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Update: Incentivespay is no longer online. Prior to the closure – there were payout issues and no new payments since August 11, 2013. The admin was not active at all. Due to those reasons, Incentivespay was moved to the Sites To Avoid list and now we are moving them to the Failed Sites list, since the site was closed down without paying members.

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Reasons why was moved to the Failed list:

Site Gone – Incentivespay closed down without clearing the debt to members. And it is not the right way to close a PTC.

Payout Issues; Inactive admin – Prior to the closure, there were no new payments for months, since August 11 2013. Moreover the admin was not active at all. IncentivesPay was pretty much a ghost site for almost a year, then it was closed down.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates
  • Number of Ads: 10+/-
  • Daily Average Earnings Without Referrals: $0.03 +/- (earnings calculated only from PTC ads clicks)
  • Personal and Referral earnings
    incentivespay referral earnings
  • Signup bonus – $0.10
  • Points – Points equal cash (1000 points is equal to $1.00). All offers are credited in points.
    You can convert your points to cash.
  • OfferWalls and Tasks – There are few OfferWalls at IncetivesPay and CrowdFlower Tasks. After completing an offer, some payments are instant, while others are credited within 24 hours or more depending on the offer you are doing and the requirements set by the advertiser.
    incentivespay offerwalls
  • Prizes – Coin Sweeper – They have game called “Coin Sweeper” which is no different than Clixgrid. You can play the game daily. All you need to do is to click anywhere in the grid and an ad will appear, once the ad has been viewed (10 seconds timer), you will be given a notice if you have won or you need to try your luck again. You will get credited as soon as you win and your winning prize will go directly to your account balance. You will be given a number of tries daily which will depend on your membership. Standard members get 10 chances per day. Prize is up to $2.00.
  • Script: Clixscript/IncentiveScripts
  • Owner: Unknown / Hidden ownership in whois data
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  • 2014 – Moved to the Failed Sites List.
  • September 7, 2013 – Moved to the Not Recommended List.
  • August 29, 2013 – Moved to the Watch List.
  • June 18, 2013 – Review completed, site added to the New Site List.

IncentivesPay Review – Summary:

IncentivesPay was a PTC which was paying initially, but then there were payout issues. There were no new payments since August 11, 2011. The admin was inactive. Apparently the site was abandoned. Later it was closed without paying what they owe to members. Therefore IncentivesPay has been moved to the Failed sites list.

Review Published: 18 Jun 2013

Review Last Updated:

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One comment on “IncentivesPay Review – Is it a Legit PTC? | Failed Site

  1. Paskoll

    Hey all, just letting you all know that I have been paid from this site, as have some other people judging from the payment proofs on their website.

    Here’s mine: ptcsolution payment proof