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Update May 21: There are few issues at Goldenclix to which you should pay attention. Is the site still paying? Yes, it appears so. New payment requests are processed as per their ToS, but that’s not the case with older payment requests. As you already know, the site had Paypal issues due to which older payment requests (from mid April) are delayed for more than a month. What’s more concerning is that the site is suspending members when they post questions, complaints or concerns on the forum regarding their pending payments. And those forum threads are expressly deleted. Which brings me to the conclusion that the site does not want to resolve this issue the right way. It is easy to ban members and take from them what they have rightfully earned. But it is not the right way. And we will not endorse such sites. The number of complaints we are receiving regarding this issue is increasing and there are also similar complaints over the web on other PTC related forums, blogs and groups. In case anyone have forgotten, the same admin also owns which is no longer paying. There are no new payments for over a month, since April 14. We will no longer recommend Goldenclix and all other sites from the Golden Group. Goldenclix have been moved to the Sites to Avoid list. I encourage those of you who were suspended just for asking about your pending payment, to post your experience that you had with Goldenclix in the comment section below. They can censor you on their forum, but surely they can not censor you here.

Update Apr 28: After they got their Paypal accounts limited, GoldenClix merged with the Zigma network that owns Twickerz and YouGetProfit. From now on, the Paypal account of the Zigma network will be used to process payments. We’ll see how this thing will work out. From what I can see, they started to process payments with the new Paypal account. As stated by the Goldenclix admin in his latest announcement, all pending payments should be cleared out in the next couple of days. We’ll see what happens. Downsides – Things to Pay Attention to:

Forum Censorship – Forum posts that contains questions, complaints or concerns regarding pending payments are being deleted and the posters are banned. So you will not find many complaints on their forum, but that does not means everything is working smoothly. Members have valid reasons to complain, but if they do it on Goldenclix, they will get banned and their posts will be deleted. Forums should be a place for open and free discussions, place where members can ask for support, advice, post their doubts and concerns etc. This way, with “sensitive” posts being deleted, the administration wants to hide the negative feedback about their site, and does not want others to know what is really going on with the site.

Payout Delays, Selective Payments – There are long (30+ days) payment delays for payout requests placed in mid April. The site is experiencing financial issues after Paypal limited their accounts. They are using another Paypal account now, but older payment requests are not processed on time and what’s more important, if a member asks about his pending payment on the forum, he will get banned and his post will be deleted.

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Old Paypal Limited – Their first Paypal account was limited. Later they added another Paypal account which also appears to be limited. Now the site merged with Zimga network and using their Paypal account. We’ll see if Paypal gives them any additional troubles in future.

A Bux site – Goldenclix can be categorized as a Bux site. The “bux” model have been proven many times as unsustainable. Bux sites heavily relies on selling expensive upgrades or renting referrals to pay members, and usually they are displaying self sponsored ads with high click rate. Typically, a bux site will lack of advertising revenue to cover the cost of the self sponsored ads, which is why they tend to collapse. Be sure to test a new bux site and do your research if you plan to invest. And remember, never invest more than you can afford to lose.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates
  • Script: EvolutionScript
  • Owner: Edin Ikanovic (Croatia)
goldenclix terms of servicegoldenclix frequently asked questions
  • May 21, 2014 – Moved to the Sites to Avoid list due to suspending users without a valid reason, forum censorship and selective payments.
  • May 7, 2014 – Increasing stepped cashout system introduced.
  • April 26, 2014 – Goldenclix merged with the Zigma network (owns Twickerz and YouGetProfit).
  • April 10, 2014 – They are using another Paypal account and Paypal withdrawals are enabled.
  • April 04, 2014 – Paypal account has been limited.
  • March 30, 2014 – Payeer has been added as a new payment processor.
  • March 02, 2014 – New TOS point – Members from Vietnam must be upgraded to receive money.
  • December 26, 2013 – Payza available for cashouts again.
  • December 24, 2013 – Payza is temporarily disabled. Perfect Money, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay are available for cashouts.
  • November 15, 2013 – PTSU offers implemented.
  • September 4, 2013 – SolidTrustPay is available for cashouts.
  • August 10, 2013 – Review published, site added to the New Sites List.

