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Update: Kimlix is no longer online. Moved to the Failed Sites list. The article below will remain intact for information purposes only and will not be updated anymore. is new PTC site from Diego Calandria Checco, admin responsible for a bunch of scam sites. He was involved in a lot of failed sites and currently is running other active scam sites. The same admin also owns Hirenclix, Jumylinx, Dreamclix, scam sites as well. We don’t recommend new sites from previous scammers, therefore Kimclix will be placed to the Not Recommended list. See the proofs attached below and find out why you should stay away from Kimclix.

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Reasons why you should avoid using

Ties to other Scam Sites – Kimclix is from the same owners of,,,,,,, and possibly other sites. All these sites are scams. For more info about these sites (some of them are no longer online), you can read our reviews of Hirenclix, Dreamclix and the review for Yumylinx.

Kimclix, Dreamclix, Hirenclix and Yumylinx are showing the same self-sponsored ads with identical admin’s affiliate links. All other different types of advertisements on Kimclix (banner ads, featured ads, login ads, ptsu offers) are with referral links belonging to Diego Calandria Checco. Below you can see screenshots only for the ptc ads.

Same admin's referral links for Incentria on Kimclix, Hirenclix and YumylinxSame admin's referral links for Clicksia on Kimclix, Hirenclix and Yumylinx

Same admin's referral links for Ojooo on Kimclix and Yumylinx

Same admin's referral links on Kimclix and DreamClix

Another similarity between these sites is that their admin is always placing self-sponsored ads for the Virool videos offer wall on the first ad spot on his sites. As you can see on the screenshot below, on all 4 sites the first displayed ad is the one for the Virol videos.

Moreover, Kimclix, Dreamclix, Yumylinx and Hirenclix are using the same DNS as seen on the image below.

Kimclix, Dreamclix, HirenClix and Yumylinx same DNS

Kimclix Review – Summary:

The proofs presented in this review are clear enough to reveal the connection between Kimclix and the other sites from the same scammer. We do not recommend new sites from owners with a record of running scam sites therefore Kimclix will be placed on our Not Recommended list. Would you trust an admin who created a bunch of scam sites? I would recommend to keep away from Kimclix, their admin is opening new sites with intention to scam, and it will not be different with Kimclix. You have been warned.

Review Published: 27 Mar 2014

Review Last Updated:

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4 comments on “KimClix Review – Owned by Scammer (No Longer Online) | Failed Site

  1. guten tag. wie es aus seht die webseite ibt auch eine betrug seite.

  2. This is why i come here to read about sites like this, also on Ems is very helpful,keep finding sites like these to warn others before investing their.

  3. There paypal is also unverified now! and so does payza!!!

    Kimclix unverified paypal account

  4. they fkin ran away with my 600$ thank you so much for warning!!