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Update March 19: Nerdbux has been sold given away to Jeffrey Johnson, an admin notorious for running a dozens of non-paying scam sites. One more reason why you should avoid Nerdbux. I doubt things will get back to normal. Nerdbux will remain on the Sites to Avoid list.

Update March 17: Moved from the Watch List to the Sites to Avoid list. Nerdbux is suspending users without a valid reason and just for asking legitimate questions or raising concerns on their forum. On top of that, the daily payout limit is still in place, and it has been almost 2 months since the limit has been implemented. It is obvious that Nerdbux is in big debt. It seems they didn’t learned the lesson and they are still offering those substantial advertising discounts which are the primary reason for their cashflow issues. They can’t afford to pay all members, thus they are playing dirty and making up excuses for the problems created by themselves.

Update February 01: As a precaution, we are moving Nerdbux from the New Sites list to the Watch list. The daily cash out limit is still in place, 12 days after the changes. As per the rules of the Watch list, any site that implements daily cash out limit will be moved on the Watch list.


NerdBux Review – Description:

Nerdbux is Paid to Click program, launched on 28 June 2013 by the internet advertising company TimTech LLC from the USA. Initially Nerdbux was placed on the New Sites list, then moved to the Watch list due to payout issues and later to the Sites to Avoid list. Shortly after that, Nerdbux was given away to Jeffrey Johnson for the USA. The new admin have a history of running a lot of scam sites, therefore Nerdbux will remain on the Sites to Avoid list.

Reasons why you should stay away from

Scam Site Owner – After Nerdbux turned into scam under the Timtech management, it was sold to Jeffrey Johnson, a person responsible for over a hundred scam PTC sites. This guy owns too many useless sites (from members perspective). His websites are nothing more than a waste of web space. I wouldn’t expect it will be different with Nerdbux. If you are still using Nerdbux, prepare yourself for some new restrictive payout rules and ridiculous excuses. I would advise to leave Nerdbux. Don’t waste your time and effort on a site managed by Jeffrey Johnson. He doesn’t own a single legit site.

Daily Payout Limit – The Nerdbux administration said (lied) that the payout limit has been removed, however still there are cash out issues at Nerdbux. Payments are occasionally enabled at random intervals during the day. Most of the time people are still getting the message “We’ve reached the daily payout limit, please try again tomorrow.” The daily payout limit was implemented on January 20, and apparently is not removed yet. The amount is not specified and vary from day to day. If the limit for the day have been reached, you will not be able to request payout for that day and you will have to try the next day. There are people that have been trying to cashout for weeks without success.

Account Suspensions – Many users who were voicing their opinions (expressing doubts, dissatisfaction from the service etc) got banned. Later they started to ban people for posting legitimate questions and concerns on their forum. And now we are receiving complaints that they randomly ban members without a valid reason. There are complaints regarding this issue all over the internet. Funny thing is that they are asking members to contact them if they got banned, but their Support system is not available to non-logged in users. This is a quote from Jon Olson on their forum:
nerdbux quote
But the support page for non-members is redirecting to the homepage. So there is no way to contact them regarding those suspensions. I believe they did this on purpose, the PTC Evolution script have option to turn off the support system for unregistered members (including the banned ones).
ptcevo support settings

Rented Referrals Controversy – We have received a lot of complaints about the Nerdbux rented referrals system. It has been reported by members that their rented referrals behave in a way which is apparently controlled by the site and it’s quite difficult to make profit from renting referrals. From our experience, in 99% of the cases, PTC-Evolution sites will rent out bots and will manipulate their performance. Which is why we don’t recommend renting on any PTC site, as we believe it’s not worth the gamble, but that’s something you should decide for yourself. If you decide to use the rented referral system, be sure to read this admin’s post on their forum (read between the lines).

