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We would like to warn you to keep away from this large network of PTC sites managed by admin who bought PremiumClix and PremiumCents.com 2 years ago and implemented restrictive cashout system according to which only few members could cashout a small percentage of their balances: 10% of the requested amount in cash, 90% of the amount transferred to purchase balance. The minimum payout was raised to $50 from which a member could receive only $5 in his payment processor account, and the remaining $45 in Premiumclix purchase balance. This cashout rule was absurd and at that time we have moved Premiumclix to the Not Recommended list. The site was paying only 10% of the requested amount, while the admin was cashing out large amounts from his own PTC site, instead of paying the members with that money. A good example of a selfish admin who doesn’t care about his members and the future of the site.
premiumclix admin cashing out

As expected, PremiumClix.com didn’t lasted long and closed its doors shortly after. Now, PremiumClix and PremiumCents are gone, but their admin is still around, running Buxhost sites based on similar ridiculous cashout rules.

The same admin is owner of mauruff.com, italyrapidpayout.com, 45daysbux.com, elite-premium-clix.com, piccoloelefante.com, diamond-mine-bux.com, adsclickcash.com, dollars-euro-pounds-bux.com, no-payout-minimum.com, gold-rush-bux.com, the-gold-mine-bux.com, fast-payment-bux.com as you can see on the screenshot below.
domains owned by Mauro Ruffino

Mauruff network restrictive cashout policyAlthough these sites have no minimum payout, for free members the maximum payout per request is $0.02 and the total maximum payout $0.04. The cashout fee is 50%. On top of that, as a free member you must click 100 ads to request payout. Take note that the standard ads timer is 120 seconds. What’s the point to click 100 ads, when you will not get paid more than $0.04 in total (a genius admin, you need to click 100 ads to request a payment but you will get paid only for clicking 4 ads – $0.04 total maximum payout). Including the cashout fee of 50%, actually you will get paid only for clicking 2 ads worth $0.01 each. Watching the remaining 98 ads is just big waste of time, because you cannot get paid more than $0.04 on these sites, that’s the total maximum payout for free members. The site is basically forcing you to upgrade in order to increase your cashout limits, and I am sure many members fell for it, yet 99% of the payment proofs are in amount of $0.01. No minimum payout and there are only few 1 cent payment proofs each month? Sounds fishy, isn’t it?

To sum things up, these sites are owned by unreliable admin who love to set restrictive cashout rules in order to prevent you from cashing out what you have rightfully earned, therefore I would recommend to keep away from these sites. These sites are just waste of web space.

Review Published: 7 Oct 2014

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12 comments on “A Dubious PTC Network (Mauruff) – Sites to Avoid

  1. JD

    Do not trust every site, just the most known one. Also you should consider to do better business than PTC and advertise it on sites like http://www.bestadsharing.com

  2. Surender Swami

    plz review transitbux.com

    • PTCCentral

      Transitbux is not reviewable due to their payout policy:

      “Standard members will receive in Paypal or Payza 50%, the other 50% will go to Purchase Balance.”

      Moreover, they have some cashout rules that I do not like, for instance they are forcing members to make 5 posts on the forum to become eligible for payout, and after placing a payout request, a member must remain active and click every day during the payout waiting time (20 days), if the member miss to click for 2 days then his payout request will be canceled and 0,2€ fee will be deducted from his account balance.
      The total maximum payout is fixed to $25. After that, you are “forced” to upgrade, you can’t cashout as a standard member.

      I would not recommend a site that doesn’t pay what you have rightfully earned and transfer half of your payout amount to purchase balance, but it is up to you to decide whether that’s acceptable for you or not.

  3. Very helpful review.
    Thanks PTC Central.


  4. 🙁 I already became a member and clicked so many ads there (45daysbux). I hope ads-globe.com not a scam also.

    • PTCCentral

      Ads-globe is forced investment program, you must invest in order to cashout, but there is a catch – as a free member you can cashout 100% of your investment – if you invest $10 you can cashout $10. Include the cashout fees (onsite fees + paypal fees), you will always be in loss as a free member. Basically the site is forcing free members to upgrade to paid membership. This is nothing more than a ponzi scheme that pays members out of the funds generated by new investors entering into the scheme. Ponzi schemes are doomed to fail, personally I wouldn’t recommend it.

  5. I have seen that name around. He sure is a serial scammer. I am sending his (fake) name to my friends to scrutinize him further. Thanks for your vigilance. Its people like you who deserve a medal!! BIG hugs

  6. great review, thanks! ..anyway, when I hear stories like this I feel terribly ashamed to be Italian like that embarrassing lamer. Please keep out from that scammer

    • Admin Please Review more..
      Thank you, for you hard work,,Enjoy learning here…