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eaglesbux owned by a scammer
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Eaglesbux.com is showing connection to other active scam sites such as Conixbux.com, Strongclix.com, Safeclix.com, Startclix.com, GuaranteedPTC.com and other closed scam sites such as Regalclix.com, Wealthbux.com, PotentBux.com, WorthClikz.com and Paymentarea.com. All these sites are owned by the same Russian admin. If you want to learn more about this admin and these scam sites, you can read our review about his scam network and the reviews of ConixBux and GuaranteedPTC.

Update Nov 25: New proof added. Now the same paypal account is being used on Eaglesbux, ConixBux and StrongClix. You can see the screenshot taken from the source code of the add funds pages on these sites. This is a rock solid proof that these sites are connected and owned by the same admin.
Eaglesbux, Strongclix and Conixbux are using the same Paypal account

Reasons why you should avoid using EaglesBux.com:

Ties to Other Scams – Eaglesbux is owned by scammer admin and here are the proofs. Eaglesbux and Conixbux are showing the same admin’s self-sponsored ads with same description.
Eaglesbux and Conixbux are showing same ads

The referral links for these ads are identical.
same referral links on Eaglsebux and Conixbux

Same promotions on Eaglesbux as on his other sites. Massive discounts on upgrades and rented referrals. Always because “members requested”. That’s his scamming tactic, offer you “lucrative” deals and promotions that you “can’t miss” and as soon as he collect enough investments he will stop paying and move on to his next scam project.
same promotions on Eaglesbux and the other sites from the same scam network

Hard for him to distinguish between singular and plural. He is repeatedly making the same grammar mistakes.
same grammar errors

Forum Removed – Typically for this admin, he removes the forum once he stop paying. Eaglesbux is no longer paying, they are just marking payments completed without actually sending out payments, and the forum has been removed to prevent people from complaining and posting negative feedback about the site.

Eaglesbux is just another scam, owned and managed by scammer who is responsible for a lot of other scam sites, and he continues to open one site after another, each time with intention to scam, therefore you should keep away from Eaglesbux.

Review Published: 19 Oct 2014

Review Last Updated: 25 Nov 2014

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9 comments on “Eaglesbux Review – Owned by Serial Scammer | Site to Avoid

  1. Hema

    i have recently registered in Eaglesbux.com!! Have clicked ads for 3 days and earned 3$. Have requested my payment via paypal!! dont know if they will pay or not!!

    Will let you know if i receive payment.


    – Click limit : 100 ads / day for standard user (you can earn upto 1$ per day)

    Minimum payout is 3$

    • PTCCentral

      I wouldn’t have high hopes, they are just marking payments “completed” without actually sending out money to your payment processor account. Already seen tactic by this scammer admin.

    • Hema

      Eaglesbux is fake !! fraud !! Cheater !! I didnt get my payment..!!

      But i found one genuine website, that pays in $$$$$ !!!

  2. Muhammad Jamil

    i am already member but not received my first payment after 1 day

  3. Muhammad Jamil

    i am already member excellentbux.net
    not received my 2nd payment 75$ after 2 days

  4. John

    Yes, I am currently a member of eaglesbux and i paid for rented referral. when i tried to withdraw my earning. they don’t pay. This site is a bad PTC. SCAMMER! I wish the people behind this SCAM. should be put to death or beheaded.

  5. I really love your reviews.
    You provide detail reviews of each sites.
    PTCCentral is one of the websites which I follow regularly.

  6. Stat0290

    Thank u Admin for ur valuable info..we’ll avoid these scammers.

  7. I’m Received here one payment but Thank you. admin before too late i will invest money here…
    So saad that I know from my country….But I Real To Fight Scammer whatever where he from..