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ElectBux.com is another unsustainable bux site which stopped paying and turned into scam few weeks ago. Take note that “bux” sites usually are out of business after few months of their launch. 9 bux sites out of 10 do not last more than a year. If you want to learn more about the failed bux model and why we do not recommend bux sites, you can read our article Insights into the Bux Model – Why Do Bux Sites Fail? It wouldn’t be wrong to say that over 95% of the bux sites are just scams in the making since their beginnings. And Electbux proves no exception, it already turned into scam only a month after their official launch. Read on to find out why you should keep away from Electbux.

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Reasons why you should avoid using Electbux.com:

Paypal Account Limited – First of all, the Paypal account electbux@gmail.com is limited, which means they can’t receive or send payments through Paypal.
electbux limited paypal account

Their Paypal is limited but they are still using it as payment processor on their site and “processing” payments through the same Paypal account.
electbux paypal account

Fake Payment Proofs – Let’s take a look at the Proof of Payments page on Electbux, we can see there are listed a lot of recent daily payments. Naturally, you may think the site is still paying, but that’s not the case. electbux fake payment proofsElectbux is just marking payments completed, without actually sending out payments to the recipients Paypal accounts. These Paypal payment proofs listed on the site are completely fake, since the Paypal account of Electbux is limited, they can’t send or receive any payments. Now let’s take a look at the Payment Proofs section on their forum, we can see there aren’t any payment proofs since December 15, which is the date when Electbux stopped paying and turned into scam.
No recent payment proofs on Electbux forum

Forum Posting Disabled – There are no complaints on the forum either, but the reason is because posting on the forum has been disabled and users can no longer post on the forum. The forum is the first place where you can notice if something is wrong at a PTC site because users will start to post about issues the site is experiencing. If a site restrict users from posting on the forum, for sure it means the site have something to hide and they want to avoid massive complaints about the current issues. So the site will try to hide the negative feedback by disabling the forum, in order to prevent people from complaining and warning others. When you try to post on the Electbux forum, you will get the following message:
Electbux forum posting disabled

Electbux.com Review – Bottom Line

Electbux is a scam bux site which is no longer paying, they stopped paying few weeks ago and now they are just marking payments completed without actually sending out payments. Their Paypal account is limited, posting on the forum has been disabled in order to hide the negative feedback. Typical behavior for a scam bux site. We would recommend to keep away from Electbux, don’t waste your valuable time on non-paying scam sites. Electbux has been placed on our Not Recommended list.

Review Published: 7 Jan 2015

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2 comments on “ElectBux.com Review – Is it a Scam? | Not Recommended

  1. I have seen many ptc sites which have been closed just because of the limitation of their paypal accounts. Paypal is the major payment processor for ptc industry and any ptc site which has problem with paypal is doomed. If ElectBux has their paypal account limited, it has a huge impact on its future. And, of course, unavailability of the forum is another big issue.

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