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Update: Hirenclix is no longer online. Moved to the Failed Sites list. The article below will remain intact for information purposes only and will not be updated anymore.

Hirenclix is relatively a new PTC site, which will be added to our Not Recommended list. Hirenclix is no longer paying, it appears that payments are being marked completed, but members are not receiving the money into their payment processor accounts. Another issue at Hirenclix is that they are suspending members without a valid reason. Moreover the forum has been disabled. Besides that, Hirenclix is showing connection with a lot of other scam sites. Therefore we do not recommend using it. Read our review below and find out why you should keep away from Hirenclix.

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Reasons why you should avoid using HirenClix.com:

Connected to Other Scam Sites – Hirenclix is showing connection to a lot of other non-paying sites like Storyclix.com, Storybux.com, Axionclix.com, Boostclix.com, Oldmovieclix.com. It appears that all these sites are owned by the same team. First of all, these sites are hosted on the same server. Storybux, Axionclix, Boostclix, Oldmovieclix are already abandoned and there is no activity for a long period so here we’ll make comparison between Hirenclix and Storyclix which stopped paying recently as well. There is a self-sponsored advertisement for Hirenclix without referral link on Storyclix, meaning admin is promoting his other site. The Paypal of Storyclix is registered to Diego Calandria Checco, same as the Paypal of Hirenclix. The paypal email address (tenptc.group@gmail.com) match the referrer username (10ptcgroup) on some self-sponsored advertisements displayed on Hirenclix. Moreover, the custom notes on paypal payments are almost identical on both sites. Furthermore, the writing style of the admin is very similar on both sites and he is used to write his announcements in caps lock. Not just on these two sites, but on all previously mentioned sites. Below you can see some screenshots we’ve taken while we’re doing our research about Hirenclix.

Hirenclix domain name server same as on other scam sitesThe name 10ptcgroup appears on both Hirenclix and StoryclixHirenclix and Storyclix same Paypal account details

Payment Issues – Hirenclix is no longer paying. As many members of Hirenclix reported, since December 19 the site is marking payment “completed”, but the money were not transferred to their payment processor accounts. If you take a look at the payment proofs section on Hirenclix, you will notice that there are much more recent “payout proofs” compared to the period before December 19 when there were only a few payments per day, however those proofs are not real because as already said they are just marking payments completed without sending payments to members and the script is just displaying these “payments” on the payment proofs page as if they were actually completed. This is just a trick to convince people that they are still paying, but in fact they are not.

Forum Posting Disabled – Posting on the forum is no longer available. Wonder why? It’s because the forum will be flooded with complaints about the recent issues. Usually, on the forum you can notice the first signs if something is wrong at the site. Therefore since December 19 posting on the forum has been disabled in order to prevent people from complaining and warning others. Legitimate sites don’t do this. When you try to post on the forum, you will get the following message:
Hirenclix forum posting disabled

Suspending accounts – A lot of users are getting suspended with no valid reason at all. As you can see on the links below, Hirenclix is suspending users in a massive manner, both free and upgraded members:

Complaints – There are a lot of complaints and negative feedback about Hirenclix all over the web. On the links below you can read what others have to say about Hirenclix:

Doomed to Fail – Hirenclix is a bux site. As you know, Bux sites heavily relies on selling expensive upgrades or renting referrals to pay members, and they are displaying self sponsored ads with high click rate. But Hirenclix is even worse than the average bux site. Most bux sites are displaying maximum 4 standard self-sponsored ads, yet Hirenclix is displaying 10 self-sponsored ads, each one worth $0.01 per click. Sounds attractive, easy and big earnings, right? I wouldn’t say so, this means that the site is not sustainable at all and relies on rentals, upgrades and revenue shares to cover the cost of the self sponsored ads. On average, standard member will earn $0.15 per day only from his personal clicks at Hirenclix. Moreover the site offers unusually high rented referrals average. This is how they lure people into the site, you may think this is your big opportunity to earn some fast cash online, you may even decide to upgrade your account for faster and bigger earnings and later they will suspend your account with no valid reason as seen on the links I’ve posted above. Even if they don’t suspend you, eventually the site will collapse due to the large number of self-sponsored ads at high click rate.