Non Responsive Support – It appears that many support tickets regarding payout issues are closed without replying, as reported on their forum and other places over the web. For instance, some members had their payment requests returned in account balance, supposedly due to script error, but there is no announcement regarding this on their forum and moreover tickets opened for this issue are being closed without replying to members concerns. No wonder there is mostly negative feedback about Nerdbux lately.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates
  • Script: PTC Evolution
  • Owner: Jeffrey Johnson (USA); old owner – TimTech LLC (USA)
nerdbux terms of servicenerdbux frequently asked questions
  • March 18, 2014 – Site sold to Jeffrey Johnson.
  • March 17, 2014 – Moved to the Sites to Avoid list.
  • February 01, 2014 – Moved to the Watch list due to cash out issues.
  • January 20, 2014 – Changes implemented at Nerdbux:
    – Reduced the max number of Rented Referrals for upgraded members to 2,000
    – Reduced the max number of Direct Referrals for upgraded members to 200
    – Reduced the max number of Direct Referrals for free members to 100
    – Reduced the amount free members earn per referral click to 30%
    – Added a cap to the amount of money the membership can withdraw a day
    – Time period between renting referrals for all membership levels is now 7 days
    – Time period between cashout for upgraded members is now 5 days
    – Time period between cashout for free members is now 10 days
  • January 6, 2014 – Payza is available again.
  • December 4, 2013 – Payza removed because Payza is no longer accessible to members in the USA.
  • August 8, 2013 – Trial Pay Offer wall added.
  • August 2, 2013 – Offer Walls added and Nerdbucks introduced.
  • July 30, 2013 – Payout policy update – from now on payments will be processed instantly.
  • July 17, 2013 – Micro Jobs (PTSU offers) added.
  • July 8, 2013 – Review published, site added to the New Sites List.

NerdBux Review – Bottom Line:

Nerdbux is in big decline for the last 2 months. There has been a lot of changes to the program. There was daily payout limit in place, many members couldn’t request payout although they have been trying for weeks. Moreover, Nerdbux started to ban people without a valid reason. Nerdbux has been moved to the Sites to Avoid list due to the reasons described above in the “Downsides” part of the review. Shortly after that, Nerdbux was give away to Jeffrey Johnson, an admin responsible for a dozens of non-paying scam sites. One more reason why you should keep away from Nerdbux. Don’t forget that Nerdbux turned scam under Timtech management. I would not recommend any existing or future programs owned by Timtech.

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Review Published: 8 Jul 2013

Review Last Updated: 19 Mar 2014

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252 comments on “NerdBux Review – Is it a Legit Program? | Site to Avoid

  1. anil

    may i know about gpt network

  2. Phyllis Hunt

    Try clicking on a NERDBUX link and it will say not found. That’s what happened when I tried to get into the site today. When I clicked on the link yesterday, it kept taking me to another site run by Jjohnson called clix4 cents. So, I guess NERDBUX is gone for good.

    • sithara

      hi im sithara..plz tell me how many days go nerdbux withdrout money?

  3. davey

    nerdbux is a true skunk of a site now, i spent a little cash on there but never received anything back, truly scam site.
    luckily i still have [link removed]
    been getting paid there regularly.

    • George

      Nerdbux is no longer owned by TimTech. They sold it to the new owners. The new owner is Jeffrey Johnson, he is s notorious ptc scammer and should be avoided at all cost.

      • Nick

        They never sold it. They gave it to JJ as long as he agreed to take the flack for it instead of Timtech. They even told him to zero out the amount of money owed and told him it was much less than it was.

  4. Phyllis Hunt

    No one should use NERDBUX. I joined last year. I did ok for a good while, but things have gone totally downhill. Johnson has been busy deleting “inactive users”. Which means he is just deleting accounts as he wants. I haven’t been able to log into my account for a week now. The whole site is in shambles. The forum is closed right now, you can’t comment on anything and it looks like any posts that had replies have been deleted. I requested payment over a month ago and never got it. Johnson said in one post that he is in no hurry to pay “ungrateful” members, and he said he can wait up to 60 days to pay. Too bad this was a good site, but Tim tech messed it up by lying and scamming members, and then selling the site they messed up to a known scammer. What goes around comes around.

  5. California,U.S.A.

    Don’t waste time on scam,fraud,cheat PTC “ nerdbux ”. No Payment anymore for all members.

    • California,U.S.A.

      Hi Everyone: This scam PTC website has not been pay any members. My payment requested over 20 days. Don’t waste time on scam,fraud,cheat PTC “ nerdbux ”. No Payment anymore for all members.

