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scarlet-clicks and are the newest sites from the same admin. Both sites will be placed on the Not recommended list.

Update Dec 3 2014: It has been half a year since our latest update to this review and things are not improving on Goldenclix and the other sites from the Golden Group network. has been closed down without paying off their members. Prior to the closure, the site was not paying for months. and are no longer paying, there are no new payments since October 21 2014. Goldenclix and Silverclix are still paying selectively, and if you ask a simple question about your pending payment they will suspend your account. The forums are still moderated and censored, posts must be approved by forum staff before they appear publicly. It is obvious that this PTC network is collapsing – one site already gone, two sites no longer paying and the remaining two are paying selectively. That means their status here won’t change, Goldenclix and the other sites from their network will remain on the Not Recommended list. We feel the sites from the Golden Group network are not a safe place to earn money online, therefore we would not recommend any site from the Golden Group network.

Update May 21 2014: There are few important issues at Goldenclix and the other sites from their network (Silverclix, Adzpot, Clixdo, Balkanikaclix) to which you should pay attention. Is the site still paying? Yes, it appears so. New payment requests are processed as per their TOS, but that’s not the case with older payment requests. The site had Paypal issues, few times they got their Paypal accounts limited, and for that reason older payment requests (from mid April) are delayed for more than a month. What’s more concerning is that the site is suspending members when they post questions, complaints or concerns on the forum regarding their pending payments. And those forum threads are expressly deleted. Which brings me to the conclusion that the site does not want to resolve this issue the right way. It is easy to ban members and take from them what they have rightfully earned. But it is not the right way. And we will not endorse such sites. The number of complaints we are receiving regarding this issue is increasing and there are also similar complaints over the web on other PTC related forums, blogs and groups. In case anyone have forgotten, the same admin also owns which is no longer paying. There are no new payments for over a month, since April 14. We will no longer recommend Goldenclix and all other sites from the Golden Group. Goldenclix have been moved to the Not Recommended list. I encourage those of you who were suspended just for asking about your pending payment, to post your experience that you had with Goldenclix in the comment section below. They can censor you on their forum, but they can not censor you here. Downsides – Things to Pay Attention to:

Forum Censorship – Forum posts that contains questions, complaints or concerns regarding pending payments are being deleted and the posters are banned. Moreover it appears that forum posts must be approved by staff before they appear publicly. So you will not find many complaints on their forum, but that does not means everything is working smoothly. Members have valid reasons to complain, but if they do it on Goldenclix, they will get banned and their posts will be deleted. Forums should be a place for open and free discussions, place where members can ask for support, advice, post their doubts and concerns etc. This way, with “sensitive” posts being deleted, the administration wants to hide the negative feedback about their site, and don’t want others to know what is really happening on their site.

Few Paypal Accounts Limited – After Paypal limited their accounts few times, Golden Group merged with Zimga network ( and and they are using the Zigma’s Paypal account. That may be a risk for Zigma’s Paypal, since the sites from the Golden Group already had few limited Paypal accounts. I mean, if Paypal limit your accounts multiple times, they are doing it for a reason and the same may happen again.

Selective Payments; Suspending Users – Since Paypal limited their accounts few times, the site was experiencing financial issues which resulted in payout delays. Many members had pending payments for long time, way over what’s specified in the site TOS. If a member ask about his pending payment on the forum, he will get banned and the post deleted. They are doing this since the beginning of May 2014 and still continue to do so, even after they merged with Zigma network.

Payment Processors Tricks – On the Golden Group sites all payment processors are opened for deposits, but only Paypal is available for cashouts, the others are closed. As per their TOS, “All payments are made via Paypal, Payza, EgoPay and PerfectMoney” and “You can only request an unlimited amount to be paid to the payment processor you`ve used to make the most of your purchases in monetary amount”. That means if you deposit through other payment processors, you simply can’t withdraw to the respective payment processors since Paypal is the only available option for cashout and the terms says that you must withdraw to the payment processor which you used to deposit. Same applies if Paypal is not available in your country, basically you can’t withdraw your earnings since all other payout options are closed. If you ask the Golden Group admin regarding this issue, he will respond in the following manner:

“You should ask your government why PayPal is not available in your country. Members in GoldenClix can withdraw money. There is available option. For everything else, we are not responsible.”

