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Update: LinxBux is no longer online. Moved from the Not Recommended list to the Failed sites list:

Linxbux was a short lived PTC site that was placed on to the Not Recommended list then later moved to the Failed Sites list. The site was not paying and there was no activity from the administration for the last couple months. Moreover, forum posting was disabled. Site is no longer online.

Why was a Scam:

Stopped paying – Linxbux was not paying its members. December 25th 2013 was the last time they processed payments. Nobody has been paid since then.
Linxbux no payments since Dec 25

Forum Posting Disabled – Since December 28th posting on the forum has been disabled and users can no longer post on the forum. The forum is the first place where you can notice if something is wrong at the site because users will start to post about issues the site is experiencing. If a site restrict users from posting on the forum, for sure it means the site have something to hide or they want to avoid massive complaints about the current issues. Legitimate sites don’t do this. Previously few Linxbux members reported that their forum posts were deleted. When you try to post on the forum, you will get the following message:
linxbux forum posting disabled

Inactive admin; Site abandoned? – There is no word from the administration for the last couple of weeks. As per their latest announcement posted on December 25, they were on Christmas vacation until December 30, when their activities on the site were supposed to get back to normal. But that’s not the case. Few weeks passed and there is no update from the site. Looks like this was just their excuse to buy some time and avoid disputes.

Complaints – On the places below you can read additional opinions (mostly negative feedback) about Linxbux:,316845.0.html,316412.0.html,316932.0.html

Linxbux Review – Final Thoughts:

Linxbux is no longer online. The site went offline without paying what they owe to members therefore Linxbux has been moved from the Not Recommended list and placed on the Failed Sites list.

Review Published: 3 Jan 2014

Review Last Updated:

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