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Have you ever heard of a reliable PTC site which pays you 10$ for each click? claims to pay users $10 per click, but it is nothing more than a scam, unreliable and unsustainable program. Fine PTC is operated by admin who owns a bunch of similar scam sites. None of them pays. You should keep away from Fine PTC, otherwise you are wasting your time for nothing. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Read the review below to find out more about this internet scam.

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Reasons why you should avoid using

Owned by a Scammer – The owner of FinePTC is running a big network of scam PTC sites, including:,,,,,,,,,,
These sites are displaying the same ads with identical affiliate links and most of them are hosted on the same server as
fineptc server

Creating false impression – The PTC programs that claims to pay few dollars per each click are very attractive for members because they offer high click rate for such a simple task like viewing ads for a few seconds. You may think this is big opportunity to earn some fast cash online, but let’s be reasonable. That just sound too good to be true and it actually is. You should not expect getting paid by those kind of sites and you should avoid them. ClixSense is legit and one of the most reliable PTC, but they don’t claim to pay $5 per click. The maximum you can get for viewing a single advertisement on Clixsense is $0.02. But rest assured that Clixsense will pay you when you request payout, which is not the case with FinePTC where you will be able to request payment when you accumulate $10,000 in your account balance, but your request will never be processed. The payment waiting time is set to 60 business days. The reason why the payment waiting period is so long is because if you buy membership upgrade, and you realize too late that you won’t get paid – you will lost the chance to claim you money back by disputing the transaction. Due to the reason that disputes must be filed within 45 days of the completed payment transaction.

Bogus Click Rates; Unsustainable – PTC sites make revenue by selling advertisements. Fine PTC sells 1000 link ad hits for $5. They make $5 by selling 1000 paid links, while they need to pay members $10,000 as per their current rates of $10 per each click. Be realistic and do the math then ask yourself: how Fine PTC will generate the rest of the money to pay members? The advertising revenue on Fine PTC cannot support such high click rates. Moreover, who will pay 50% for the referral clicks? Obviously, no one.

Fake Payment Proofs – Fine PTC does have Payment Proof section, with a purpose to trick people and convince them that the site may be legitimate. Don’t be fooled by those so called payment proofs. Most of those proofs are fake payment proofs. It is just a listing of usernames and numbers. At the payment proofs section on their website, you can see Paypal payouts in amount higher than $10,000. This is simply not possible because Paypal does not allow single transactions in amount higher than $10,000. Fine PTC is just forging the payment proofs by writing random numbers.

No Forum – Fine PTC does not have forum. Usually, scam sites like this one do not have forums. If there was a forum, it would be full of complaints and spam. The owner know this and without a forum he can hide the negative feedback on his site, and new members may miss the true story about his site.

Bottom Line:

Fine PTC is scam all the way. As soon as you reach the payout minimum, you will request your payment and you will wait forever to receive it. Don’t fall for it. It is just another seller of dreams. They just want to get people to upgrade their accounts to paid membership. That’s how they make money. I would recommend to stay far away from Fine PTC and do not waste your time and effort for nothing. Instead, visit our Established Sites List to find which PTC opportunities actually pay out.

Review Published: 8 Jun 2013

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  1. sir my paymeant sent plz sir my payza account id

  2. I wish I would really appreciate it man I’m being a member of the Czech Sayth fineptc I’m working now close to 1 month reached 10,000 money but does not pay