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This is the Not recommended list. Previously we called it the Sites to Avoid list, now we are renaming it into Not Recommended list since we think it is more appropriate term for the sites we do not recommend. Here you can find mostly active non-paying scam sites, and under the failed sites category – improperly closed PTC sites that didn’t pay off the debt to members. If a site is placed on this list, it means we do not recommend that program due to the reasons described in the review of that site. The vast majority of sites listed here are scams, although you may find some sites that didn’t have intention to scam, however we do not recommend them due to some serious issues (long payout delays, selective payments, suspending users without a reason, resetting balances, associated with other scam sites etc). A site will go on this list due to the following reasons:

  1. Stops paying
  2. Site is paying selectively
  3. Site is abandoned
  4. Site is connected with other scam site, managed by admin responsible for other scam sites
  5. Resetting/converting balances/referrals without valid reason and without compensation/refunds for members
  6. There are drastic changes to payout policy (e.g minimum payout increased to $50 or so)
  7. Site is suspending users without a valid reason
  8. Site is offline for more than 7 days without any update
  9. There are other important unresolved issues

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1,041 comments on “Not Recommended List

  1. Evan

    Cliquesteria and Uniclique need to be added to the list… its admin is the same scammer who is admin of Cliquebook (and other failed PTC/BUX sites).

    I got suspended from Cliquebook for simply asking the forum why its taken over a month for my requested payment to still be pending.

  2. What do you think about Ptc Groups?

  3. Rayna Chakarova

    PaypalBux has banned many accounts without any reason saying “for violating the TOS” but it’s not a real cause. I have simply asked where are the Fixed Ads and I was immediately banned. Instead of replying the support tickets, they are deleted them. Very often the users cancel their claims of cashout after waiting more than a month and reclaim them after the requirement of a higher amount for claiming and so…. The team does not allow the deleting of the accounts even after the required term of nonactivity. I think they know how to profit of the nonpaid funds of the abandoned accounts. Here is my withdrawals story:
    Sep 30 2017 12:43:51 AM $4.00 Pending (not yet paid and the support ticket deleted)
    Aug 25 2017 02:29:40 AM $2.12 Cancelled (I made it after waiting more than a month)

  4. Andre You guys need to see this, lol. This is got to be the best cryptocurrency ever!

    • Sam

      Wow now there is a currency in His name. He who denounced everything material. What an irony.

  5. sagar

    Arobux not in the failed list

  6. S.T.Bhagyalakshmi

    Enclix and sitecoin- are legit?

    • Both owned by the same scammers as ProBux, FuseBux, KayAds and more.

  7. is scam

  8. Sam

    Dear Admin I would like to thank you for this site, this is a very informative site. Hope I would have known about the site earlier, I had once invested a lot of my time and hopes on scam sites like “buxptr” etc. back in 2005 – 2006. I now recommend youngsters and part timers to have a look at ptccentral before enrolling in any internet related PTR and PTC business. Thanks again admin, Thanks a ton.

  9. Joey – scam! Deleted my profile after I requested a payment. Stay away from it.

  10. sonia no paypal now only payza….wow
    but i think survive even with the paypal back!!!
    ps smart admin if see cant handle without paypal they bring back!!