Review Published: 10 Aug 2013

Review Last Updated: 21 May 2014

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107 comments on “Goldenclix Review – Is it Scam or Legit? | Site to Avoid

  1. Can somebody tells me that they are still paying through payza?

    • PTCCentral

      According to them, Payza is temporarily disabled. They don’t give exact date when it would be available again. If you ask them about Payza on their forum, you will receive the following response from their beloved admin:

      Posted 2014-08-13 at 03:56
      Payza always have some problems, and will not be available so soon.

      You see, when it comes down to withdrawals, Payza always have some problems, but in case you want to put your money in, there are no problems at all, it is constantly available for deposits. If you want to cash out through Payza, you can’t because Payza “always have some problems.”

      or you will receive the following response in which the admin locates the root of your cashout problem:

      Posted 2014-08-31 at 06:13
      You should ask your government why PayPal is not available in your country. Members in GoldenClix can withdraw money. There is available option. For everything else, we are not responsible.

      As per the goldenclix Terms of Service all payments to members are made via Paypal, Payza, EgoPay and PerfectMoney. The Payza logo and the logos of the other payment processors are featured on their homepage. When registering, you are asked to enter your email ID for all of these payment processors. Naturally, if Paypal is not supported in your country, you would think that you can still cashout to the remaining payment processors. But you can’t as at the moment Paypal is the only option available for cash out. And as per their admin, it is your fault for living in a country where Paypal is not accepted and it is your government fault for not doing anything about it, otherwise goldenclix would be the best PTC in the world. And he doesn’t feel responsible for luring you in under the assumption that you can cashout through Payza, Perfect Money, Egopay or SolidTrustPay, even if Paypal is not accepted in your country. Because withdrawal option is available, you just didn’t have the luck to live in a country where it is accepted.

      I mean, you gotta love this admin. He doesn’t respect the terms of service on his very own site and at the same time suspending people for “violating the TOS” by just asking about their pending payments. At the end, there is a reason why the “Site to Avoid” badge is displayed next to the goldenclix featured image at the top of this review.

      • Admin, you are absolutely RIGHT because as you said,when i asked them and remind them their TOS regarding cash out,they immediately suspended my account.
        Now i think that stupid admin of is not a human but he is a BEAST.

      • Jacky

        Dear admin, you are right. According their TOS , you can only withdraw thru payment processor which you used to deposit, in this case, the site must open all the payment processor for member to cashout.
        I see this admin join many PTC site, I think those PTC admin should suspend his account, unless he close down their what called golden group site first for scamming people.

      • YES DEAR.You are absolutely right and i think he is not a human but a GREEDY DOG.

  2. Ilona

    Now my account has been reactivated. it seems that the admin Edin is human. Thank you, admin.

  3. Ilona

    Mid april I requested payout of 4 dollars. Then a few weeks later my account was suspended. I sent ticked and asked why I’m suspended but I get no answer.

  4. siva

    yes there were some problems, but now rectified ,hi friends here are other real ways to earn money, through one you cant earn money so you need more of them, i had given my years of experience to you after trying all the sites if you are interrested you can join using the links to increase your earning potential

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  5. Hi my friends,

    A person can tell me Goldenclix is really scam or not?

    • jojo

      yes i agree its pure ponzi scheme, its should be in SCAM list

    • jacky

      This is my advise, you should avoid using this site, it will waste your time. Admin cannot be trusted, Even you see the site is paying everyday, but just selective payment only. Today you are paying but maybe not tomorrow.

    • nobody

      SCAM : only certain people get paid and the others dont . if you ask about your payment then YOUR ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED.
      or after you cashout ACCOUNT SUSPENDED.
      too risky to are ignored and their forum is censored.
      goldenclix has proven to be unreliable . RR click value is a joke.

