Marbux – Scam Warning – Same owner of Naidbux

site to avoid status badge

Marbux is showing connection to Naidbux, an active scam site, therefore Marbux will be placed on the Not Recommended list. Proofs attached below. Both sites are displaying same self-sponsored links with identical admin’s referral links.

clixsense advertising platform

Marbux and Naibux same Payza referral links

Marbux and Naibux same referral links for Empire Option

Marbux and Naibux same referral links for Egopay

It is obvious that Marbux is from the same admin Naidbux, a PTC site placed on the Not Recommended list. This is the main reason why we don’t recommend Marbux. I wouldn’t expect Marbux to be different than Naidbux. You have been warned.

Review Published: 23 Feb 2014

Review Last Updated:

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5 comments on “Marbux – Scam Warning – Same owner of Naidbux

  1. bob

    I cash out at minimum to make sure I get some cash, Marbux has refused my $4.00 cashout, fusebux the same,probux the same scam and naidbux I am loosing faith.

    • PTCCentral

      You have been using the wrong sites, these are all scams, I would suggest to search over the web or here on our site before joining any PTC site, see what others have to say about the site you are searching for, that might save you a lot of time. You just need to avoid using these well known scam sites, and stick to the legit ones.

  2. Honestly, i wouldn’t be able to see which ones were scams unless i had to join and see if it pays slowly with time, thanks for this informative article.

  3. nice work,thank you admin,what about