Seriously? According to them, it is your fault for living in a country where Paypal is not accepted and it is your government fault for not doing anything about it, yet their terms says there are multiple payout options available, the logos of those payment processors are featured on their homepage and when registering, you are asked to enter your email ID for all of these payment processors. And they don’t feel responsible for luring you in under the assumption that you can cashout through Payza, Perfect Money, Egopay or SolidTrustPay, if Paypal is not accepted in your country.

A Bux site – Goldenclix can be categorized as a Bux site. The “bux” model is unsustainable business model build over a ponzi foundations, rather that advertising income. Bux sites heavily relies on selling expensive upgrades or renting referrals to pay members, and they are displaying self sponsored ads with higher click rate. Typically, a bux site will lack of advertising revenue to cover the cost of the self sponsored ads, which is why they tend to collapse. Be sure to test a new bux site and do your research if you plan to invest money. Even if you decide to invest in a bux site, never invest more than you can afford to lose. So decide carefully.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates
  • Script: EvolutionScript
  • Owner: Golden Group – Edin Ikanovic (Croatia)
goldenclix terms of service
  • May 21, 2014 – Moved to the Not Recommended list due to suspending users without a valid reason, forum censorship and selective payments.
  • May 7, 2014 – Increasing stepped cashout system introduced.
  • April 26, 2014 – Goldenclix merged with the Zigma network (owns Twickerz and YouGetProfit).
  • April 10, 2014 – They are using another Paypal account and Paypal withdrawals are enabled.
  • April 04, 2014 – Paypal account has been limited.
  • March 30, 2014 – Payeer has been added as a new payment processor.
  • March 02, 2014 – New TOS point – Members from Vietnam must be upgraded to receive money.
  • December 26, 2013 – Payza available for cashouts again.
  • December 24, 2013 – Payza is temporarily disabled. Perfect Money, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay are available for cashouts.
  • November 15, 2013 – PTSU offers implemented.
  • September 4, 2013 – SolidTrustPay is available for cashouts.
  • August 10, 2013 – Review published, site added to the New Sites List.
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Review Published: 10 Aug 2013

Review Last Updated: 3 Dec 2014

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145 comments on “Goldenclix Review – Is it Scam or Legit? | Not Recommended

  1. said

    I am so disappointed with goldenclix..I had ask for my first payment but this is the reply i got:

    hi there my friend,

    I hope this message finds you well :)
    Read here:
    Your option:
    1. Submit documents – no need to invest
    2. Be a depositor – No need to submit Docs
    3. If you do not like the 2 above options, you can use your money for advertising :)
    we have good traffic.

    They ask me to provide some documents like ID card and internet bill and additional pictures?. I don’t want and never divulge my personal identification card in the internet especially in any websites..and besides my internet bill is under my husband’s name. And I dont want to be a depositor either nor want to use my money for advertisement because I don’t own any website to promote!..I have no other option than to leave them my hardly earned money..nice way to scam people.

  2. I not like to talk, but the truth is that members seem to love scam site. I can not understand, everyone knows what they are paying, this site has become scam long ago, yet members are investing because they do not like to read anything or find out about anything, then it must suffer to see you learn.

  3. pappy

    might as well just throw your money away

  4. pappy

    scam does not pay will not resend an activation code, why do they let you in every day and send emails to you but will not let you cash out?

  5. Omid

    Thanks for the info

  6. Recently I’ve stumbled across this site again and it seems they’ve redesigned. Randomly clicked Forum where their Admin is still busy posting threads about payments being in waiting for 15 days or less, that’s it if you have previously invested in this site of his. Looks like if not, he won’t pay, he will flood you with articles and graphs about ‘cheaters’ and ‘fraud’. So it looks nothing has REALLY changed there. I had quite depressing feeling reading it;) I don’t know why people still remain there as members. I was tired of wondering with never knowing what this Admin will come up with next, whether I will ever get paid for my work with this site. Why should I read about cheating and scams every day, instead of getting my payment once? Sooooo glad I am gone:)))

