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Update: InfinityBux is no longer online, it was closed down without paying off the debt and it will be remembered as a scam. Due to improper closure we are moving InfinityBux from the Not-Recommended list to the Failed list. Any future sites from the same owner will be not recommended.

Note: The information below is from the time when Infinitybux was still online. The article below will remain intact for information purposes only and will not be updated anymore.

Reasons why we didn’t recommended

Bad History – InfinityBux once had a big members base with over 325,000 registered members. Later this number drop down to only 3,000. There must be a good reason if a site lose more than 99% of its users. Why so many users decided to abandon Infinitybux? The answer is simple – Infinitybux was not paying according to their terms, there were long payment delays, many users got suspended without a valid reason, pending cashouts were converted to account upgrades, the minimum payout has been raised few times etc. Therefore, many members left the site and their accounts were autosuspended/deleted due to inactivity. If the site was so successful like the owner claims, then why he allowed to lose so many members? Simply, because Infinitybux was not able to pay them all. Is this the right way to clear the debt? Certainly, it is not.

Without going into much details, just to name a few of the bad business practices this network was using:
– Suspending accounts of big earners with a lot of direct referrals, then selling their direct referrals to other members. Changing Terms of Service so they can “legally” suspend users accounts for “breaking” the new points of the terms. Charging $25 fee to remove the suspension.
– Charging $100 for support tickets, later the Support System was removed entirely.
– Converting pending cashouts to membership upgrades and main balances to purchase balance, in other words, not paying what members have rightfully earned.
– Filtering posts and removing forum threads to hide complaints and negative feedback. Later the forum was removed.

Big Network – Instability – Besides Infinitybux, the following sites belongs to the same network managed by admin who goes by the name of Charles Scoville:,,, We have seen many times before that big PTC networks/multiple clone sites owned by same person tend to collapse, and they are not stable as a single sustainable PTC Site can be. Site owners find it difficult to manage even two PTC sites. There are a lot of examples for failed clone “sister” ptc sites.

Owning multiple PTC sites is not a measurement of success. Why to split up resources among several sites when it is hard enough to successfully manage a single site? There are some PTC sites owners, especially bux sites owners that open new sites one after another mostly due to deficiency in revenue, so the simplest solution for site owners is to open new sites which will immediately bring fresh investments and in the short run, they will be able to pay members on the older sites within the network. But what happens in the long run? As the time goes on, the entire network will become unstable, it will be hard to attract advertisers that are willing to advertise on the same clone sites to the same members, revenues will drop, investments will start to dry out, earlier investors will start making profits but the network would not be able to pay them all. There are many examples of sites which were using this “multiple clone sites” practice that ended up scamming their members.

A Ponzi Network – Each time this network experienced financial issues, the owner was opening new sites one after another. Since Infinitybux is a bux site that couldn’t survive on its own, the admin was opening new sites, one after another within short period of time. The reason is simple – due to lack of funds, the admin must find additional income streams, and the easiest solution for the admin is to open new Bux sites. Members will start investing into these new sites, and the incoming funds from these sites will be used to pay debt on the older sites. Not hard to guess, this is another ponzi trick. Since ponzi schemes are doomed to fail, it will not be long before the whole network collapses. This is not how a PTC site should operate. The concept of real PTC is to connect advertisers with potential customers. Which means a PTC requires advertising revenues in order to share that revenue with members.

Clearly, Infinitybux operates more or less as a ponzi scheme. With little or no legitimate earnings, the ponzi schemes require a consistent cash flow from new investors to continue. Ponzi schemes tend to collapse when it becomes difficult to recruit new investors or when a large number of investors ask to cashout. That’s what happened with Infinitybux and therefore they started to use bad business practices, frequently changing the terms, changing the payout policy, converting pending cashouts to membership upgrades and introducing new conditions to make it harder for members to qualify for payout.

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Complaints and negative feedback – If you notice increasing number of complaints about a site, you can’t simply ignore them. When your search for information about Infinitybux, it is hard to find a positive feedback among all complaints about the entire InfinityBux Group. Furthermore, many other review sites already marked Infinitybux as not-recommended/scam program. On the links below are listed some places over the web where you can read other members opinion about InfinityBux:
Stay away from Infinitybux, Infinity scam
Infinitybux network – a network of scam sites!
InfinityBux Cheater and liar admin. Dont Invest in it
Stay away from Infinitybux, Infinity scam
Tviptc-Infinitybux-Buxsecure-etc. Charles Scoville Scammer!!!

A Bux site – Infinitybux is a bux site, offering high click rate ($0.01) and self-sponsored admin’s advertisements (promoting the others sites from the Infinity Group network). For most bux sites, the main source of income is coming from membership upgrades and renting referrals. Typically, a bux site will lack of advertising revenue. How does a bux site work? Usually, at the beginning there will be sufficient income that comes from members investments and this income is used to pay members, but as the time pass, more and more investors will start making profits and since bux sites have negative advertising cash flow, the site will owe more to its members than the generated income that comes from investments, usually there is no big base of advertisers that will compensate the difference in the cash flow and the “bux” site, most likely will fail. Remember that investing into a bux site is considered a high risk investment. The “bux” model has proven to be unsustainable. Bux site heavily relies on selling upgrades or referrals to pay members, and in most cases the main advertiser is the admin himself. Bux sites are destined for a failure, sooner or later they will be gone, and this has been proved by thousands of failed and closed scam Bux site. Bux sites are nothing more but ponzi schemes disguised as PTC. For more details about bux sites, you can read our article Insights into the Bux Model – Why Do Bux Sites Fail?.

InfinityBux Review – Bottom Line:

We would not recommend using Infinitybux, nor any other program from the same network. The site is no longer paying. The administration of this network have already proven that they can hardly manage 6 bux sites. Don’t waste your time and effort on a site that can’t keep its promises. Infinitybux certainly is not a legitimate place to earn money online.

Review Published: 1 Dec 2012

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