    • someone

      Not Scam!

      They had a problem with Paypal on April/May, but since they merged with Zigma Network – they are paying. I got paid 3 times since then – $90 at all.

      • nobody

        then why are many people still not paid and have their accounts suspended . alot of the honest members are suspended .
        after what they have pulled of all investing is very risky if you find the next day you are suspended and your money is gone.

  6. jacky

    Currently I can feel Silverclix and Goldenclix are selective paying.
    Just see from their payment proof list, some member is being paid few times within a month in PAYPAL , But still got many member complaint the payment is pending over 1 to 2 months.
    Why the admin not treat all his member fair.

  7. Dear bro,
    Is Golden click real payment?Are I want to know golden click and grand click realpayment?Please,tell me.

  8. GL

    Is clixdo also under golden group,ask for cash out still pending and i send support ticket also never reply,post on forum also deleted can’t post or reply any more…

    • PTCCentral

      Yes, clixdo is from the same network.

  9. fun


    Admin edit: @Fun – Keep the comments relevant to the page, I have enough off topic comments here on this review page and I don’t want to get more off topic.

  10. nobody

    i got banned too .but did not invest any money -thank good LOL.
    i dont like edin from croatia.
    he thinks he’s somebody important but is just another greedy site owner who does not like free members.
    and his paypal problem is his fault and not paypal itself.
    and with taking over all these sites it was gonna happen eventually-the GREAT COLLAPSE OF THE GOLDEN GROUP LOL

    • PTCCentral

      If I recall correctly, his Paypal got limited due to too much withdrawal activity, at least that was stated somewhere on their forum – he was withdrawing $500 every day. Paypal found that suspicious and limited their account.

      • jacky

        Since he is withdrawing $500 everyday last time, I think the money also from member invested from the sites. He must use this money to pay their member and not let the payment pending so long. Recently, read from their forum, even thought new payment also never proceed within 7 business days. It is not so good for pending payment so long, member will lost confident from the site and will not invest to the site, site will never have fund to pay again.

  11. just get new update from the admin :)

  12. Membranne

    Every one just leave this Goldenclix. If you write ticket you get banned. GG just Leave……

  13. When i start with this minimum payout its says 2$. when i reach 2$ sites say 5$. Do you think shall i continue with this up to 5$. OR wast of my time on this.

  14. biznierius

    I got two payments (~$5 and ~$2) from Goldelclix already. Maybe i am lucky?

  15. krishan

    admin can u tell me any kind of legit work which i can do online and earn real money?????

    • PTCCentral

      You mean other than PTC/GPT sites? Well you could try if you have some idea about a gig that would sell good, there are crazy things people are selling on fiverr.

      Freelance graphic or web design is a good option, but both require some skills. If you have talent and work hard, it could be great way to earn extra money online.

      You can create original videos and upload them on Youtube. If your videos get a fair amount of views you can apply to become a Youtube partner and you will earn money from the ads that are shown to those who watch your videos.

      You can create your own blog or website if you have an idea to write about and try to monetize the traffic your site is receiving. However building a blog is a long term process and requires persistence.

      For more ideas, visit the following link:

  16. Aiken

    I requested payment of $62.15 on April 14. Until now, I’ve never received any payment from them.

  17. fun

    1st I want to clear that I don’t care about Goldenclix or twickerz. I appreciate PTCcentral work, it is great site. But this time I feel it is unfair that two companies which are using same paypal account, which are together running sites, declare one as scam and one as legit. My point is if Goldenclix is turning to be Scam then sure one day Twickerz too or both should be Legit.
    I’m only giving my point of view. I know you will say it is different management, but don’t u think even management is different, there is high risk if both companies have same paypal account? I want to ask with other people also about what they feel if two companies is using same paypal account and one is declare as Legit and another as Scam?