  6. victoria

    april 13
    they got my 50 dollars up grade and i have not gotten paid one cent
    i do not use referrals just me
    now i also am locked out of the site. it said i did not exist.
    i am on ss and sure would have been nice to buy some grocerys. and not been scammed out of the 50 dollars

  7. Angry

    I suddenly couldn’t log in today, just like with It seems like these scam PTC sites are rampant.

    • supergoten

      Looks like my account was deleted too. He must have seen my post on here. lol

  8. Paul

    Forum is now back up, and you can post on there. JJ himself is claiming the site is still in debt and that everyone who wants to be paid will be paid by the end of the year (lol) and that using solidtrustpay is your best chance of getting paid.

    What I find strange is that judging by some of the forum posts, some people are STILL wasting their time clicking on there.

  9. I was just waiting for the day this would happen, a lot what reflects from personality shows how your ptc might change on you just cause of a careless attitude.

  10. Caroline

    I am shocked….when i login its coming invalid username. Im feeling very sad bcoz this was the first ptc i had joined. There was nearly 3$ in my account. I was so excited on withdrawing it ….

  11. oiLvAcciNe

    Minimmum cashout a few days ago was $50 … now it says :
    “Your minimum cashout is $15”

    Any chance that if reached it will be paid ?

    • PTCCentral

      I would not recommend to spend time and effort on a site managed by Jeffrey Johnson. He doesn’t own a single legit site. He is responsible for over a hundred non-paying scam sites. I don’t expect that he will start paying on Nerdbux.

  12. dan

    Did you see this on EMS? They did lose their account and it was not sold it was given away (I guess to run!) Take a look at this message to FJworld.Take a look at this it proves they lost their account as said on the net

  13. Ramesh

    Yesterday and Today, When I tried to login to my nerdbux acount with the same username/password combination which I have been using for months, I get an error msg “Invalid Login Details”.
    I have a payout request pending.
    This is Definitely Cheating and 100% SCAM SITE.
    I think I have a “Valid” reason to Cut-Off the site owner’s …….

  14. Biggest Scam site

    One of the scam site, when i start working this site, it minimum payout is $4, now i reached $4 i request to payout, at the time it show as you have not enough balance to request the payment, and now the minimum payout is $100..

  15. Dolores

    Now, the withdrawal limit is $100 NERDBUX that good place to see the face of the user, right??

    Ahora, el límite de retiro de NERDBUX es de $100, que buen sitio para verle la cara a los usuarios, no????

  16. rab

    Now in TOS – Members agree that by using site little chance of being paid.

  17. dan

    ….That certain Timtech account closed by paypal for violating AUP, NOT JOHNSON. They have more than one payment account. The account at Nerdbux started investigated in January when people started to smell whats up.

  18. Bev

    Makes for good reading that Dan. Thanks for sharing.
    Just makes you want to give him a good slap stupid ignorant little man.

  19. Alex Wilson

    I had 407 referrals in Nerdbux. They all disappeared untill I complained.
    They were replaced only to be removed 2 days later. I complained again without even a reply. All the time since the site was sold I have not been able to get into the referrals to check/renew . Before the forum was canceled alot of other people were saying the same.Now the only forum messages you can see are from the Admin.

    • dan

      It seems they just ditched you entirely…. Look on Google under timtech scam or nerdbux scam. There are a LOT of sites calling for boycott of Timtech sites, so you are not alone. 407 referrals is a lot!

      • Phyllis Hunt

        I had 401 rented referrals, and something like 30 direct. All of them disappeared, as well as all the banner ads I had. What I want to know how can you find out who runs a site? If anything is owned by Timtech or Johnson I don’t want to join. I wonder if anything can be done legally. Probably not.

      • SUMAN

        And with me same case, I’ve 933 RR and before actually I’ve 1400 RR which I loss coz of their RR not click bug, and remain RR i just lost as all of you. I loose money which i put in mirco jobs advertisement coz now no one see advertisement there, I loose money of one year upgrade. ha ha, big good scam- Timtech is one face of JJ.

        • Abandy

          I have 950 direct referrals.Now they all disappeared.Some are bought from clicksia.This site cost me a lot!

  20. dan