Lucentbux and Trustybux Review – Owned by Notorious Scammer

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Warning – is the newest site from the same admin. Keep away from it, I’ll publish a review as soon as possible.

Update: New proofs added. The same paypal account is being used on Trustybux, Eaglesbux, ConixBux and StrongClix. You can see the screenshot taken from the source code of the add funds pages on these sites. This is a rock solid proof that Trustybux is connected with these sites and owned by the same admin.
trustybux paypal and are new garbage bux sites owned by scammer admin, responsible for a dozen of scam sites such as (links to the reviews) Strongclix, EaglesBux, ConixBux, Safeclix, StartClix, GuaranteedPTC and other closed scam sites,,, and Scammers don’t change. Once a scammer – always a scammer, especially when each month you open at least one or two new scam sites. I know that I should have published this review earlier, but I have been too busy lately and didn’t have the time for publishing new reviews. However, here we go.

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Reasons why you should avoid using and

Owned by Scammer – First of all I would like to state that I have a rock solid proof that Lucentbux and Trustybux are owned by this Russian scumbag admin, same owner of the sites listed above. But I’ll not disclose my “ace in the hole” proof now, because I am pretty much sure he will see it and he may stop doing the same stupid mistake each time when he launch a new crap bux site. That means it will be harder for me to detect his next scam project. Since I am sure both sites are owned by him, I’ll not reveal my proof, instead I’ll just provide some screenshots with highlighted similarities of the phrases he uses on his sites, the way he express himself and the same grammar mistakes he makes when he post on his sites. I am very familiar with his writing style since the time when I was reviewing his other scam sites, and just by analyzing what he writes on the forum I can say for sure it is the same admin. He can introduce himself under different fake names each time he launch a new site, but in order to look like a different person, he need to change his way of expressing. In fact this is the same person who is repeatedly using the same phrases and repeatedly making the same grammar mistakes.

Let’s start with the welcome message posted on Lucentbux. It’s pretty much the same welcome message used on some of the other sites managed by the same admin. The same bullshit story about his years of experience in the PTC industry, how his friends helped him to start the site and how all of you are going to make big profit on his site. Only one part of the message is correct, and that is he is going to make profit from your pockets while you are going to be scammed.

lucentbux welcome message

The English skills of this admin are not very good. He is repeatedly making the same mistakes when he post news and announcements on his sites. For instance almost always he is using the verb “be” in the wrong context. Take a look at the screenshot below, for me it is pretty much clear that this is the same person, making the same mistakes with the usage of “be”.

the admin of lucentbux is incorrectly using the verb be

Also it is very hard for him to distinguish between “them” and “their”. Most of the time he is incorrectly using “them” instead of “their”.

When he launch a new site, he is copying the Terms and FAQ from his existing sites and changing only the site names. But sometimes he forgets to replace the names. For instance, this time he copied the FAQ from Conixbux to Lucentbux and forgot to replace ConixGrid with LucentGrid. Proof attached below.
lucentbux welcome message
Image source: PTC-Investigation

Previously he did the same mistake on GuaranteedPTC, he copied the terms from his other site Startclix but forgot to replace the site names.

Other similarities between these sites, they have pretty much the same promotions and discounts. Massive discounts on membership upgrades, rented referrals and add funds promotions. That’s part of his scamming tactic, to offer you “lucrative” deals and promotions that you “can’t miss” and as soon as he collect enough investments he will stop paying and move on to his next scam project.

LucentBux and Trustybux Review – Summary:

I have no doubts, LucentBux and Trustybux are owned by this scammer admin. If the proofs above are not enough to keep you away from these two sites, then that’s too bad, you will eventually learn the truth the hard way. Lucentbux and Trustybux are just another scams in the making, managed by person who continues to open one site after another, each time with intention to scam, and turning scam within a month of the official launch, therefore I would advise to stay away from LucentBux and TrustyBux. Both sites will be placed on the Not Recommended list. You have been warned.

Review Published: 24 Nov 2014

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10 comments on “Lucentbux and Trustybux Review – Owned by Notorious Scammer

  1. Tamil arasan

    You are true, they din’t pay for me, real cheaters Lucentbux and Rectorclix.

    Proof: Proof of not paying

  2. please help me review the truth for the .. i see 1 ppl invest $2500 per year, then daily income $183.34.. he instantly withdraw it that day, without any fee he withdraw $183.34 every single day.. i can see this will be, might be, a scammer site.. Ty help investigation on, i cant google it, no data

  3. Scammers don’t change. Once a scammer – always a scammer <– I like this comment of yours very much. In fact, two types of people start ptc site: one for business and another for scamming. It is true that some people start with good intention and later they face loss. But there are some dishonest ones who start with dishonesty from the very beginning. So they keep scamming with every single ptc site they open.

  4. i like…

  5. Kumar

    Admin I always Read your articles.
    Thank You for this great Service.
    Please review this site.(trusted or Scam or Avoid..) (New Site-Looking like a New buxbery)
    Thank You.

    • PTCCentral

      It is a bux site, we do not review bux sites anymore due to their high failure rate. Bux sites are nothing more than ponzi schemes that relies mostly on investments rather than actual advertising income. Bux sites are more “Ponzi To Crash” rather than Paid To Click. Around 70% of the new bux sites are owned by previous scammers. 99% of the sites based on the bux model turn scam, sooner or later. That being said, it would not be wrong to say that it is just another scam in the making.

  6. Joel

    Or do like i say (and i really do):

    Just keep away from the “flavor of the day” bux site.

  7. Surender Swami

    Dear Admin, Plz add some new and trust and genuine ptc sites also.

  8. nice Artickel, I’m Like Paid To Click