Established PTC Sites – Well Managed and Paying

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Established sites badge
Below is our list of Established Paid to Click sites. The sites listed here have proved to be stable and reliable, programs which are online for over 2 years and are currently paying without serious issues. To get the established badge, a site must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Online and Paying for years, at least 2 years
  2. Paying on time, according to the site Terms of Service
  3. Should offer a solid earning potential or various earning features through which users can actually earn in a reasonable time
  4. Need to have a stable business plan, without back and forth changes
  5. Need to have a solid members base (e.g. No sites with 1000-2000 members only)
  6. There are no other major issues

As you can see, this list will be small, because only the well managed and genuine Paid to Click programs will be listed here. Please note, if a site is listed here on this list that does not necessarily means it is a “goldmine”. Nor it means a great earning potential or good rented referrals averages. We don’t rate sites based on RR performance. Being placed on this list simply indicates the site is doing well for over 2 years, pays on time and there are no other issues.

Hover over the info button info icon to see some basic info about the PTC program. For additional information, click on the thumbnail/sitename link and read the full review.

A site will be removed or not accepted on the Established list if:

  • Stops paying
  • There are payment delays
  • Site is paying selectively
  • Reset balances/referrals
  • Changes in ownership
  • Low ads count
  • Site is encouraging members to break other websites terms (e.g click fraud)
  • Big and abrupt changes in the site business model which will result in significantly lower earnings
  • Received too many legitimate complaints