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Update: Erabux is no longer online. Moved from the Not Recommended list to the Failed sites list.

Erabux was a short lived PTC site which was initially placed on the Not Recommended list. Erabux appeared to be poorly managed site that was paying selectively. Only few were getting paid while all others had pending payments, many for months. Besides that, there were other issues like non-responsive support, locked forum, contest prizes not being paid to winners. The same admin also owned another scam site called

Why was a Scam:

Payout issues – There are complaints over the internet from Erabux members regarding pending payments. Some of them are waiting for more than a month to receive their payments. As per the site membership details, payments should be sent instantly for all members, but clearly that’s not the case.

Forum Posts Awaiting Approval – Forum posts must be approved by the admin before they appears to public eyes. Members have valid reasons to complain, especially on a site that is experiencing some important issues, but they can’t do it because their posts are not approved. The forum is the first place where you can notice if something is wrong at the site because users will start to post about issues the site is experiencing. If a site restrict users from posting on the forum, for sure it means the site have something to hide or they want to avoid massive complaints about the current issues. Legitimate sites don’t do this.

Contest prizes not credited? – There are complaints about contest prizes not being credited to the contest winners. Erabux already held few contests but as reported, the winners didn’t receive their prizes.

Complaints – Below you can read the complaints we have received about Erabux:

Would you please place Erabux on your active scam list This PTC was listed on PTC Investigations. Now PTC Investigations has been spammed so bad that it had to close and will do so sometime in January, 2014. I tried to warn Erabux members when I found out, but the admin banned me from posting to the forum. Second I believe Erabux is a forced investment and ponzi scheme as it constantly has membership discounts to get more money. However, its recent Top Investor Contest closed on 12/6, with no payout to its members You had to add $100 minimum to be considered for the Top Investor Contest.
Finally, Erabux could not make a $2.82 payment. Paypal placed a hold on the money and retracted it because they couldn’t collect from Erabux. Forum was full of complaints about non-clicking referrals. Another member on the forum stated their posts were deleted after questioning the rentals and payments.

Hi Admin, is SCAM, I requested a payment and it’s still pending month ago? (I’m sure it is big SCAM, but I want your opinion, please ? )

Hi, trusted admin, please I want you politely to review I requested a payment,and it is still pending a month ago.

Erabux Review – Final Thoughts:

Erabux was a scam buxhost site (typical for buxhost sites). Erabux was just another ponzi scheme which was trying to get money from members as much as they could. They were constantly offering 100% cash-back offers on upgrades and up to 70% on deposits. This is their way to lure people in. As some of you already know, ponzi schemes are doomed to fail and Erabux proves no exception. The site is no longer online therefore it has been moved to the Failed sites list.

Review Published: 5 Jan 2014

Review Last Updated:

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4 comments on “ Review – Anoter Failed and Scam Buxhost Site

  1. aldiwansayusup

    Betul betul mas saya saja sebagai membernya tidak di bayar.makanya tiap ptc yang saya tempati daftar saya uji coba dulu tanpa uprage dulu/jadi member biasa sampai pay out terbukti.jadi buat rekan2 semua ERABUX itu scam besar penipuan diatas penipuan

  2. Phyllis Hunt

    Erabux is a scam for sure. I got a payment from them in December, and then pay pal sent it back to them because they didn’t have money in their account to pay it. I asked for a payout on the moeny I have remaining in the account, so let’s see what happens. Here are some other sites to avoid
    Valued Bx. domaine suspended
    Jaibux Down for maintainence
    Banker bux is the sister site for valued bux, they are still active, I don’t have much faith in them, though.

  3. rapidleech

    what you mean site to avoid??
    it is [profanity] scam!!
    just look at my topics in EMS

  4. Nael Shallouf

    Yes,off course , It is Not paying at all

    Approve ( my pending payout request )

    Request Payout

    Here you can make a request for payout as soon as your accounts balance hits our payout minimum.

    Payouts details
    Date requested 2013/12/18, 01:22
    Processor PayPal
    Email address
    Amount $1.00
    Fees $0.00
    Net $1.00
    Status Pending
    Paid instantly No

    Secondly : Inactive Refferals ( in other words Inactive bots )


    Referral details
    Username U51904238
    Rented until Infinite
    Clicks counted 0
    Your earnings $0.0000
    Last activity Not yet available