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Update: Dreamclix is no longer online. Moved to the Failed Sites list. The article below will remain intact for information purposes only and will not be updated anymore.

Dreamclix.com is new PTC site from the same owners of Hirenclix, a scam site placed on our Not Recommended list. This team also owns a lot of other non-paying sites. Since we don’t recommend new sites from owners with history of running scams, Dreamclix will be placed straight to the Not Recommended list on the first day of their launch. See the proofs attached below and find out why you should stay away from Dreamclix.

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Reasons why you should avoid using Dreamclix.com:

Ties to other Scam Sites – Dreamclix is from the same owners of Hirenclix.com, Storyclix.com, Storybux.com, Axionclix.com, Boostclix.com, Oldmovieclix.com and the recently opened Yumylinx. For more info about these sites (all of them are no longer paying, with the exception of Yumylinx), you can read our review of Hirenclix and the review of Yumylinx.

Dreamclix and Yumylinx are using the same Perfect Money account, as seen on this image below (click on the image to enlarge it):

Dreamclix and Yumylinx same Perfect Money account

Secondly, Dreamclix, Hirenclix and Yumylinx are showing more or less the same self-sponsored ads with identical admin’s affiliate links.

Same admin's referral links on Dreamclix, Hirenclix and YumylinxSame admin's referral links on Dreamclix, Hirenclix and Yumylinx

Dreamclix and Yumylinx same Payza account

And lastly, Dreamclix, Yumylinx and Hirenclix are using the same DNS as seen on the image below.

Dreamclix, HirenClix and Yumylinx same DNS

I think the proofs presented in this review are clear enough to reveal the connection between Dreamclix and the other sites from this admin/team.

Dreamclix Review – Bottom Line:

Dreamclix certainly is not a place where dreams come true. On the contrary, it’s just another seller of dreams, judging by the owners history. Would you trust an admin who created a bunch of scam sites? We do not recommend new sites from owners who are notorious for running scam sites therefore Dreamclix will be placed on our Not Recommended list. You have been warned.

Review Published: 12 Feb 2014

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13 comments on “Dreamclix.com Review – (No longer Online) Ties to Other Scams | Failed Site

  1. Summer

    Dreamclix is SCAM and FRAUD! They will never pay you. I have asked for a payment several times, but as soon as you ask for a payment they keep as silent as can be and you never get a reply! They do not reply to emails and so they are big scammers and thieves! And if you post a bad review on their Forum they remove it as soon as possible with the notice that that member has been banned because of Fraud!!! Their name should be Nightmareclix in case of Dreamclix!!!

  2. Admin / owner : Diego Hugo Calandra Checo (Argentine)
    paypal : casacalandra@hotmail.com.ar
    payza : dhcc1979@gmail.com
    Username as member other ptc : dhcc

    He will make new scam ptc, so watch out if you found it

  3. jay

    a big scam site..avoid this site…i got suspended for no reason..

  4. Info about Dreamclix

    when I cashout from dreamclix, I check my account in dreamclix, admin was sand my cashout, but when I check My account paypal and payza didn’t received money from dreamclix,

    I think Dreamclix really SCAM!!!!!!!

  5. Just ME

    I really would like to know how much money admin made for selling our e-mail addresses!!GRRRR

  6. zzzzz, I’ve invested there. Wish my money will back, amin

    • mayoro

      if you invested with paypal create a disput to get you money back

  7. I wanted to join this site, had a really good name to it, it’s too bad some ptcs with decent looking layouts are like this.

    “Dreamclix certainly is not a place where dreams come true. On the contrary, it’s just another seller of dreams”

    Thanks for the info on this site.

  8. Just ME

    also,my inbox is suddenly FULL OF SPAM since I registered using my bast e-mail address!

  9. Just ME

    yes,they are already having problems with withdrawals and rented referals

  10. baracuda

    very very true…it’s a dangerous site

  11. thanks for info

  12. This is really good review.