoenix Power Rising?