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Facebookclix in a PTC site launched in the beginning of April. Facebookclix is not affiliated with Facebook in any way, it is just another site from the scammer admin of Quickbux, Exchangebux, Excellentbux.net, Profibux.com, Paid-bux.info, Bestbux.info, Cashbux.info. Since Facebookclix belongs to a large network of scam sites, I would recommend to keep away from the site. I would not waste time and effort on a site managed by a person with a record of running other scam sites. Below are attached proofs that will show you the connection between Facebookclix and the other scam sites from the same admin.

Same Perfect Money account – Facebookclix is using the same Perfect Money account which is also used on other sites from this network.
facebookclix perfect money account

The same Perfect Money account is used on Paid-bux.info:
paidbux perfect money account

Also the same Perfect Money account is used on Profibux.com:

profibux perfect money account

As seen on the payment proof screenshot below, again the same Perfect Money account is used on Profibux:
profibux perfect money payment proof

Facebookclix Review – Final Thoughts:

Facebookclix is from the same admin of other non paying scam sites who is opening one site after another with intention to scam therefore we would recommend to stay away from this site.

Review Published: 14 Apr 2014

Review Last Updated:

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6 comments on “Facebookclix – Connected to other Scam PTCs | Site to Avoid

  1. i was working on ptc sites 4 years ago.. but more than 99% ptc sites are scam..

  2. vasilist

    You may be right, however I paid today

  3. Thanks