    • PTCCentral

      I didn’t declared Goldenclix scam, I have moved them to the Sites to Avoid list, meaning I am no longer recommending them due to the reasons stated above. A site doesn’t have to be “scam”, but if I consider it a bad program, then it can be moved to the Sites to Avoid list.
      Nowadays everyone have their own definition of scam. There are PTC sites out there which are clearly scams, there are other PTCs which were opened with intention to scam and will end up as scam eventually, there are also other sites from previous scam owners and those can be called simply a scam. And there are sites that are trying to operate legitimately, but do not make it and they fail along the way. That’s why the list is not called the “Scam list” but “Sites to Avoid”. Although most of the sites on this list are scam, you will also find some sites that can be considered a failed business, or sites that didn’t have intention to scam but they are heading towards that direction by suspending users to clear out pending payments, censoring people on the forum etc.

      I agree there is Paypal risk for Twickerz too since this merger took place. And I don’t think it was a good idea for Twickerz. Probably the Golden group offered them some lucrative deal as they didn’t have any other option after Paypal limited their accounts twice. The important question for Twickerz is it worth the risk to accept this partnership?

      I don’t see people being banned and censored on Twickerz when asking about their payment. Which is the reason why Goldenclix was moved to the Sites to Avoid list. Yes, both sites are using the same Paypal, but both are under different management. So for now Twickerz will remain on the Legit list, however I will closely monitor Twickerz, and if necessary I would do status changes. At this point I think there is no need for that. I can’t just downgrade their status because I have doubts about their future. They are still paying and there are no other serious issues, from what I can see. If that changes, then their status will be changed too.

      • fun

        Thanks for clearing. You are real a great guy. Once again sorry for my previous harsh comments. From now I will follow your website. Hey can you tell me the name of the website in which you are earning most good and which you think safe to invest? Coz I want to know the name of the websites in which you are working so that I can follow you.

        • Ouch really bad month for PTC sites. Fun you are absolutely right, PTC Central is a great dude… I highly recommend you subscribe to this site so you can the most up to date details about your PTC programs that you may be in.

          I did not see this status change for GG network, I can’t believe I missed this earlier. When I read this I went almost all white. I would be most displeased with GG cause I am upgraded on a few sites.

          I am not happy at all with Edin, considering it was he who has always played the White Knight role…..I guess we take a quote out of the The Dark Knight Script here….

          You live long enough to see yourself become the villian.

          I agree w/ PTC Central about Twickerz…Marijoy should jump ship on this merger before disputes start hitting her PP account. She seems to care and she did work hard a couple months back to get Twickerz up and going again.

          PTC Central I can’t thank you enough, time to start furiously cashing out w/ GG

  18. andrewK

    Requested first payout of $5…1 week later, have not received payout, attempted to login and my account is suspended

    definitely scam

  19. pokeplayer984

    I had a feeling this one would go scam, and I was right. What made me suspicious was that my old payout request could not be cancelled. It never got paid. Then next thing I noticed, a new site emerged called ClixBox, which is said to also be owned by him.

    Even if it did pay, it would likely be ponzi now. I then chose to leave both GoldenClix and SilverClix of my own free will.

    I haven’t been paid that old request since I left. Seeing this, looks like I made the right choice. :)

  20. fun

    If Twickerz is in Legit list, how can Goldenclix is in Sites to Avoid List. Now both are sister sites with same paypal account. So if you declare Goldenclix (Entire Goldengroup) as scam, then you must declare twickerz also as scam. I think you have put Goldenclix in site to Avoid list coz you are the one who get suspended by them. But I’m sure if you get suspended, must have some reason for that. And if you claim there are lots of complain about suspending account, ok then show us, give us link here about those losts of complain.
    And from my own experience and opinion, I never think Goldengroup will turn into scam. Admin of Goldenclix is only one who even fight back with paypal issue. He is the one who work so hard, just to save his site he went to UK, register company and at last even merge with Twickerz. So if he want to be scammer, why did he need to bother such things. And even Goldengroup is still paying, ya there is delay in payment but we all know this is just temporary coz of his previous paypal issue, I’m sure this will solve soon.