    • pappy

      I feel your pain, where We come from people get paid for their work, we don’t expect someone wasting our time, I should be working on legit sites, but edin burnt up so much of my time I figured why not rant and rave a while

  7. George

    I raised the issue with support but they have been ignoring my tickets

  8. George

    Indeed Goldenclix is a scam. I am a user by the name octave449. I had requested payment which has not been paid till now. However their system shows I received payments. They then wrote to say that the payment was sent to I found this very suspicious because when I was filling my details one of the things I made sure was that my paypal email was correct. I do not own the email they claim to have sent the money to. Then the other question I ask myself what are the odds of another email account other than mine having gwrigha? It seems I have been scammed and I would like to tell internet users to be wary of that site and any site associated with its owner

    • pappy

      He won’t even take the blame himself, he told me to send his girlfriend an email so I could get paid, needless to say I still have not been paid

  9. scammm not pay……………………

  10. Site is looking like it’s all up and running, however they set MAXIMUM cashout limit (different for membership type, but limit still) and admin is mostly busy posting threads on their forum stating how he will ‘verify’ all the accounts belonging to members who didn’t make any deposit to his site, before the can request these cashout, which are $10, $40 or $50 MAXIMUM, asking for their ‘government issued ID’, ‘internet bill’, and ‘additional picture (unofficial picture) of you where will be visible your face with shoulders’. I say the whole Goldenclix is not worth the effort even without this hassle. Any site clearly not capable of paying you more than 50 dollars (after upgrade) is not worthy of investing time to promote it and build a downline.

  11. Debra

    This website is SCAM. I have not received my requested payout and admin didn’t respond to my support ticket. Avoid this bux.

  12. scam sites
    owner of this group is moran

    • pappy

      You got alot a room to talk paidverts, no free member can make money on your site unless they can type 300 words a minute.

  13. håkan

    pending widrawl over time

    i whas suspended for no reason

    i hawe a lot of refellers earning 60 dollars a day.then i whas suspended for no reason

  14. Zahid Ali

    Can somebody tells me that they are still paying through payza?

    • PTCCentral

      According to them, Payza is temporarily disabled. They don’t give exact date when it would be available again. If you ask them about Payza on their forum, you will receive the following response from their beloved admin:

      Posted 2014-08-13 at 03:56
      Payza always have some problems, and will not be available so soon.

      You see, when it comes down to withdrawals, Payza always have some problems, but in case you want to put your money in, there are no problems at all, it is constantly available for deposits. If you want to cash out through Payza, you can’t because Payza “always have some problems.”

      or you will receive the following response in which the admin locates the root of your cashout problem:

      Posted 2014-08-31 at 06:13
      You should ask your government why PayPal is not available in your country. Members in GoldenClix can withdraw money. There is available option. For everything else, we are not responsible.

      As per the goldenclix Terms of Service all payments to members are made via Paypal, Payza, EgoPay and PerfectMoney. The Payza logo and the logos of the other payment processors are featured on their homepage. When registering, you are asked to enter your email ID for all of these payment processors. Naturally, if Paypal is not supported in your country, you would think that you can still cashout to the remaining payment processors. But you can’t as at the moment Paypal is the only option available for cash out. Moreover, as per their terms:

      You can only request an unlimited amount to be paid to the payment processor you`ve used to make the most of your purchases in monetary amount.

      That means if you make deposit via payment processor different than Paypal, you must withdraw to that payment processor. But since the other payment options are closed for withdrawals, basically you can’t withdraw your money even if you have Paypal.

      And as per their admin, it is your fault for living in a country where Paypal is not accepted and it is your government fault for not doing anything about it, otherwise goldenclix would be the best PTC in the world. And he doesn’t feel responsible for luring you in under the assumption that you can cashout through Payza, Perfect Money, Egopay or SolidTrustPay, even if Paypal is not accepted in your country. Because withdrawal option is available, you just didn’t have the luck to live in a country where it is accepted.

      I mean, you gotta love this admin. He doesn’t respect the terms of service on his very own site (as the terms says there are multiple payout options available) and at the same time suspending people for “violating the TOS” by just asking about their pending payments. At the end, there is a reason why the “Site to Avoid” badge is displayed next to the goldenclix featured image at the top of this review.

