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Excellentbux.net is an old scam site which was closed down a year ago. Now it has been relaunched by the same owner, a scammer who is responsible for a lot of other scam sites. Apparently he is relaunching his closed scam sites, he have also relaunched Cashbux.info recently, and now Excellentbux. Excellentbux is just another scam, a dubious program owned and managed by scammer, therefore it will be added to the Not Recommended list.

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Reasons why you should avoid using Excellentbux.net:

Owned by a Scammer – The owner of Excellentbux also owns other scam sites such as (links to the reviews) Platinaclix, Cashbux, Quickbux, Exchangebux, Facebookclix, Clixzone, Bestbux.info and he was admin of the closed scam sites Profibux.com and Paid-bux.info. Here are the proofs of the connection between Excellentbux and these sites. The same Paypal account is being used on Excellentbux and Quickbux.net.
excellentbux and quickbux same paypal account

The same Perfect Money account is being used on Excellentbux and Cashbux.info.
excellentbux and quickbux same perfect money account

While Excellentbux was still under construction, there was only one self-sponsored advertisement, which now has been removed, luckily I took screenshot of this ad, and the referral link of this ad matches the referral link of the same ad displayed on Platinabux, which is the latest new site from this owner.
excellentbux and platinabux same referral link for admin's self-sponsored ad

At the end, Excellentbux.net, Quickbux.net and Cashbux.info are using the same DNS.
excellentbux domain name servers

Excellentbux.net Review – Summary

Excellentbux.net is owned by previous scammer admin who have a very bad reputation among PTC users, he owns a lot of other non-paying scam sites and he keeps on opening new sites and relaunching his old closed sites. He will pay selectively in the beginning, then he will stop paying after a while. Therefore we would advise to keep away from Excellentbux. It will not be a long lasting successful site. Excellentbux is relaunched just to scam again, like all other sites owned by this notorious scammer.

Review Published: 28 Oct 2014

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22 comments on “Excellentbux Review – Old Scam PTC (relaunched) | Site to Avoid

  1. Shah

    Excellentbux is online agian and having a new design for their site. Scammer never stop scamming innocent people.

  2. Nabil

    I upgrade my membership to premium ($10).. and my request payout is pending till now and admin keep ignoring my support tickets and ban me in forum…
    Admin of excellentbux if you read this comment i will use all the money i have in advertising To debunk your despicable tricks and every time u open a new ptc to scam … i will be here … a word of man from me.

    • ADMIN of excellentbux

      hahahaha, I the admin of excellentbux and DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO because i open and reopen new ptc sites again and again. members is like dogs throw $2 to them and in return they give you $100 , i can’t believe how stupids are they.
      for your info i made $250.000 in paypal only from stupids persons like you

      old site + new design + old and new stupids, brainless members = flood of free dollars
      waiting you in my new site stupid nabil

      • Emanuel

        i received 2$ from this ptc

      • Excellentbux Admin is a Son of Bitch

        Let me fuck your mother.I will give you more money! 😀

        • Agree to "Excellenbux Admin is a Son of a Bitch"


  3. Annu

    Thanks everyone. I will also stop clicking. I had also reffered many of my friends and will ask them to stop working for this site

  4. it is a scam website please avoid

  5. Muhammad Altaf

    Yes Debbie, you are absolutely right.Unfortunately, I am a Member of a this SCAM site . It pays selective persons. I invested 15$ on this site and got only 10$ back. Please avoid this SCAM site

  6. Debbie Ann

    I also joined this site, luckily i didn’t invest money. I requested for a cashout but didn’t pay me. I sent them a ticket for it has been 2 weeks already and still they haven’t paid, I got banned from the forum.

  7. vlado

    Hello,im on that site, everything was nice before yesterday, when i aksed for payment, im premium member there,and allso i invested allot of money on referals,and money for getting direct referals,afther more then 24h, when i didnt recive payment, i sended suport ticket, i didnt recive any answer,now i asked on forum same question,and i get banned from forum,so judge yourself about this site

    • vlado

      and ofcourse they allso deleted my support tickets, so it’s obvious that they will not answer me.

  8. noname

    You all are a bunch of pussy’s. You write all this negative shit about these so called scam sites, bitch don’t join. I get paid from excellentbux everyday. That’s your choice of you want to join or not. So I guess you’re going to tell me next that the stock market is a scam. I encourage a risk takers to join excellentbux.net, no investment required.

    • PTCCentral

      This is what happens when you get attached to scam sites. You can’t see further than the end of your nose just because you are getting paid, while others are not. Sounds like you’re just thinking about yourself. The admin of Excellentbux is known for running scam sites that pay selectively, because he knows that some of those members that are getting paid will become his puppets, and they will support and defend his sites all over the net and encourage other people to join, as long as they are getting paid. Just don’t get used to it, because it will not last long so enjoy it while it lasts. Excellentbux was already closed down once and scammed thousands of members, and the same is going to happen again.

      We give warnings and proofs for our warnings, it is up to you to make the decision whether to join or not. Unlike you, there are people that don’t want to waste time, effort and money on sites operated by proven scammers with a record of running 10 scam sites. Because scammers tend to repeat their actions. And those people are glad to read the negative shit we write about these crap scam sites.

      Since you are a risk taker, I encourage you to join the other sites owned by the same admin, such as Exchangebux.com, Facebookclix.com, Clixzone.net, Quickbux.net, Bestbux.info. You may want to check the payment proofs pages on these websites and see how many months ago the last payouts were made. Since no investment is required, you can use the sites as a free member and since you are getting paid on Excellentbux, I don’t see a single reason why you wouldn’t get paid on the other sites, because they are managed by the same trustworthy admin. Let us know when you get paid, it would be great if you share your payment proofs with us. Too bad you can’t join Profibux.com and Paid-bux.info as they are gone long time ago.

      p.s. Can’t stop laughing at the comparison between the stock market and this garbage ponzi scam. Seriously?

      • Bev

        Terrific answer to one of the dumbest statements ever written on here.

      • This admin (PlatinaClix/ExcellentBux) kept track of each member and how much they were paying out. I made a slight profit off of him in ExcellentBux and broke even in PlatinaClix because of the payouts.

        PlatinaClix is shut down now, I assume ExcellentBux is to follow as there hasn’t been a forum post since Christmas.

    • Piratez

      As PTCCentral said, enjoy it while it lasts. For me, as a Premium member, it was for 2 payouts only. My 3rd & 4th PO request has been pending for nearly 2 weeks and when I sent support ticket about it (as they requested), instead of providing answers to my questions, they deleted my ticket. When I politely confronted them in the forum about the ticket deletion and the pending payments, they banned me and deleted all my posts. I guess they just can’t handle the truth LOL. Lucky for me, I didn’t invest much on this shitty PTC and had reached my BEP.

      To everyone else reading this, risk taker or not, you should avoid this PTC like the plague! You’ve been warned!

    • ghost

      you are the bitch excellent bux paid me 2 2 15 still owe 690$ who is the bitch asshole also lock from forum wow

    • Nico

      You must then be the only one getting paid by this scam site, or you are the scammer, because i asked for a LOUSY $2 payout and what was supposed to be 5 working days turned pass 3 weeks now.
      I have also sent 4 tickets to support and they were all removed without even being answered.
      I think it’s time that this scammer get busted.
      So my paid every day friend you are either lying or you are the scammer.

  9. kons

    TOTAL SCAM ….waiting for more than a month for payment..and nothing !!!

  10. I like your posts as it saves me a lot of time. This way I avoid these scam sites before I waste my time clicking.

    • Mahmood

      Hi there
      Did you know a good website in this range