Hirenclix Review – Final Thoughts:

Well, we have a new “serial scammer” on the PTC scene. Hirenclix is owned by a team of scammers who were already involved into a few failed sites, so you should not expect that this site will be different than their previous sites. Apparently this team is getting used to open one site after another. These sites do not last long, they will pay at the beginning to gain members confidence but shortly after the administration will stop paying and run away with members money to open a new site. Obviously Hirenclix is pretty much a dead site since the scam has been revealed on some online earning forums and other blogs, so I would expect that the same team will come up with a new site shortly. Therefore I would be careful with any new site out there, especially with those that shows similarity with Hirenclix. If you do notice such sites, please let us know so we could take a look. Hirenclix will be placed on our Not Recommended list due to the reasons previously described.

Review Published: 28 Dec 2013

Review Last Updated:

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17 comments on “HirenClix Review – Another Scam PTC (No Longer Online) | Failed Site

  1. I have also been taken in by hirenclix, and I am a premium member of hirenclix. I made a withdrawal of $3.88 on 2nd Jan 2014 which was marked as completed but it never reached my account then I made a further withdrawals which I also never received. All up I earned $22.62 on 24th April 2014 which I’m obviously not going to see a penny of… These people should be ashamed of themselves ripping us off as well as making people hesitant about joining other ptc sites.

  2. Sharon

    I have also been taken in by hirenclix… I made a withdrawal of $47.33 which was marked as completed but it never reached my account then I made a further 2 withdrawals which I also never received. All up I earned $120 which I’m obviously not going to see a penny of… These people should be ashamed of themselves ripping us off as well as making people hesitant about joining other ptc sites.

  3. law

    Is this true?

    Hello HirenClix comunity, We are taking control of Hirenclix from today. Payments and investments are down untill we set the site again. You will see a lot of changes here. Please be patience and let us work. We will have all set for tomorrow. All pending tikets (a lot) will be deleted now, so please send support ticket again with your questions. Ples only important things untill we finish our work. All payments will be holded today and we will start reviewing all tomorrow. Keep reading news. HirenClix Admin

    • I wouldn’t say so. They are still showing the same admin’s self-sponsored ads with same referral links as on their new site Yumylinx, so I don’t think there are any new owners. They are just trying to buy some time with misleading announcements.

    • dany

      hi friend
      It is a big lie.now,15 days have passed but still have not paid my money(15$).
      admin of hirenclix is a lying bitch.all payment proof is fake.
      be careful and do not ever register in hirenclix.

  4. Sergey

    Hallo just to say that Hirenclix didn’t show me payments. Seems like they pay, but in My account paypal is nothing….I thing another [profanity] Scam site as 90 percent of all PTC sites….they will eat [profanity] one day [profanity].


    Dear Sir,

    I have earned 12$ from hirenclix.com via paypal but still i have not received any single cent but the payment received shown in hirenclix site.Please suggest me what can i do.

    • I am afraid there is nothing you can do to get your money from Hirenclix. It’s a scam site. They are marking payment “completed”, without transferring money into member’s payment processor accounts.

  6. This site is a scam,when u withdraw it shows completed but no money is transfered to your money processor so please stay away.

  7. Victoria

    They have not paid my the money they owe me and there is no way to contact them, it is saying payment complete. What do I do. Thanks

    • I am afraid there is nothing you can do now. If you have invested in Hirenclix, you may try to recover your investment by filling a dispute.

      • HI, I did not up grade or add my own money so least thats one good thing. Am not going on it anymore. Thanks

  8. Ahmed

    I agree with you it is a stupid scam site ..I registered and upgraded me and a friend of mine ..your money there grows so quick lol but when you request a withdraw ..it shows you that it was completed and in the payment proof also that it was paid but nothing you get to your payment processor ..such people they should get arrested for that type of stealing ..also they suspended my friend’s account for no reason ..
    STAY away of that site ..

    • Lots of members have complained that when they requested cashout, then they saw ‘your account is suspended’ immediately. Maybe this was automatically set in the script.

      • Nael

        Yes, Maybe Cashout button Is Self_destruction Button In this SCAM Website,, Ha Ha Ha

        • Ahmed

          I disagree with you ..I have my account active still and had 2 cashouts shows the same thing that I got my money completed ..I even disputed with paypal and still have my account active …
          It is really disgusting site ..they could be a good site but some thieves like to gain quickly some cash and run