    • anonymous

      That ‘Fan’ boy…
      Why you so moron? Go checkout silverclix forum who ask about pending payment they BAN. Go checkout goldenclix forum who ask about pending payment they REMOVE POSTS or BAN people(even upgaraded acc or no). Too many members payments are pending 30+ days (mine too) an obvious example neobux and clixsense is working really hard since 2007-08 Why paypal never block these sites account? The answer is: They will never fraud people. I’ll never trust again like this scammers. I’ll always use elite sites, cuz am really tired. And get a brain licker.

      • Franc

        About Neo Bux:-
        Well, I became a member of NB in May 2011, and clicked the ads daily,
        I rented refs every week, and I reinvested all my earnings $89 and my investment $5 in RR’s. One fine morning in may 2013 the site was down.
        They took whole month to improve the Server capacity and my RR’s refused to click till all my RR’s got below the average of 1.00
        and I lost my earned and invested money,

        Hi dude, This site is only for those members who have signed up in the first year and not for the people who joined later.

      • fun

        You didn’t get my point. I’m not saying that Goldenclix must be Legit. I’m saying that if Goldenclix is declare as Scam then at least Twickerz should put in Watch List. Coz if both companies are using same paypal account then one day coz of Goldenclix, paypal will be limited and twickerz also need to suffer that.

    • PTCCentral

      Goldenclix fan boy, just to make it clear for you, I am not even using Goldenclix or any other site from the Golden group, all sites from the Golden group network were on our banner rotators list. So I can’t get suspended as I am not an active member there.

      On the links below you can find some of the complaints I am talking about:,326362.150.html,335524.0.html,332306.0.html,334136.0.html,282058.0.html,335592.0.html

      As I replied earlier on the Twickerz review, The Goldengroup does not have ownership rights on Twickerz, they have partnered up so they can use their Paypal account. And what is going on now on the sites from the Golden group, have nothing to do with Twickerz and the same thing is not happening on Twickerz. So I will not declare Twickerz as scam, but the sites from the Golden group will be not recommended here anymore, all of them have been moved to the Sites to Avoid list, whether they are scams or not, decide for yourself.

      Yeah I know their admin is working so hard to safe his sites by suspending anyone who asks about their pending payments, money that those members have rightfully earned.

      Why he needs to bother with such things like going to the UK? Well as he said, because:

      “$5500 earned money only last month. I am not ready to leave this money every month.”

      • fun

        Ok i understand. In twickerz you are working actively, so you want it to be legit. And in Goldenclix you are not working so you just follow what Investigation posted in his facebook.
        Do your own research, ask with admin of Goldenclix. Admin of PTCinvestigation use lots of fake account and autoclicker in goldenclix, he caught to do so and for that he get suspended, now he is crying like a baby and trying to prove Goldenclix as scam. And follower like you just posting what he say without doing research. You can see in your own link, when one have posted about getting suspended, more than 10 people reply him as bad and supported Goldenclix, do you know why, coz true is true. Goldenclix is genuine and I can 100% sure about it coz I know personally Goldenclix admin.
        So why I’m discussing with you? Coz lots of people follow your site, so try to research more before declare any good people as scammer. Coz when you post someone as scammer, then even he don’t want but coz of your post, many people will leave to work in that company, which will result it to be scam one day. So try to save the people who real do hard work.
        If you have doubt on some sites, at least you have watch list section for that, why just need to declare anyone scam directly. Try to do review without biasness.

        • “Do your own research, ask with admin of Goldenclix. Admin of PTCinvestigation use lots of fake account and autoclicker in goldenclix, he caught to do so and for that he get suspended, now he is crying like a baby and trying to prove Goldenclix as scam. ”

          Nope try again fan boy! That is a lie. Maybe you should do your own research. Nothing to do with bots. It was over the statement I made about Twickerz and ClixBox here.

