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Update: Earn-on is no longer online. Moved from the Not Recommended list to the Failed sites list.

Update August 9: It is getting worse on Earn-on since our last update. Admin is still inactive, there are no new payments, they are not answering support tickets. Looks like Earn-on is abandoned from his owner. Enough for me to move them to the Not Recommended list.

Update August 6: Moved to the Suspect list. Earn-on is not doing very well currently. There are payment issues, ranging from disabled payment processors, reversing Paypal payments, long payout delays, unanswered support tickets etc. Moreover, the admin decided to remain silent and he is not responding to members questions, concerns or doubts. There are a lot of complaints on the forum about unresolved issues. The current situation at Earn-on does not look promising at all, therefore we are moving them to the Suspect list.

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Why Earn-on.com ended up as a Scam:

Payments issues – Regarding payments, there were a lot of issues on Earn-on. Things like disputing already completed Paypal payouts, long delays for Payza, selective payments etc. Later they have stopped paying.

Inactive admin – The admin was inactive for a long period of time while his site was experiencing issues. There was no word from him about the situation at the site and he doesn’t respond to members concerns and questions.

A Bux Program – Earn-on was a Bux site, a model that is not sustainable and doomed for a failure. Bux sites offer self sponsored ads with higher click rate compared to real ptc sites. For bux sites, the main source of income is from selling memberships and renting referrals. Usually, at the beginning there will be sufficient income gained from members investments or rentals, and the site could pay its members without issues, but as time marches on, more and more investors will start making profits, and very likely the site will be in a situation to owe more to members than the generated income, because usually there is no big base of advertisers that will compensate the difference in the cash flow.

The “bux” model has been proven many times as unsustainable. A bux program can continue to pay with money gained from other activities, such as forex, binary options etc. but for how long? Not too long for sure. Bux site heavily relies on selling upgrades or renting out referrals to pay members, and in most cases the main advertiser is the admin himself. Typically, a bux site will lack of advertising revenue, which is why they tend to collapse.

Final Thoughts:

Earn-on is a good example why bux sites tend to collapse. Earn-on was a poorly managed site which will be remembered as a scam. The site is no longer online therefore it has been moved from the Not Recommended list to the Failed sites list.

Review Published: 21 Mar 2013

Review Last Updated:

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72 comments on “Earn-on.com Review – Scam PTC Program | Failed Site

  1. Andrew

    It is a scam site. They don’t pay. Initially, they started off well but started having problems later. When I wrote in the forum asking why it was taking so long to receive my cash out, I got banned from the site without any explanation.

  2. joao antonio guimaraes

    isto e um grande absurdo nao te ninguem que resolva este caso earnon-on trabalhou erradamente e espero que isto nao fique inpune pois agora eu estou disconfiando de todos ptc ate mesmo nao acesso 2 ptc que sou cadastrado estou com muito receio que aconteça como o earnon fez comigo

  3. joao antonio guimaraes

    Com certeza isto foi um grande descaso tanto tmpo e o earnon afana muita gente e existe muitos site ptc que agora fico desconfiado e pergunto tem que ter uma autoridade copetente para resolver isto fazer que alguem pague , por isso pois administradores do earnon nao pode ficar inpune.
    Estou muito revoltado com o que earnon fez pedi dinheiro tempo e muito mais gostaria de saber o que sera feito sobre isso pois daqui a pouco muitos outro sit ptc faram o mmesmo

  4. pls my cashout remains 30 cents to five euros but i cant connect to to the site again. what happen

    • Well, they turned into a scam 7 months ago and now they are gone.

  5. dinko821

    laja i izmama e toq sait,naistena o4ita pove4e no posle te blokirva kogato po4nite da si iskate pariti

    Translation: It is a scam website, they will block you when you request your money

  6. Earn-on is not paying. When I claimed the amount, they took 45days for processing. But status is “process completed”. But, the payza is not showing anything. The earn is not working and unable to log since three days. Always ready made message “404 page was not found” and sometimes “data base error. unable to connect to the server”.

