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clixsense advertising platform is a new PTC site that is showing connection to a lot of other scam PTC sites, of course all of them owned and managed by the same admin. This admin is responsible for a bunch of closed scam sites such as Nodbux,,,,,,,,,, The same admin is also involved into other active scam sites including GrandClix, Zapclik, FuseClix, Ojooclix, Intbux, Bitcoin-bux, and

Usually this admin pick similar site names with other popular PTC websites, and he will falsely advertise these new sites on his older sites as if they were from the owners of respective PTC websites. It’s just a trick to lure people in and to make them think these new websites are associated with older established PTC sites or new but popular sites among the PTC community. So they would feel ‘safe’ to invest into his sites.
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Below you can see the proofs of the connection between Neoclk and the other sites owned and managed by the same admin.

The same Payza account is being used on Neoclk and the other sites owned by this admin.
The same Payza account is being used on Neoclk and other scam sites

All ads displayed on Neoclk are self-sponsored admin’s ads and the affiliate links of these ads match with the affiliate links of the self-sponsored ads displayed on other PTC sites managed by the same admin. I will provide just a screenshot of one self-sponsored ad displayed on few of his sites, as you can see below the affiliate links are a match:Same affiliate links on Neoclk and other scam sites

And lastly, one more proof. Fuseclix is another scam site from the same admin, and Fuseclix and Neoclk are using the same website IP address and the same DNS. Neoclk and Fuseclix same website IP and DNS Review – Bottom Line is just another scam in making. The Neoclk’s admin have zero credibility, he is responsible for at least 11 closed scam sites and at the moment he runs 9 other active scam sites which are either no longer paying or paying selectively only few members. Clearly this scammer is opening new sites with intention to scam and closing them down, one after another within short span of time. Neoclk will be no different than the other scam sites from the same network. Neoclk is opened with intention to scam, just like all previous scam sites from the same admin. Neoclk will be placed on the Not Recommended list, we would advise to keep away from it.

Review Published: 26 Dec 2014

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2 comments on “Neoclk Review – Is it a Scam? | Site to Avoid

  1. Neobux was better earlier, but lately ClixSense completely changed their structure and rewarding system, so actually it is much better in 2015 and it will be even better in 2016. Neobux is not going into right direction…

  2. another copy cat of neobux.. but failed to maintain, thanks for the useful post most of people dont aware which is scam and which is geninue this site is really helpful for those who seeking to make money online…