Legit PTC Sites – Stable and Paying

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This is our list of Legit PTC programs. Here you can find sites that are older than 1 year, currently are paying and have no other major problems. However, a site that is paying today, tomorrow can easily turn into non-paying one. Therefore, we recommend always to test a site and do your own research if you plan to invest money upfront from your own pocket.

There is no guarantee that the sites listed on our Legit list will be paying forever. It would not hurt if you do your own research to make sure it is a credible opportunity. If a site is listed here on the Legit list, it means that currently the site does pay, it has passed the test of time (online and paying for over a year) and have no other major problems. To be listed in our Legit list, a site must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Online at least 1 year
  2. Paying on time as per their Terms of Service
  3. There are no major issues

Hover over the info button info icon to see some basic info about the PTC program. For additional information, click on the thumbnail/sitename link and read the full review.

A site will not be eligible for the Legit list or might be removed from list if:

  • Stop paying
  • Changes in ownership
  • A connection with other scam site has been revealed
  • The same owner opened new site. His first site will not be eligible for the Legit list until the new site turns a year old
  • The forum has been removed without prior notice or without a valid reason while the site is experiencing some major issues
  • Received too many valid complaints