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Beware Marbux is a new site from the same owner of Naidbux

I thought people are aware that Naidbux already turned into a scam, but that’s not the case. I’m still getting questions whether it’s legit or not. So I decided to publish a short review to warn potential new members and those who are already using the site. Without going into too much details, here are few points why you should avoid using Naidbux:

Constantly Increasing Minimum Payout – The minimum payout for the 1st request for standard members has been increased 4 times already. From $2 to $4, then from $4 to $5, later from $5 to $6 and now from $6 to $8. It’s so damn obvious that they experiencing financial issues and they are doing this to prevent free members from cashing out. But this is not a solution for the problem, just buying time and delaying the final outcome.

Selective Payments – Apparently mostly upgraded members are getting paid. The minimum payout for standard members constantly is being increased. So standard members are wasting their time to reach the increased payout threshold, just to find out that it has been increased again once they reach the old threshold. Moreover some of our visitors reported that their payment requests are marked paid, but they didn’t receive money into their payment processor account.

Lies about Their Company – I remember when Naidbux launched, there were few topics on their forum regarding the company history. It is so evident they used the site name Naidbux and the company name Nidtech just to trick people and make then think it is a new site from Nerdbux and Timtech, a popular site at the time when Naidbux was launched. The admin was caught in lies about his own company. No wonder he deleted all these topics from the forum. I mean why would you delete a discussion about your company history if you have nothing to hide.

Deleting “Sensitive” Forum Posts – Forum posts regarding payment issues or other legitimate concerns are being deleted and most of these users are being suspended. No wonder you can hardly find any complaints on their forum.

Inactive Admin – There are no announcements about the recent changes to payout terms, the admin doesn’t respond to members questions and concerns on the forum, and it seems he doesn’t reply to support tickets, as reported from some members. I have came across complaints from Naidbux members that their ads are pending for long time and are not approved by the admin.

Bottom Line:

Naidbux appears to be poorly managed and unsustainable ponzi bux, and overall too risky site to use. I wouldn’t recommend Naidbux at this moment. Don’t trust someone who spread lies about their company history. I mean trust no one in this industry full of lies and deceit, but especially those who are obviously trying to lure people in by creating false impression. Don’t trust someone who couldn’t come up with their own site and company name. Naidbux will be placed on the Not Recommended list due to the reasons described above.

Review Published: 11 Feb 2014

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9 comments on “Naidbux Review – A Scam PTC | Site to Avoid

  1. Adalberg

    Faktycznie, klikałem uczciwie żeby osiągnąć te 8 dolców. jak chciałem zlecić wypłatę to się okazało że potrzebuję 15. mam ich w dupie więcej nie kliknę nawet raz.

  2. np....ung


    This’s scam site.

    When becoming a new member of this site, they announced that will cashout when I reach $2. But when I reached the threshold of $2, I was informed that $4. And things like that gradually increased to $6, $8, $10.

    Now I’ve got $10 in my account. But I cashout request has passed more than 2 weeks, I have not been paid. I’ve posted one support ticket but no one answered. View here: This’s content:
    After 5 days no one answered the support ticket, I have posted on the forum, sub-forum “Payment Proof”. But then, someone deleted my post and has forbidden me post in any sub-forum.

    This is one scam site, I want to warn people away from this site.

  3. I rented 10 referals at naidbux and for 3 days no clix. I sended a support ticket… No answer
    Then I recycled all of RR and still no clix.
    Then i wrote about it on the online forum. The next day my account was suspended. I was clicking daily for almost 6 month and lost 5 dollar now!
    Lesson for me? First as possible request a payout. When they pay start thinking about renting referals. If they don’t pay you now enough!
    Regards Ronnysan

  4. I signed up at naidbux some time ago, never put dedication to it, as a lot of fairly new ptc sites appeared during 2013, its tough to say which will last and which will stay. Just do research before spending a high amount of money, cause i read some stories on ems how people get suspended and lose a lot of invested money on certain ptcs.

  5. aga

    In fact if you notice what is advertised on fixed ads on a daily basis(which points to admins ads), you can find a lot of suspicious programs, some HYIP’s that are on not licensed using old GC script, unverified identity sites without any encryption etc. Recently, (s)he is even advertising service to establish such sites for others for a measly 3.000 bucks, guaranteeing income of $10.000. At the same time if you ask for your 5,6,7 bucks it will be simply transferred into paid section but without it landing on your account ever.
    Lol, internet is a playground where (s)he is not doing a business, but scamming and stealing. It is a shame when you run into such person it can’t be tracked and avoided in future. Unfortunately we will witness a lot of comebacks from this admin, I am sure.
    Beware of Naidbux, and first option is never to join any program that is advertised there, as you can’t possibly know if you will that way become a referral and provide income with your work for the person that robbed you in the first place.
    Don’t ever try to engage that admin for establishing a site for you, as most probably you will lose your money.

  6. law

    naidbux think is scam i goin to reach 6$ for cash out they change to 8$ never got to cash out.

  7. Unfortunately return here to the Central PTC to notify this website and all users of the internet that pass through here that Naibux is an absolute SCAM site. In addition to being a liar site also gives me money to be paid but not actually paid me any money because they do not come into my Paypal account. See my news published in the following link:

    • Nael

      Naidbux is very very Big SCAM see Proof

      [link removed – don’t copy our reviews]

      • How your “proof” is different than our review of Naidbux? You completely copied our review word by word and posted it on your blog. What other important information is there to see, different than the one presented here? Nothing, you just ripped off our work. No credits given to PTCCentral, source not mentioned. That proves nothing else but you being a copycat.

        And one review wasn’t enough, so you copy pasted at least a dozen of reviews from our site.

        In case you didn’t know, copying others people work and publishing it on your blog as your own work is called content theft.

        You have 48 hours to remove all the content you have stolen from PTCCentral, otherwise I’ll report this issue to Google, and you can bet they will take down your blog.