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Update: Fuseclix is no longer online. Moved to the Failed Sites list. The article below will remain intact for information purposes only and will not be updated anymore.

Fuseclix.com is the latest PTC site from Andrei Dumitrache, a Romanian admin who have history of running scam PTC sites. He owned a lot of closed scam sites, including Ptc-advertisements.com, Clixbanner.com, Hitzbux.com, Protectbux.com, Increaseearning20.com and Intbux.com. He is also running other active scam sites at the moment – Ojooclix.com, Lexbux.com, Red-alertbux.com, Nodbux.com and Zonclix.com. For more info about these sites, you can read our review of Ojooclix, the review of Nodbux and the review of Zonclix. And again he is using domain name similar to other PTC site (fusebux.com) and he is advertising Fuseclix on his other sites as a “new site from the admin of Fusebux.com”. Which is not true. Fusebux is not affiliated with Fuseclix. The admin is deliberately using similar site name to attract people and get as many investors as possible and most likely leave after a while. He did the same with Ojooclix.com. We do not recommend new sites from owners with history of running scam sites, therefore Fuseclix will be placed on the Not Recommended list. It will be just another scam site from this admin, it’s pretty much clear that he is opening one site after another with intention to scam, therefore you should keep away from Fuseclix.

clixsense advertising platform

Here are the proofs which will show you that Fuseclix is owned by Andrei Dumitrache. There is self-sponsored Clixsense advertisement on Fuseclix with his referral link.

Clixsense advertisement with referral link of Andrei Dimitrache on Fuseclix

The self-sponsored advertisements displayed on Fuseclix and Zonclix (also owned by Andrei Dimitrache) are with the same referral links:

Fuseclix and Zonclix same self sponsored advertisement for Empire money with the same referral links

Fuseclix and Zonclix same self sponsored advertisement for Etoro with the same referral links

Fuseclix and Zonclix same self sponsored advertisement for Binary Options with the same referral links

The Payza account (which appears to be limited) on Fuseclix is registered to Andrei Dimitrache:
The Payza account of Fuseclix belongs to Andrei Dimitrache

The paypal account PTCompany@mail.com used on Fuseclix is the same account which is used on the other sites from Andrei Dimitrache, as you can see on the payment proofs screenshots below:
Fuseclix is using the same Paypal account which is used on other sites owned by Andrei Dimitrache

For additional information about Fuseclix, you can also read the review on PTC-Investigation’s Facebook page and see their proofs.

Review Published: 12 May 2014

Review Last Updated:

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3 comments on “Fuseclix.com – Scammer admin (no longer online) | Failed Site

  1. Gerardo

    Hi admin, do you have info about FuseBux? seems good..

    • PTCCentral

      It is from the same owner of Zapbux who was lying that their “company” has been online since 2010 and ripped off the design of another legitimate company website. I would not use nor recommend site that is trying to deceive members into thinking that they were reliable and legitimate company. They are just another ponzi waiting to collapse.

  2. LOL…….Zon Clix looks so scammy that they have become their own IM meme…

    Go to front page of Zon Clix…you see the lady…and she says’

    “You get no Dollars” you can just see it in here eyes, they are screaming SCAM AF