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clixsense advertising platform is a scam PTC site that belongs to a large scam network managed by the same admin. This admin is responsible for a lot of closed scam sites such as Nodbux,,,,,,,,,, The same admin is also involved into other active scam sites including Zapclik, FuseClix, Ojooclix, Intbux, Bitcoin-bux, and Recently he launched new site called Neoclk which is another scam in the making.

Here are the proofs. The same Paypal account is being used on Grandclix and the other sites owned by this admin.
Grandclix paypal account match with other scam sites

The same Perfect Money account is being used on Grandclix, Ojooclix and ZapClik.

Same Pefrect money account is being used on Grandclix and other scam sites Review – Bottom Line is a scam owned by previous scammer who keeps on opening one site after another then closing them after a while. This admin has improperly closed at least 11 scam sites, without paying out the earnings to members. Grandclix is paying selectively, there are very few recent payment proofs on their forum, which appears to be full of spam. I would not waste time and effort on a site managed by a person with such a huge record of running other scam sites. Grandclix is intentionally opened to scam, so beware.

Review Published: 26 Dec 2014

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One comment on “ Review – Ties to other Scams – Site to Avoid

  1. It is quite clear from the same paypal account used in other scam sites that grandclix is another one from admin’s scam series. So, thanks for review