      • Cecil

        paypal is legit, you scam people do not have any money there is why you claim they have a problem, edin how many poor suckers time will you take? How can you sleep knowing how many people you have swindeled? let me spell it out in TEXAN you are a liar. Here is my email, stand up and act like a man

        • Cecil

          I know I will sleep good tonight because I have NEVER gave my word to someone and not backed it up.

      • Zahid Ali

        Admin, you are absolutely RIGHT because as you said,when i asked them and remind them their TOS regarding cash out,they immediately suspended my account.
        Now i think that stupid admin of is not a human but he is a BEAST.

      • Jacky

        Dear admin, you are right. According their TOS , you can only withdraw thru payment processor which you used to deposit, in this case, the site must open all the payment processor for member to cashout.
        I see this admin join many PTC site, I think those PTC admin should suspend his account, unless he close down their what called golden group site first for scamming people.

      • Zahid Ali

        YES DEAR.You are absolutely right and i think he is not a human but a GREEDY DOG.

  15. Ilona

    Now my account has been reactivated. it seems that the admin Edin is human. Thank you, admin.

    • pappy

      Are you REALLY going to waste more time with him?

  16. Ilona

    Mid april I requested payout of 4 dollars. Then a few weeks later my account was suspended. I sent ticked and asked why I’m suspended but I get no answer.

  17. Hi my friends,

    A person can tell me Goldenclix is really scam or not?

    • jojo

      yes i agree its pure ponzi scheme, its should be in SCAM list

    • jacky

      This is my advise, you should avoid using this site, it will waste your time. Admin cannot be trusted, Even you see the site is paying everyday, but just selective payment only. Today you are paying but maybe not tomorrow.

    • nobody

      SCAM : only certain people get paid and the others dont . if you ask about your payment then YOUR ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED.
      or after you cashout ACCOUNT SUSPENDED.
      too risky to are ignored and their forum is censored.
      goldenclix has proven to be unreliable . RR click value is a joke.

    • someone

      Not Scam!

      They had a problem with Paypal on April/May, but since they merged with Zigma Network – they are paying. I got paid 3 times since then – $90 at all.

      • nobody

        then why are many people still not paid and have their accounts suspended . alot of the honest members are suspended .
        after what they have pulled of all investing is very risky if you find the next day you are suspended and your money is gone.

        • pappy


  18. jacky

    Currently I can feel Silverclix and Goldenclix are selective paying.
    Just see from their payment proof list, some member is being paid few times within a month in PAYPAL , But still got many member complaint the payment is pending over 1 to 2 months.
    Why the admin not treat all his member fair.

    • pappy

      Him and his girlfriend run Ionbux too STAYAWAY

  19. GL

    Is clixdo also under golden group,ask for cash out still pending and i send support ticket also never reply,post on forum also deleted can’t post or reply any more…

    • PTCCentral

      Yes, clixdo is from the same network.

      • how many are they running?

  20. nobody

    i got banned too .but did not invest any money -thank good LOL.
    i dont like edin from croatia.
    he thinks he’s somebody important but is just another greedy site owner who does not like free members.
    and his paypal problem is his fault and not paypal itself.
    and with taking over all these sites it was gonna happen eventually-the GREAT COLLAPSE OF THE GOLDEN GROUP LOL

    • PTCCentral

      If I recall correctly, his Paypal got limited due to too much withdrawal activity, at least that was stated somewhere on their forum – he was withdrawing $500 every day. Paypal found that suspicious and limited their account.

      • jacky

        Since he is withdrawing $500 everyday last time, I think the money also from member invested from the sites. He must use this money to pay their member and not let the payment pending so long. Recently, read from their forum, even thought new payment also never proceed within 7 business days. It is not so good for pending payment so long, member will lost confident from the site and will not invest to the site, site will never have fund to pay again.

        • Cecil

          jacky, im just a little fish in the sea, but the way i see it is someone has paid to have their ads seen, i watch them, click on them everyday and get nothing while edin puts it in his pocket and tells me to take a picture of a hand written note with my face in the picture and send it to his girlfriend