    I request not to join earn-on. If you are seriously interested to earn money, join Clixsense. They are paying since 2007 and I am cash out many times. They will deposit the amount through paypal. Click the following link for details:


    • Pushpa

      Yeah, I am facing the same problem! ‘404’ and ‘data base error’. I made a withdrawal request on the 23rd of Jan, but now I am getting the feeling that I will not receive my payment either. These cheats are spreading widely over the Internet! Don’t know if there are any genuine ptc sites left. Clixsense is definitely reliable and pays. Must try it if you want to earn without a glitch. Follow link: http://www.clixsense.com/?5387334

  7. rankyut

    No. Earn-on is a complete scam site. My payout status in earn-on said it’s completed, but there’s no money that came in my account. 🙁

    • Jimmy

      Also I.. 🙁

  8. earn-on.com is a complete SCAME site .
    ;p earn-on.com

    😛 earn-on.com

    😛 earn-on.com

  9. earn-on.com is a SCAM

    earn-on.com is a complete SCAM site, stay away

  10. Ramit Pundir

    earn-on.com turned into scam. I suggest all members who are scammed to file a dispute against earn-on.com. You can do it in IC3. Just google the words IC3.

  11. supergoten

    It looks like there are going to be new owners. Hopefully they can fix the site, i don’t want to give up on it yet 🙂

  12. Good News!

    Earn-ON.com will be connected with EarnON.me!
    Earn-ON.com + EarnON.me
    Your account (from Earn-ON.com & EarnON.me) will be integrated. We will accumulate your account statement and referrals.
    Soon we will give you more informations
    Your new EarnON.me Team

  13. nnever54

    Earnon.me is also a big scam in the first they were paying but now they are not paying since 1 week so don’t invest on this site this is a scam.

    • luisvp

      creo que tenia problemas con paypal en formas de pago

  14. Epoox

    you will never be paid. Once they pay, they open their complaints to resume payment.
    No support.
    No payment since 24/07.
    earn-on.com is a scam.

    • Actually they are still paying daily and fresh payment proofs can be found on the forum. It seems that the payment proofs page is not getting updated automatically therefore new payments aren’t listed there.

      • Epoox

        Look the forum please.
        All last paypal payment are blocked by paypal because earn-on.com opened a complaint, for ALL paypal payment.

        Now, no one payment with payza since 3 weeks!
        Many many complaint on the forum, and never response by admin.

        Sorry, reviex this site.
        earn-on.com is a scam now.

        • Now, no one payment with payza since 3 weeks!

          The last Payza payment on their forum is from 3 of August so that’s not 3 weeks ago. The comment above is posted on August 1 and till that date new Payza payment proofs were posted daily on the forum. Just browse the payment proofs posts and you will see.

          However, now things are getting worse and it seems like the admin has given up on this site. Payment delays, selective payments, inactive admin, Paypal issues… it is enough for me to move Earn-on to the Suspect list and downgrade their status even further if the situation does not improve.

  15. Mpampis

    Dear admin of Earn On I want to register with this sita but fierst i want to ask something For this reason i search to find a Contact or a support ticket in your site but i dont see anything What happen You have not support or is the link is somewhere which i dont see ? Thank you

    • The contact links are listed above at the end of the review. Try contact them via their official email or on their social media pages.

  16. Justenjoy

    so I lost money on this site, it tranferi for $ 4 to rent referrals, rented 40 by the end of the rental time of 20 and after having lost money yet I did not renew debit
    the person q in this forum in Portuguese, and very rude responses, looking more like a little boy full of jealousy when they teem his opinion, shows no respect for customers
    and want to lose money is the ideal site

  17. dear admin
    Two Days Back he say your account was suspended beacause of Mltiple account
    plz help i am not break any rule
    plz sir help i m very thankful to u
    i like his site very much.
    i dont know the rule.
    but next time i will be carefull

  18. G.venkateshwarlu

    dear admin

    tomorrow he say your account was suspended beacause of ultiple account
    plz help i am not break any rule
    plz sir help i m very thankful to u
    i like his site very much.
    i dont know the rule.
    but next time i will be carefull

  19. Paying Site, paid me thrice. Everyone should join for sure. Already cashed out about 30 euros in just one month.