          If need be I can show you a screen shot of the PM he sent me and why he banned me. Nothing about bots. lol…

          Oh it gets better…your so called beloved admin had the audacity to PM me and on facebook and say he would try to get me banned from Twickerz. A site I stop using years ago. LOL… I couldn’t stop laughing. This is a honest admin? Should I tell you about his bigot statements he made about another PTC user? These guys are dirty.

          Look this admin can’t handle criticism and bans people for speaking up on their own sites outside of this network. He has no right to try to censor people. He and his thugs don’t have any control over me and I can care less what lies this guy tells people. That includes you. But if you want to go around telling people to do research, then perhaps you should take a dose of your own medicine before you ridicule people for speaking up.

          @PTCCentral, Sorry to jump in, but I thought this should be known.

          • Franc

            Hi, fan of Edin, Your admin went on tour of Africa, now he is in Philipines, Whose money he is enjoying? I rented 10 Refs in Golden clix and earned only $0.40
            The so called admin is changing the TOS frequently to avoid members payments.My $7 payment I am not receiving since last 15 Days! WOO with the sawine

          • PTCCentral

            Hi PTC-Investigation, it is fine, I’m glad you came here and replied to the false accusations above.

          • fun

            I’m sorry PTCcentral and PTCinvestigation Admin. Actually I support Goldenclix before is coz of two reasons. One is I’ve personal contact with Goldenclix admin from online, I talk with him many times in many issues, and 2nd I feel if two companies using same paypal account then how can one legit and one scam. But now I’ve done lots of research and finalize that PTCinvestigation’s admin has never use bots, that is lie which Goldenclix’s admin tell me. So sorry about it. From now I will never listen to any of the PTC’s admin.
            But also one thing still I not feel right-putting twickerz in Legit list. But this is your website , so u are free to do anything.
            Once again sorry to both of you.

            • anonymous

              Hey Fan Boy,
              If you’ve personally contact with Edin, Could you please tell that big faggot, I need my money,(PayPal) I’m waiting my money at since mid-april, before I receive 3 payment. He is deleting my posts on forum. Tell me how can I trust that scammers anymore?

              • fun

                I can ask Edin. But now I do not favor him, coz after I find out his lie about PTCinvestigation admin, I regret that sometime I favor him. Thanks to PTCcentral Admin and PTCinvestigation Admin for showing me the way to find out the truth. But till now Edin don’t know I’m against him coz I need to withdraw cash from goldenclix. So I can talk about you also, but for that I need your username. You can tell PTCCentral admin to give me your username in Goldenclix. When you give him your username also let me know your deleted posts in Goldenclix.

        • PTCCentral

          I am not using Twickerz either, it is also on the banner rotators list, and I do not have a personal interest (like you do have about Goldenclix) to keep Twickerz on the Legit list. But at the moment I don’t see a reason to remove them from the Legit list and they will remain there for now.

          Actually I did my own research, which apparently you didn’t do. You are so blinded by the money you could possible receive from these sites that we have moved either to the Watch list or the Sites to Avoid list, and each time we downgrade a site status, you come here to post your non-sense theories. Same thing all over again as seen on the review of Ojooo and PTCSolution. You have already proved your greed and selfishness in our previous discussions, as long as you are getting paid, you do not care about other issues these sites are experiencing. And when you are no longer paid on time you will come here and will say something like “at least this site is great for advertising, I got good results”.

          It is funny how from 7 links I posted above, you pointed out just the one from the PTC-Investigation facebook page. I posted 6 links from eMoneyspace, why that does not make me an eMoneyspace “follower”? I am no one’s follower, I do my own research and publish what I have found. Posting a link to other pages just backs up my opinion, does not make me a follower of someone else.

          Oh now it is my fault if a site turns into a scam, because I give you heads up on what is going on? I didn’t declared anyone a scam directly, but I am no longer recommending the sites from the Golden group due to the reasons described above.

          • Dousaf

            Great response. This guy is the pinnacle of selfishness . I have seen many of his nonsense posts here, but I just did not have the time and energy to go into useless debates with someone who does not see further than his nose. Well said.