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Update 29.04: Moved to the Failed sites list, the site has been down for over 7 business days. Any future program from John Novak will be not recommended. Below you can read the latest update from the owner of Drclix:

As you are probably aware, my sites, ListBuildSurf.com, ListBuildTactics.com and DrClix.com were hacked on Easter Sunday.

The attack was unusual in that it involved three sites on two different servers. This created a number of concerns by the server host.
During the past week we have successfully cleared the databases and two of the three sites. DrClix.com has had many alterations to the script.

My host company, Liquid web, has been outstanding in using their resources to basically scour the sites looking for any malicious code. This has been quite time consuming, but is all but completed.

With the alterations found in the script, it was advised that I re-install all the sites on a new set of servers. This will require quite a bit of work because of all of the customizations on the sites.

It IS a doable task, however on Thursday, the latest complication occurred with PayPal.

Due to the large number of disputes filed against DrClix, (over 200 within 4 hours of the attack, and now upwards of 500 disputes filed.) PayPal has placed all funds into reserve and will be reviewing all of the disputes.

At this time I will be unable to re-establish the web sites because I have no other payment processor. PayPal cannot give me an estimate as to how long this will all take. It appears to be the end of the line for Leo and Dr Clix.

I apologize for any problems this has caused you personally, and I am grateful that you have been a member with my sites. In the event that anything changes, I will let you know by email.

I will continue with internet marketing, only for now it will strictly be affiliate marketing. I have built down lines in several great programs, and will continue to work with anyone who seeks my assistance. I will also continue with my email series
List Building and Affiliate Marketing.

Update 21.04: It appears that Drclix has been hacked, according to the update posted here: http://www.adkreator.com/squeezepagehit.php?bid=134898&sp=Y&tet=tt-275886&view=home. Honestly, I don’t believe this, but at this point I don’t have more information. We will have to wait and see what happens. In my opinion, they were not hacked, they are just buying some time. I can’t prove that, but I know it in my gut. I hope I am wrong. If this issue is not resolved within 7 business days, Drclix will be moved to the Failed sites list.

Update 19.04: Supposedly the domain name Drclix.com has been seized by the US Department of Justice. The following message is displayed when you try to access the website:
drclix domain seized
I believe this is not true. I guess this is either the exit strategy of John Novak or maybe the site has been hacked? The seizure is completely fake, yeah at first glance it looks like the domain has been seized, but actually that is not the case. Also the other 2 websites owned by John Novak ListBuildSurf.com and ListBuildTactics.com are “seized” as well, but both domains redirecting to Drclix. The image displayed on Drclix is just an image of another seized domain.

Lets shade some light on this subject – what happens with domain names when they are seized? First of all, the relevant government authority will send a request to the domain registrar to take specific actions against the domain names in question. The registrar is obligated to lock the client status codes and the server status codes in order to prevent the owner from updating the domain details.
On this screenshot you can see how these status codes looks on a seized domain:

Now take a look below at the status codes of Drclix, only the Client Transfer is prohibited. This status code instructs the registry to reject any requests from other registrars for the object to be transferred into their sponsorship. This status has no effect on the registrar’s ability to update, delete, or renew the domain and is enabled by default.

As you can see, there is no clientDeleteProhibited, clientRenewProhibited, clientTransferProhibited, clientUpdateProhibited, serverDeleteProhibited, serverTransferProhibited, serverUpdateProhibited. Meaning the domain is not seized at all!

Still not convinced? Ok, lets take a look into the name servers. On seized domains, the registrar must update the name servers of the domain to the name server specified by the relevant authority. The name servers of seized domains are either one of the following combinations:

Or alternatively, name servers are registered as ns1.seized-domain.com and ns2.seized-domain.com that point to a server under the control of ShadowServer.org and have the following ip address:

As you can see on the screenshot below, neither of the name servers mentioned above are associated with Drclix, their name servers are still pointing to CloudFlare, which proves that the domain drclix.com is not seized.

I am pretty much sure the domain is not seized, just someone want to make it look like that. Now there are two possible scenarios here. Either the site has been hacked and the hacker posted the message about the seized domain, or John Novak ran away and made it to look like the domain is seized. I would wait day or two before jumping into conclusions. I will update this article as soon as I have more information. If Drclix has been hacked, then John Novak should post that info on his twitter profile and let us know what is happening with Drclix.

Review Published: 6 Jan 2014

Review Last Updated: 21 Apr 2014

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35 comments on “DrClix Review – Is it a scam or legit? | Failed PTC Site

  1. Bev

    Yet another site recommended by Nerdbux. I wonder who is next?

    Lessons learned so far… recommended by does not equal stability, profit and happiness.

    • You want my opinion…..LegacyClix…..I am so displeased and embarrassed that the only big PTC sites to fail/scam so miserably are Dr.Clix and NerdBux..both I had a good deal of RRs and money on.

      I am getting very strange occurrences on LegacyClix…I can’t be sure but I feel that LegacyClix is the next to go and if you look at Tim Tech Nut Huggers like PowerClick.co and Dr.Clix there are too many coincidences here which makes you have to assume these are not coincidences but merely some Scammy Americans. Hopefully, someday I will create my own PTC so that there is a trusted PTC from America other than Neobux

      • Whoops….Correction. Neobux is apparently Portuguese. Not American.

        • PTCCentral

          Good luck with your plans for opening a PTC.
          Yeah, Neobux is Portuguese. Clixsense and Linkgrand are American.

          • Ty PTCCentral…I will most likely launch in the next 5 years..not any time soon…I believe a stable PTC should consist of no possibility to rent RRs, you can buy DRs from the site, cheap advertising, admin ads are a must (place an ad for BlueHost or HostGator to eventually reduce overhead for Hosting) and integrate the site to the nines (SolveMedia for captchas…Popcash & A-Ads or AdHitz for interstitial advertising) Use a step pay system which gradually increases, Use a Cash out system like Clixsense (Monday/Friday), state that you payout in a week and if you could find a legit and stable and fair ROI investment opportunity, use the cash that is already leaving into a short investment then pay the user.

            So mine would look a lot like ClickFair with a little better integration method.

            I am glad to know Clixsense and Linkgrand are USA. This would put American PTC success at like 2% lol. I will have to join LinkGrand someday, had no clue they were from America