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Update: GuaranteedPTC is no longer online. Moved to the Failed Sites list. The article below will remain intact for information purposes only and will not be updated anymore.

GuaranteedPTC is a site from the scammer admin of,,,, and If you want to learn more about these sites, you can read our review about this scam network. These sites are no longer paying or some of them pay selectively – there are a lot of complaints regarding pending payments, non-responsive support, complaints over the web about deleting forum posts, suspending accounts without a valid reason etc.

clixsense advertising platform

Similarly as on the other sites from this scam network, GuaranteedPTC is showing self-sponsored advertisements without referral links, not only for the ads for the other sites owned by this admin, but also for the ads for other PTC sites, probably the admin used his referral links on his previous scam sites and he doesn’t want someone to find out the connection. Typically for a scammer admin that owns a bunch of other scam sites, he will promote his latest site by self-sponsored advertisements displayed on his older sites. Of course without referral links. Below you can see combined screenshot taken on the sites owned by this admin. All ads have the same title and description. And this is the same for self-sposnored ads for the other sites from this scam network. You can see that in the review about this network.

The following screenshot is taken from the google cached version of GuaranteedPTC. As you can see, there is admin’s self-sponsored extended ad for Startclix and Macro ad for Safeclix.

Lets take a look at the Terms of Service on GuaranteedPTC. The admin copied the terms from his other site Startclix, however he forgot to replace “Startclix” with “GuaranteedPTC” on few places.

I know that the proofs above are not so solid, but I have no doubts GuaranteedPTC is owned by this scammer admin. I am familiar with his writing style from the time when I was reviewing the other sites from his scam network, and just by analyzing the welcome message posted on the forum I can say for sure it is him. This network in nothing more than a ponzi scheme that is doomed to fail eventually. I would recommend to keep away from GuaranteedPTC. The only thing guaranteed on this PTC is that it is scam in the making, owned by previous scam owner.

Review Published: 29 May 2014

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