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scam ptc programs status badge is the newest site from the same admin. Keep away from it, we’ll publish a review as soon as possible. and are just another scam PTC programs owned and managed by the same notorious scammer responsible for more than 20 scam PTC sites. This admin continues to open new unsustainable bux sites, one after another within short period of time, always with intention to scam members, and turning scam within weeks from the official launch. Therefore we would recommend to keep away from Keenclix and Soundbux, both sites are already scams, just like all previous sites from the same admin.

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Reasons Why We Don’t Recommend and

Owned by Serial Scammer – The admin of Keenclix and Soundbux is responsible for the following scam sites (links to the reviews): Smartsbux, Beautibux, Sunnyclix and Venusbux, Rainclix and Edenbux, Lucentbux and Trustybux, Strongclix, EaglesBux, ConixBux, GuaranteedPTC, Safeclix, StartClix,,,,, and Many of these sites are gone, some are still active and scamming.

Below you can see the proofs that reveal the connection between Keenclix, Soundbux and the other scam sites from the same network managed by this admin. The Keenclix’s Paypal account is also being used on other sites from the same network, such as Smartsbux and Beautibux, as you can see below on the screenshots taken from the source code of the Add funds pages on these 3 sites.
Keenclix, Smartsbux and Beautibux are using the same Paypal account

Also the same Paypal account have been used on Soundbux some time ago, as you can see on the payment proof screenshot posted on the Soundbux forum few days ago.

Soundbux, Keenclix, Smartsbux and Beautibux are using the same Paypal account

So the same Paypal account has been used on these 4 sites and this proves that all 4 sites are connected and managed by the same serial scammer.

Keenclix Forum Posting Disabled – Typically for this admin, once he stops paying either he disables posting on the forum or he removes the forum entirely. Keenclix is no longer paying, they are just marking payments completed without actually sending out payments, and posting on the forum has been disabled in order to prevent people from complaining and spreading out the word that Keenclix is already a scam.
keenclix forum posting disabled

KeenClix and Soundbux Review – Summary:

KeenClix and Soundbux are just another scams owned and managed by serial scammer admin who continues to open new sites, one after another, and with intention to scam. Usually his sites turn into scam within a month from the official launch. One thing is certain – scammers don’t change, not in this case. This admin is responsible for more than 20 scam sites, a reason strong enough to keep away from KeenClix and Soundbux.

Review Published: 7 Aug 2015

Review Last Updated:

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20 comments on “KeenClix and Soundbux Review – Scam Sites | Not Recommended

  1. for now I will not fully trust this program, until I see the comments are positive

  2. To me this is a new site but your smart review is really helpful. I won’t waste my time on this site though. Thanks

  3. is a great site, they may pay slowly but they do pay, every ten days I get my earnings and im coming up to my tenths payment and in their TOS it states that payments may take up to ten days its deffently a thumbs up site

    • Nice sites ! Do you have some experience about Feclix ?

  4. Jackie

    I know is deffenitly a scam and I think he has a new one called, can someone check it out, the Tos is soundly a lot like mountbux, except this time he is saying one can not claim cashbacks
    I think a good ay at getting back at these scammers are sign up, BUT dont upgrade, get your first payment and then get out

  5. SurENdeR KanKarwAl

    Sir plz review ptc site

  6. a big applause for your work & time mate ! really your site will helpful for new people from the scam p.t.c sites . Thanks for sharing a wonderful and useful posts

  7. Soroush

    Mountbux is scam because do not pay my money and delete my acount
    Mountbux is scam
    Mountbux is scam
    Mountbux is scam

    • Hello, Soroush!

      Yes I fully agree with you. Mountbux, do not pay out. What started off as a genuine Pay-to-click website, then developed into a scam. All members (myself included), were also prevented from posting comments on the Forum.

      At the same time, people have clicked onto my Referral link.

      What we need to do, is get in touch with all Mountbux members and launch a campaign to receive all our money back. Mountbux, like all other scam websites, must be punished and all fraudulent monies they have obtained from its customers, must be payed out immediately, without any objections or conditions, whatsoever.

    • I think the best way to get back at any scam sites would be, if your going to advertise on PTC sites, then advertise scam sites so others don’t fall for the tricks they pull,
      eg like, mountbux is scam! they don’t payout after first two payments, don’t sign up with them.
      I was lucky enough to get my membership back through putting in a complaint with paypal fairly early
      the other way of getting back at them is signing up, but dont upgrade, earn the basic payout then cancel account, I know thats a long way to get some of your lost money back, but at least you will be getting some back and it all adds up

  8. dfjgh

    please review


    btw jeffrey johnson the scammer seems like a good guy but why his ptc sites are so very evil?

    • dfjgh = sorry typo 🙂

  9. adil Syed


    Kindly review UseClix. I want to invest in that site but don’t know whether it legit or scam site.

    Thank you

    • Soundbux block me on forum the message wcomes when i tried to post

      Oops! Forum is not available!
      You do not have the privileges to see our forum

      i think soundbux is scam please onform others
      now i am going to see lets soundbux paid or not not looking trusted!11

      • gazara gazarov

        Buxept scam? -delete my account

        • I dont think so. It looks like a legit site. A few days ago I received my 1st payment.

        • nimes

          buxept hqbux my6clix – scam

      • yes,soundbux no pay….this is a cheater website..maybe scam…

        • SCAM for sure. Did not receive my pending payment, admin not replied on my support ticket.